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  1. Xbox 360 emulator, works on windows & seems it has been ported & optimized for series s/x. Have only tried it on PC & it works well in the supported games. Played Red dead redemption this way & it performs & looks better here than it does on RPCS3 or PS3 for that matter.
  2. Alucard

    Hi-Fi Rush

    Listen to the beat & everything becomes easy . My favorite combos were, XYYYY & XXY XXXX although In the heat of the moment I don't know what I used to do but it was epic. The last few stages are spectacular, musically & visually both.
  3. Alucard

    Hi-Fi Rush

    Just finished Hi-Fi Rush, what an awesome game it is. Never thought I would love something like this so don't sleep on it folks, it is really very good!
  4. None whatsoever. I did that & it was a waste for gaming. Honestly if you need to ask that simply mean it is not required. What GPU do you use, what resolution do you play at? In most scenarios there will be negligible difference in performance specially if you are using a 60x/70x card &/or are playing at 1440p or above. If you are a competitive gamer you should really consider a 5800x3d or something from team intel. 3060ti is excellent for 1080p & will serve you a long time. Buy right now if you are going for a new card & can get one for around 40-45k anything more is not really worth it IMO. If you are open in getting used, might as well wait for some more time as the prices of current gen will fall even further. It's a win win in any case so do what you got to do.
  5. Bioshock collection is free on epic this week, don't forget to collect!
  6. You can get this cable: https://www.amazon.in/CableCreation-Charger-Charging-Compatible-MacBook/dp/B08DTQ62DG/. This supports max 100W (20v * 5A).
  7. Alucard

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Wow, you must really love this game to have played it so many times... I too completed it with male V & Panam just a day before patch 1.5 was released & absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. I wish it was a bit longer though, specially the last act & also wished it had a new game plus mode. Still it is one hell of an experience. I also wanted to do another playthrough at that time but than decided to wait for a few months when the updated was released. Question is, are the different playthroughs different enough or only minor differences?
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