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  1. I'm big fan of Doom btw and I was so happy to play Doom Eternal with those first parts of Doom game vibes (with so active gameplay) Imo Doom 3 it's a bit different with horror vibes
  2. Hey gamers! Post your favourite games from each genre, you can write any genre and any game you like (I'll start): RACING - Need For Speed Most Wanted ACTION/SHOOTER - Call of Duty PUZZLE - if offline it's Rusty Lake and Fran Bow all collections PUZZLE - if online it's Chess and Sudoku RPG - Diablo II (very nostalgic) and Path of Exile REAL TIME STRATEGY - Warcraft III Frozen Throne (I really love old school games) SANDBOX - Terraria
  3. I play PS2 even sometimes in nostalgic games like GTA San Adnreas and NFS Most Wanted
  4. Hey! Looks epic btw I didn't know about this game I'll try it out
  5. Hey gamers! I stopped watching Game of Thrones on the fifth season 3 years ago, is it worth it to keep watching?
  6. Heyyyy that's awesome! My Steam ID is: _shaz But actually I'm too much busy these months You can simply add me and I'lll write after some time when I can play again
  7. I'd like to play with somebody in Quake
  8. Oh my gosh I hope my PC meets the minimum system requirements
  9. Bonjour guys I'm like a cople dayse here and forgot to introduce myself: I'm Jack - a gamer Looked for like-minded people and I guess I finally found it
  10. Man I'm a big fan of Dead Space trilogy I'm so excited about Callisto
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