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  1. Walker

    Need For Speed Heat

    I didn't bother with Payback after the disappointment with 2015, but Heat may be the one (Please) I'll probably spend more time customizing than racing, but I suppose I'll have to race to earn credit/unlock. Let the handling be good, please god, ghost, ea.
  2. Walker

    Need For Speed Heat

    2 problems here. GRID has always been amazing, so when you say "rather buy GRID", it seems like you would not buy GRID. Really why the f**k not? And this is NFS FFS. Some of us are fans!
  3. Eventually fight about who's got the bigger e-peen?
  4. https://kotaku.com/sony-buys-spider-man-developer-insomniac-games-1837378300/
  5. Cabs might be expensive, but ask your hotel for the rates (they normally have cabbies who they have on standby) and check with some cabbies away from the hotel area. Rates are a free for all so bargain as much as possible. Check the self drive options if you're comfortable driving. The drive towards Dudhsagar is beautiful.
  6. For the beauty? yes. I anticipate crowds that weekend, because I found it hard to find a stay for myself and the rest of the family. If you find a place in South Goa along the Colva-Benaulim-Betalbatim stretch it will be relatively quieter since most of the noisier crowd ends up in North Goa. Either way wherever you end up it should be fun. If you have a car when you're here, your life will be sorted. Avoid the cities of Panjim and Margao, the traffic situation because of the poor road condition is horrible. I'd say don't even think about drinking and driving but then you don't drink so there's no problem there
  7. This probably more than anything else. The rampant half assed "development". On a different note it's rained continuously for the last 24 hrs here in Goa and it's freaking beautiful
  8. Definitely. Every game you play after that will be GOAT.
  9. @Root welcome back. Hope your psp gets revived. What parts are you replacing?
  10. Best part of it all, it's like GoT final season never existed
  11. Wow a full year gone 😔 Either way. I missed you guys even though I don't post much anymore. It's good to be back.
  12. Walker

    Marvel's Spider-man

    Good grief. That controller looks like one of those cheap knockoffs that. Simply sh*t. Should have been glossy with rubber grips... sigh.
  13. yeah i dont know who the heck did the casting. First apparently Mark Wahlberg (WTF) and now Holland. WTH were they thinking?
  14. Walker

    Gran Turismo Sport

    That's also 20% of all races. For me at least this is not acceptable. I mean I like racing, I don't mind the odd bump in a close race, it's still fun. But getting a 10 second penalty for someone brushing by you from the inside is BS. 10 seconds is f**king overkill especially if you have 1-2 laps to go. Even worse if you've gone from 14th to top 3 in 6 laps with 2 laps to go. And its not even consistent, either yesterday or the day before, someone bumped me from behind into the guy in front. I f**king dont know how but I got a 5 sec penalty, the guy in front also got a penalty but the guy behind got nothing. That's some amazing PD coding at work. I get assigning blame is difficult but wtf is that? Lol I haven't reached that level of frustration yet Throwing the wheel is not an option
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