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  1. f**king Payakan should be playable. Whale FPS.
  2. Walker

    Resident Evil 4

    haha fond memories and its been a while Only this time there's no one to pass the controller to
  3. Not a new issue. Isnt that always the case with super high profile games? Especially when the premise is space. What's really disturbing is writing it off wholesale (not talking about you). I'm no fan myself but i don't see any real reason to think it'll be sh*t.
  4. Walker


    What is this? Kindergarten?
  5. Thanks man and congrats to you Went from the 3600 too (it's now doing work in my daughter's pc haha). I'll probably update the GPU when I decide to get a new monitor. Currently conflicted between another 27inch monitor or an uw 34inch. 34inch would work well but then I'd have to change my desk as well. Decisions decisions.
  6. Finally updated the PC. Kept the same old RX580 and case Ryzen 7 5700X Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L V2 ASRock B550 Steel Legend Corsair 16GBx2 DDR4 3600MHz Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 x1 Phanteks SK 120mm x3 Corsair RM750e Logitech G502 Hero
  7. Walker

    Resident Evil 4

    Fookin hell that intro. Can't wait to play more later. Thank god its the weekend
  8. FU. Tried offering one to my god child. I have now been relieved of godparent duties. J/k of course. I did offer but he wanted a tablet instead 🤷
  9. Walker

    Hi-Fi Rush

    Man what a fun game this is. Got me hooked immediately.
  10. Truth bomb this. There is no better advice.
  11. Holy spam Batman!! Here we go again.
  12. Hello peeps. Need some directions/suggestions. So the time has come for a new build. I will be sticking with AMD Ryzen 7 5800x Asrock B550 Steel Legend Ram 16gb X2 3600 ? What's good? I suppose I'll need a cooler for the proccy? What's a good bet? I'll be keeping my existing case, drives and card rx580 8gb. Card is only being used to drive the 3 monitors. I won't be using this build for gaming, at least not very often considering my entire 2022 I spent a total of maybe 40hrs gaming? What's a decent PSU I'll need too? Thanks in advance.
  13. holy sh*t, I thought it was gone for good this time. Glad to see it's back up
  14. Every one of them a winner in my book. That tree 😯
  15. Shame on you. Posting an opinion and sensible reasoning.
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