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  1. R2 is to grab and you can also move the other person. You can grab and pull or grab and push. I'm assuming what he did there was grab and push release. Needs timing I guess. Will try it when I play next.
  2. R2. I managed to pull one guy and cross the line before him. Last spot Haven't tried to see how to push.
  3. Got my entire work team to buy on steam as well. It has some mad moments though I hate some of the team based rounds. Had one moment where I couldn't get in the groove and just kept being thrown from one platform to the next and I was laughing so hard it was impossible to get ahead
  4. I think for a kid in KG a tab would make better sense. Its not like the child is going to be using the keyboard at all.
  5. Ikr. Sometimes I feel I need to get a lock and go to my parents house and lock the door.
  6. Had an alternate reality experience. Visited town to pick up some household things. Walked into a store and f**k me. Not one of the staff had masks. Shoppers were with the mask below their noses and chins. I exited the store immediately because it's kinda small and air-conditioned. One prime example wearing the mask below his chin, exited the store, sat on his bike and adjusted his mask to cover his nose and mouth
  7. And we all know why the games were being pulled right?
  8. Try El Dorado by 2 Steps. Bet you'd like that as well.
  9. Life in the 80's Me: Hey ma, there's an Atari 2600 for sale. Only 400 rupees. (I had no idea what 400 bucks looked like. I had never seen 100 bucks). Ma: what's that? And are you mad. 400 rupees? Me: It can connect to the TV and there are controllers. Ma: VCR? Me: no it can play games and there is color Ma: those TV game things? No you'll spoil your eyes and it's very dangerous. Me: noooo Ma it's fun. Pleaseeeeee Ma: I'll think about it. Maybe after your exams. Me: after these exams? Ma: no after the finals. Me: that's next year. It won't be there by then Ma: then why you want something that is useless and will not even last so long. See that fridge. It's still working after 10 years. All this nonsense tv games will ruin your eyesight. And only drug addicts play those things. Do you want to become a drug addict? Me stomping away: one day I will grow up and buy all games. Everything. Either way got the 2600 after begging like a dog and sulking around the house for 2-3 months. And the joystick broke in a few weeks and had to wait till dad came back from Dubai with joysticks the next year anyway.
  10. I had an ICICI VCC but it's stopped it now. But the Icici Pockets app has a virtual card feature that can be used as a CC iirc.
  11. Roblox is pretty big with kids apparently. Most of my colleagues keep talking about their kids and roblox. But yeah possibly overseas. Haven't heard anyone talking about it here.
  12. Which UVC btw? I'm planning on getting one but the reviews online are so middle of road it's very confusing.
  13. I didn't take offence man , I was just pointing out that idiots will be idiots. A lot of them think wearing a mask will kill them for some reason so even if god came down and told them to wear a mask they'd have him arrested. Like I said people who understand will do what's required, people who were leaning the other way would do nonsense either way. (They elected Trump ) That's scarier than covid.
  14. Posted for people who are smart enough to understand what he is saying. Idiots will do whatever they feel like irrespective of what common sense would dictate. That tweet was not for them.
  15. Oh it was you. I remember someone had posted about exercising with a mask sometime back and came across Faheem's tweet.
  16. Walker

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Gr4 Genesis is awesome. Used to be my daily drive till I discovered the gr4 SLS.
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