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  1. Congrats to all the bros who managed to snag one
  2. I'd suggest not to buy the ps5 until this has been addressed by Sony for your own peace of mind.
  3. Will watch because it's Uncharted and looks like a movie you'll watch, enjoy and forget a few days later.
  4. Big companies are assholes. They'll say anything. "Only on ps5..." "Next gen only.." "Can't decouple kinect from xbox one..." "The greatest lineup in xbox history..." "Vita means life.."
  5. Walker

    Days Gone

    Gold standard for a zombie game? Dying Light.
  6. Hah add me to that list too 😜 though everytime I log in now it tells me my card is about to expire for some reason.
  7. Bro you have no idea how scared I was when I heard schools would be reopening. Eventually it turned out std 8 and above so my kid is safe for now. But for how long
  8. Walker

    Days Gone

    I'd agree but I've started and gave up on it a few times so I'm not sure if I'm being fair. But if a game doesn't grab you in the first couple hours, should you bother?
  9. Holy crap. Man I'd be literally crying. Dafuq. After Dualshock 2, was this a f**king rusty old amp? True story, we got a used mop from Amazon last month Like who the f**k used the mop and then returned it?
  10. Ikr. It's ludicrous. Not even sure what sort of checks are in place. I'd love to know how common this is. Earlier we'd hear of an incident here and there, but over the past year I feel like it's one in 10? I swear I'll just stick to GTS, mcube or shopatsc for gaming and local for others instead. Not worth the pain. AliExpress was better. At least there you knew exactly what you were getting.
  11. Fake dualshock 2 Man that's the icing on the cake. A controller from 3 gens back and that too fake
  12. Wtf I was just living through crystal method last night. In I posted one of my favs in the random song thread 😂
  13. sh*t dudeeee I read that as my site will shut down and thought you got laid off :
  14. So now the kid has to say, "this is my birth person"? Not sure what the gain is for anyone.
  15. BAU. Get with the program man.
  16. On the one hand its this, on the other its the warehouse and on the third its some customers being absolute dicks. Its a clusterf**k all around.
  17. Victim(s) is someone else entirely
  18. Didn't we have this same conversation in 2014? Bc this and bc that and bc the other? And here we are 7 years later. Bc was such a system seller that.... Oh...
  19. I know that. Just lamenting how bad it is now. Remembering fake ds3 and ds2. The only ways you'd tell is if you opened it up and checked the innards. And they were functional 1:1. Still have one fake ds2 and a fake ds3. Both work great.
  20. Damn. Better to stick to sites like GTS, mcube, gameloot or better yet ivg's tp. This is no longer a rare occurence. After I received a fake ds4 which didn't even have an internal battery I'd be super cautious. The ds4 was not even a good fake. There was no ps button, no barcode sticker etc. Sigh gone are the days when even the fakers made an effort to fool you.
  21. Lol no man, I just never understood how MS went from scammee to scammer
  22. Man that's such a shame. I guess it's the usual buy after 4-8 months on whats improved or fixed.
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