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  1. But at while it looks great with the blue you have to imagine it with white because that's what it will be when it's fully powered on.
  2. Nothing to really do there except to check if the contact pads have any wear and tear. Likely contact pad and contact sheet may need cleaning or replacement. No glue or anything required.
  3. Nope. It just fits in place by the plastic runners Of the conductive sheet one part connects to the motherboard. Again there is nothing to stick. It's just held in placeby points and the board itself. What @kunjanp suggested is what I would suggest as well.
  4. Cant be sure what it is. Might have to do a full tear down and clean. Just to be clear is it the narrow ribbon cable that connect to the charging socket? Because that should not affect the Triggers. Those should work even without the cable connected. That only is used to charge and supply power to the led.
  5. Someone ban this guy for being ruthless. Full family suffering.
  6. lol sorry just seen this. The Creative Stage is a home system (runs off a AC plug) has no battery backup so I'm not sure wtf those guys were reviewing unless they're reviewing a different model (Creative Stage Air probably.)
  7. My sibling recently bought one of the JBL soundbars under 10K. I haven't visited him but he seems happy with it.
  8. Also true. Which is why its so hilarious they're up in arms about Sony allowing a convo to be forwarded for review without any idea how much data is actually floating around the internet already.
  9. that was the highlight that had to be the best start to a gen in recent times.
  10. It's very clear some people do not understand anything related to privacy but are advocates
  11. I think that's published in the following year. You'll be able to do a comparison then for a whole picture.
  12. It was more that most titles seemed to run at 900p on X1. Or something like that. Who knows what that idiot keeps blabbering on about.
  13. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-54596707
  14. Its a very lax attitude, plus the narrative that fatality is very low, and most people are asymptomatic. Everyone keeps stressing that kids are safe and only a small percentage of them get affected seriously, I'm more of a glass half empty guy. Would hate to think of my own or anyone else's kids for that matter fall in that small percentage. Just last week my daughter came to me upset asking why she could not have a playdate like her classmate who was going to someone else's house. How do you explain that someone else can and you can't without scaring the crap out of her?
  15. Its a very dangerous situation. Spoke with a few ppe suppliers I keep in touch with here and they were saying initially when the unlock just started a lot of companies/clients were investing in masks regularly, but now the demand has dropped off a lot. Its a false sense of security and those numbers go a long way in reinforcing it. Even if the numbers were being manipulated, a caution that masks are mandatory would go some way in scaring people. Enforce it if needed. Went to the bank the other day to close one of my accounts and the service rep was wearing a mask below his chin. I had to request him to put his mask in the correct place. And this after standing in line for 20 mins outside the bank and then using the sanitizer and getting my temp checked before entering.
  16. Walker

    Gaming PCs

    When did it become 23k? 3600 is 18-19k, the 3600x is 20k, the 3600xt is 23k.
  17. I mean that decrease in numbers is weird. It just fell off a cliff in what? 2 weeks from ~95k per day to ~75k and then to around 50k now?
  18. At least in US Trump openly talks sh*t and he has his supporters who will believe nonsense. Fauci and his family get death threats and he has to have bodyguards now because of Trump's stupidity. Here its not even open. It's like bc data kya hai? Go on enjoy your life, there is no data, we have beaten corona.
  19. Everyone does. Except people that keeps thinking Sony is doomed
  20. Dammit why dude? You just destroyed bot dreams of a playstation less world.
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