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  1. Because relatives are idiots. Turn up drunk or stoned or just be an absolute wanker. Should put you under some fire but it'll be worth it to get out of it... On the other hand I've also heard marriage can cure all of the bad habits too f**k it man. Just resist.
  2. Lol. Here its total crap. I remember waiting outside to pick up my wife when she was doing her written test. There was this other girl doing her test as well and the officer was helping with the answers. What even is the point in the test 😂
  3. f**k it, I just spend most of my time lolling at 'em. So far my favorite is Heard's lawyer objecting when he asked the question
  4. I wouldn't really read too much into the text to Bettany. People say a lot of sh*t even when they aren't high. But amen to them both being responsible for their abusive relationship.
  5. Holy sh*t that chilled my blood. Hope the guy is ok. Road sense is absolute garbage. The other day I was on my bike and the car in from of me drifted into the opposite lane and nearly took out 2 bikers. f**ker didn't even notice and carried on his merry way. I pulled up to him at the roundabout a few hundred meters ahead. a**hole was on his phone. Asked him to roll down his window. He looked surprised. Politely told him to put away his phone and concentrate on the road. Mf called me a bastard and told me to mind my own business so I told him what happened and as an added bonus asked him to kindly go f**k himself. And I rode off.
  6. Can't wait for some sort of AI that can auto move baity posts to the vs thread directly once you hit submit
  7. of course. Aren't bots by definition not alive? Incapable of procreation?
  8. You're misunderstanding nothing. At this point people are just getting high on their own farts is what it is.
  9. Game to film adaptations don't do very well mostly
  10. Now why would you go and say a thing like that? Stay here long enough and you'll realise there's just 2-3 people arguing among themselves. Sometimes it's just one person arguing with himself and everyone else at the same time. Sometimes everyone is agreeing and disagreeing at the same time.
  11. Don't see the reason why any politics should be in this thread. Though doesn't really matter. It was a good quarter. Hardware seems to be moving and also the best selling new gen console.
  12. Nice. • Xbox Series X|S Best Selling New-Gen Console in US, UK, Canada, and Western Europe last Quarter • Xbox Hardware Sales ahead of expectations :O
  13. Wow this thread actually is the most active thread on this forum. Kudos to everyone that is making the effort to post here including myself. Yay me.
  14. The real question right now is why do some people type paragraphs and some people type single sentences per line. In some cases the single sentence is broken up and continued on another line. Sometimes the sentence broken into a separate 'paragraph'.
  15. Meh. This thread used to be fun. Now every second post is some political, or femist bashing, or right vs left wanker debate. Smh.
  16. What would be fun is if this thread is unlocked and locked sporadically over the weekend. Would be fun to see the scramble to post here like trying to buy a console during a drop
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