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  1. Every one of them a winner in my book. That tree 😯
  2. That's awesome dude 🤩 Kudos to you.
  3. Shame on you. Posting an opinion and sensible reasoning.
  4. Guys who've finished the game, just story and some side stuff, how long does it take and how much did you dedicate per day? Sorry I'm trying to see how many days leave I need to actually enjoy this game. At the moment I'm struggling to play for an hour or two and its killing my experience
  5. I'm just not finding the time
  6. Got off work, rushed my daughter through her morning routine, waiting till she got on the school bus, ran up the stairs back home, played for 30 mins. Logged out, ran errands, came back home and wife's awake and wants some more errands to be run. I'm beginning to think Ragnarok will be here before I can finish this game
  7. the only interesting thing that happened at the mexican gp
  8. Walker

    Evil West

    Heck Jackman. Kate Beckinsale
  9. Flanagan? Yes please. Will catch it this weekend. Still get goosebumps just thinking about Bly ep8.
  10. man EA. Obligatory please dont f**k this up. Please That said I'm diggin it!
  11. No thanks. Unless they are limited to only this thread, it's no fun going into every thread and seeing these guys sh*t everywhere.
  12. meh thread has lost its luster. Hardly any nonsensical posts anymore
  13. Because it's supposed to be princess nymeria?
  14. I have both. Icici for about 15 years and Kotak for the last 4. Haven't had issues with either so far. The icici app is pretty robust and can get almost everything done through it. Kotak is decent too.
  15. absof**kinglutely. Watched earlier this morning. And yes totally bad a*s.
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