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  1. Walker

    Resident Evil 4

    Agree to disagree then. Its not like I haven't played 5, I just didn't like what I was playing. Again that's just my opinion.
  2. Walker

    Resident Evil 4

    Re5 is utter and total trash imo. Lol. It's action heavy bs that has no reason whatsoever to wear the RE label. Lol.
  3. Walker

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Honestly while the whole season was a let down, I don't see any other way it could have ended without getting hate. No matter what happened you'd have people hating.
  4. Walker

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Finally got around to watching the season so far and holy f**king balls. What a sh*t show. At this point I'll gladly accept something as stupid as "and then he woke up" type of ending.
  5. Walker

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    I ordered the VU 43" Premium Android. My 10yr old 32" Haier LCD is beginning to fade at the edges. Could have gone for the 55" but I'll wait till next year for that upgrade.
  6. Walker

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    *wonders if the moron is trying to convince us or himself*
  7. Walker

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Is this season 4? not on hotstar yet 😭 Cant wait.
  8. Walker

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Snapdeal - bought 4 keys about 3-4 months back. Play-asia - bought about a year back.
  9. Walker

    The Formula 1 Thread

    Wtf just happened to Ferrari in Quali? While I'm really happy about Bottas on pole it's really effing weird how the Mercs outqualified Ferrari. AGAIN.
  10. Walker

    Days Gone

    True even I began to have a little hope these last two weeks. But the first impressions itself were not good and seems like they were right
  11. Walker

    Days Gone

    Can't say we didn't see this coming...
  12. Walker

    Days Gone

    Dying Light set the bar for me and if this is in any way as enjoyable I'll get it.