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  1. Where I live it's a mixture of uphill and downhill gradients, no specific routes or cycle trails. I normally cover about 15k-20k on my morning rides. I start about 5:30am so there's never any traffic and I have the entire road to myself.
  2. So it's been a good year with the Mach City iBike, non geared, hardtail. I'm looking to upgrade to a geared bike, preferable one with dual shocks. I went to track and trail and there's a plethora of options between Montra and Schnell. Suggestions? I toyed with the option of adding gears because it doesn't seem hard, but I'm worried it won't be as good as a factory designed and fitted product. Also will need to bend the rear forks to accomodate the cassette. Budget upto 25k is fine +/- 3k.
  3. I would recommend this over any other option. The JE and SDE will understand what you mean and it's what I did as well years ago on BSNL. Not sure about now because I moved from BSNL a couple of years back but you should try this.
  4. Happy New Year guys. I hope you have a fantastic year ahead, a fresh start for some, achieving greater heights for others. What ever it is I wish you all the best in 2020.
  5. Best game of the decade? -> Persona 4 Golden Worst game of the decade? -> Assassin's Creed Unity and Farcry 4 Biggest disappointment of the decade? -> Uncharted 4. Weird because it gave me severe nostalgia but omfg the pacing made me want to kill myself. Game that changed gaming of the decade? -> Whatever game made BR famous. Didn't really care much for the mode myself. Game that you played the most? -> GT Sport and DriveClub Soundtrack of the decade? -> Nothing really stayed with me Story of the decade? -> The Last of Us Game that you will continue to play during next decade? -> Killzone Mercenary
  6. Contact your Railwire partner and explain that you reqruire a NAT2 connection instead of the NAT3 you're getting right now.. I had the same issue when I first took Railwire. What they will do is assign a static IP from a separate range they have for cases like this, to your account that will ensure a NAT2. IIRC they will have to coordinate with the area NOC to get that enabled.
  7. Walker

    HITMAN 2

    Ah nice. I'll do that thanks.
  8. Walker

    HITMAN 2

    Wait what Hitman 1 levels? Do i have to re-download Hitman 1 for this?
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all
  10. It's most probably interference rather than the dongle itself. Try changing wifi channels on the router, switching off all other BT and wifi devices to isolate the issue. Try hardwiring the PC if it's not already and see if that makes a difference.
  11. They don't need to fire any shots at all. That damn name is gold. XboxSex 😂😂😂😂
  12. It's a f**king block of wood. It's a block of wood. But i see the logic behind it. It's functional. You can use it as a TV riser, you can sit on it, paste a wood wrap on it and it will blend in with your furniture. The possibilities are endless.
  13. Try circleone. Last year i got a Resident Evil theme 2.5x4ft adhesive backed sticker printed from them for my computer table for about 400bucks. Uploaded my own design.
  14. Walker

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Dead. Had just finished a 14hr work session and directly hopped into the drive. Couldn't feel my ankles later 😂😂😂
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