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  1. Now that's a name I've not heard in a looooooooooong time
  2. Wonder how they'll measure numbers if a lot of users end up subbing only in the months where there is something of interest (which I'm assuming is what most do/will do)
  3. lol, its impressive how these guys can talk out of both ends at the same time with a straight face.
  4. Lol this line really had me in splits "Xbox is a platform for creators who want to reach the most players" wut?
  5. This seems very much like testing the waters. All of this could have been accomplished with a tweet from Spencer.
  6. how do they have only 33 mil gamepass subs across Xbox and PC
  7. And then 0 xbots left. Just realised once this happens they will be an extinct species
  8. f**k we all need to see this movie Wow there's more
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