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  1. f**king Flipkart. I've stopped using Flipkart unless it's something absolutely cheap af. And even then I go in with the mindset that a) I'm ok to lose money on something that will not meet expectation and b) I may not receive it at all. What Doc mentioned is what I'd do. Calls mean nothing. Emails are a 100 times better, better trackability without the who said what. Trail matters. And PSA, shopping on Flipkart is like jumping off a tower with a frayed bungee cord. I'd trust a frayed cord more than I trust Flipkart. To think I once, long ago thought we'd actually have a competent Amazon rival.
  2. Here's an idea. This thread needs to be unlocked permanently. This is some entertaining sh*t
  3. holy sh*t. I did not see that coming
  4. So I see the nintus have been dragged into this mudpile too?
  5. Good lord can you imagine? Spiderman : Crackdown 3?
  6. So f**king weird. I'm officially a backseat gamer. Daughter's playing HZD and Little Nightmares Says she wants to play Outlast next.
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