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  1. @Root welcome back. Hope your psp gets revived. What parts are you replacing?
  2. Best part of it all, it's like GoT final season never existed
  3. Wow a full year gone 😔 Either way. I missed you guys even though I don't post much anymore. It's good to be back.
  4. Walker

    Marvel's Spider-man

    Good grief. That controller looks like one of those cheap knockoffs that. Simply sh*t. Should have been glossy with rubber grips... sigh.
  5. yeah i dont know who the heck did the casting. First apparently Mark Wahlberg (WTF) and now Holland. WTH were they thinking?
  6. Walker

    Gran Turismo Sport

    That's also 20% of all races. For me at least this is not acceptable. I mean I like racing, I don't mind the odd bump in a close race, it's still fun. But getting a 10 second penalty for someone brushing by you from the inside is BS. 10 seconds is f**king overkill especially if you have 1-2 laps to go. Even worse if you've gone from 14th to top 3 in 6 laps with 2 laps to go. And its not even consistent, either yesterday or the day before, someone bumped me from behind into the guy in front. I f**king dont know how but I got a 5 sec penalty, the guy in front also got a penalty but the guy behind got nothing. That's some amazing PD coding at work. I get assigning blame is difficult but wtf is that? Lol I haven't reached that level of frustration yet Throwing the wheel is not an option
  7. Walker

    Gran Turismo Sport

    I agree with everything you said. I'd be ok with an SR down, but the time penalties were stupid. I managed to overtake 5 cars to lead the entire race on Interlagos (one of my strongest tracks) but because of that 10 sec penalty I ended up 5th. Also on the back straight I was side by side with another car and he kept turning into me (5-6 times), no penalty for him and no red SR at the end either, but I had a red SR because of weird rules.
  8. Walker

    Resident Evil 7

    Yes, Very Rattled In all honesty I'm a scaredy cat. Sometimes shadows make me jump. I'd probably get a massive attack if I played this in VR. As it is it took a while for my heart to stop pounding. The only other time I can consciously remember this pounding is in a 4 lap race on GT Sport, and I started on pole, with number 2 closely following for all 4 laps.
  9. Walker

    Resident Evil 7

    Started this last week. Holy sh*t did they nail the atmosphere. I was expecting to be scared but I almost crapped my pants quite a few times so far. I don't think I can continue. It's been a while since I switched off a console in the middle of a game. Did that last week. Straight up jumped and yanked the plug out of the wall socket. Took a good half an hour to see if I managed to f**k up the PS4 in my haste.
  10. Walker

    Gran Turismo Sport

    lol. I have Dirt Rally and PCars for company.... And Driveclub
  11. Walker

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Honestly for all the bitching everyone was doing the best time was from Jan till March. After that its become a total shitshow. At least the penalties were reasonable if not fair befoe. Now after the latest update its become dirty drivers' heaven. I know because I've tried it by mistake. Last week I misjudged a turn and ended up using the guy on the outside as a wall, I stayed on track with no SR down and no penalty. That guy got a penalty and finished the race with a red SR. How the heck was that fair to him. If anything I should have got the penalty there, and an SR down. Anyway its going to have to have a really good update to get me to redownload 60GB.
  12. Walker

    Gran Turismo Sport

    I have given up on this game. Last 3 races have been the worst. PD has ruined the penalty system FFS. How the f**k do you get a 10 sec penalty when your on the outside of a hairpin, almost on the grass so that the guy on the inside has enough space? Well all he had to do was bump pass me and voila, not only do I get an SR down, I also get a 10 sec penalty for trying to drive safe. Second instance, this time I take the inside line, pass 2 people and then one guy loses control, bumps me on the side (by mistake) and corrects himself and drives off. Guess what... I get an Sr down and 10 sec penalty. WTF? Really? Uninstalled. I'll come back to it if and when there's some improvement. For now after 3 races that tanked my SR down to A I'm f**king done.
  13. Walker

    Battlefield 1

    ^what he said. Getting pings upwards of 150. Gave up and not going back. Shame.
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