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  1. Walker


    Downloaded again Won't buy PS5 until I beat Cleric Beast.
  2. Wow. Someone let him know when an X is available. I'm worried for his health now jk. Hope you get one soon
  3. What a terrible joke perpetrated on adults.
  4. So I downloaded the PS5 update (828mb) tried to install it in the PS4 and immediately Bloodborne booted up and began playing replays of the Cleric Beast beating the crap out of me in a multitude of ways. Just a PSA. You're welcome.
  5. Apparently he had already, been thrown out once for rowdy behaviour, then he climbed back in over a wall, poured himself a beer and was thrown out again. Our cops do worse for much less
  6. On point. When I switched to the PS3 I knew what I was getting into, a few of my mates also jumped and bought the ps3. The calls I got abusing me because games were 2-3k were hilarious. Most may have bought a total of 3-4 games in the entire gen. Even when plus was introduced much later the few that still had a ps3 baulked at the idea of shelling out ~2k for it, even with the promise of free games. Iirc, most of the games they played were games that I bought, and they borrowed. NGL I've been a regular at Indraprashta in Borivali during the ps2 days, but yeah, people will say regional pricing, and we'll like it, but a lot wont give a crap if they can get it free or lower rates via other means.
  7. yup, aside from supply issues. I forgot about the people that would not want to wait.
  8. Why would I pay more for grey when I can get one with warranty for less, putting aside supply issues of course.
  9. Price of software in this case has very little to do with it
  10. I was afraid this would happen. Season 2 when?
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