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  1. For people who have trouble swapping memory we have a device for you. It's called Xbox Series S. Obv kidding incase knives out.
  2. Just asking, if MS released an Xbox with a controller that had an inbuilt battery sh*t would hit the fan 🤔 I look forward to that.
  3. Dude everyone loves the Xbox controllers. Batteries on the other hand.
  4. I still don't get why they haven't moved to rechargeable internal batteries. I mean isnt it more convenient?
  5. Hahaha. Yeah I've had some rather interesting convos via chat and email with them in the past which made me want to put my head through the wall.
  6. Check the pins on the ribbon cable. They are very easy to damage. Anyway it's replaceable and you should be able 5i get a replacement on amazon.
  7. There is a ribbon cable that goes from the connects the board to the backplate which houses the lighbar. Check the ribbon cable is seated correctly. Also if it's not seated or damaged the usb charge/connection will not work too.
  8. Walker

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Games are political Let's move past it though. This game has my interest for sure.
  9. Now who would have imagined such advantages of Covid?
  10. He probably already has put me on some hitlist as well. I may just wake up dead one day 🤣
  11. Walker

    Hogwarts Legacy

    While all valid points you have to keep in mind a lot of these guys have active and rabid fans, in the case of JKR a lot of young impressionable teens and below as well. So yes what some famous people say does have weight and consequences. It's not that it was one tweet, it was the doubling down on it, knowing fully well the impact it would have. Woman's not exactly bottom tier intelligence.
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