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  1. Walker

    Need For Speed Heat

    From everything I've read and seen it doesn't seem like it's going back to the NFS we wanted though.
  2. Walker

    Yakuza 7

    Nothing against turn based games but it was the Yakuza combat and hilarity that I fell in love with. Like @adity said its pretty much one of a kind. And I will play this at some point but still.
  3. The streaming quality I can live with since it's mostly on the phone running in the background while I work. What's annoying is the second part. Ffs not being able to pick up from where you left is annoying as hell, not to mention the absolutely retarded search.
  4. YouTube 4k videos play beautifully for me on my vu premium android. And I'm on a 50mbps plan. Maybe buffers for a few seconds at the start and then plays all the way to the end without stuttering.
  5. Walker

    Need For Speed Heat

    Oh well. The hype was fun while it lasted huh?
  6. Walker

    Need For Speed Heat

    let us know how it is
  7. Walker

    Need For Speed Heat

    The truth right there. I'd love to go all out NFS fanboy but there are fanboys and then there are people like us that love NFS, and what it means, and we hate to see this beloved franchise keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again. We're not being harsh, just honest and that honesty comes from a place of love.
  8. So it's been a good 4 months with the VU Premium Android. Everything was working fine till about 1 week back when the remote refused to switch on the TV. Changed 4 sets of batteries and none worked. So I used my phone to control the TV and unpaired the remote but the remote wouldn't get detected for pairing either. Anyone with a Activoice remote will know the tiny led under the mic hole lights up when any button is pressed. This wasn't happening. So finally decided to call VU support. VU: Welcome blah blah blah Me : My activoice remote isn't working. VU: is it paired with the TV? Me: It was but becuase it wasn't working I unpaired it but not it's not getting detected. VU : OK sir we will reset the remote. First remove the batteries from the remote. Me : Ok done. VU : Now press the Google Assistant button for 15 seconds Me : (Skeptical but I do it anyway because wtf do I know) Ok its done. VU : Now press the home button for 15 secs. Me : What does this do? (At this point I'm thinking this is probably clearing some primitive rom/bios or draining any latent charge, but wtf do I know) VU : We are trying to reset the remote sir. Me : Without any batteries? I mean does it have like a button cell inside to clear the chip or something? (I'm not being a smart a*s, just curious) VU : Ummmm..... No sir it will reset the remote. Me : (Ok he's the boss so I press the home button for 15 secs) Done! VU : Now put the batteries in the remote and try to switch on the TV Me : (After trying and nothing) That didn't work VU : Ok sir I'm registering a complaint and a technician will visit in 48 hours. Me : Ok. Thanks for trying. Have a good day. VU : Thank you sir blah blah blah. I hung up and decided to try the press 15 secs with the batteries in the remote and the damn thing worked. VU support guy probably read his script wrong but I'd expect these guys to think about what they're asking they're customers to do. This is just plain sad. I can imagine some poor soul not inclined to try something because its a TV and these things aren't cheap and not everyone leans towards tinkering, waiting for a technician to come and do what I did in 5 minutes. Which brings me to the second part of the service. I got a call today from a VU technician for directions to my address. Mind you this is 8 days after my complaint. I politely explain that the issue is fixed and he does not need to visit. I waited mainly because I wanted to know what the average I could expect from VU after that call that did not leave me with confidence. Anyway Fantastic hardware, Poor service experience. If I have issues in the future my default attitude will be "get my issue fixed in 24 hours or expect a call every 2 hours with an Irate customer"
  9. Walker

    Need For Speed Heat

    Sorry but the crown for the most shittiest NFS has to go to NFS2015. That game literally shat all over the hopes and dreams of almost every single bonafide NFS fan. I bought the game, played it for 2 days or at least I tried, uninstalled it. A month later I fooled myself into believing I didn't give it enough time and reinstalled the damn thing. Nope, it was as shitty if not more than what I remembered. A year later moron that I am I redownloaded the thing and then realised why ISP's have this wonderful thing called FUP limits. So that we dont spend precious data downloading idiotic crap like NFS2015. Seriously that game turned me from a guy who bought every NFS ever to never buy an NFS unless at least 50 people I know says I should give it a try. Sadly I don't know 50 people who give a rats a*s about NFS anymore so I'm hanging my hopes on the good folk here to tell me if this one is worth my time.
  10. Oh nice. Me likey. Pretty decent effort, the bg sets the tone really well and I appreciate the sound effects as well. Even the tone is not over the top like so many other channels. Right now I'd rate it on par with Top5s which is great. Good job.
  11. Walker

    The Outer Worlds

    Yikes wtf happened here
  12. Walker

    Death Stranding

    It's like they're all waking up from hibernation just to sh*t post. Probably all the sh*t thats been fermenting since 2013 needed a release.
  13. Currently my frame of mind after losing one of my closest friends of 20+ years. No he didn't die but I doubt things will ever be the same.
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