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  1. I know I shared this vid before but the story behind it was inspiring. https://www.classicfm.com/music-news/videos/soloist-cries-in-schindlers-list/ https://www.wqxr.org/story/schindlers-list-theme-brings-english-hornist-tears/
  2. Last off topic. Dude these taxi f**kers are crazy. I had to send a taxi to pick up one of my business acquaintances from a big hotel. When the driver reached there he asked me to have the visitor walk out of the hotel till the main road some 1km away because the taxis parked outside the hotel threatened to damage his taxi. They also used to slash tires of hired cars or private cars parked outside hotels/venues.
  3. Yeah f**k. When I first moved here, after getting ripped off, I hopped on OLX and bought a used Activa (2007 model). Travelled the whole of Goa on that old rattly, rusty but crazily reliable thing.
  4. I know my earlier post sounds stupid and privileged. And it is. However while I sat there for one hour cursing how stupid this is I was also thinking how f**king lucky I was to have the time on a Friday, to sit for an hour searching for a slot, when I know a few who even if they managed to book a slot at a similar distance like me, would have a hell of a time getting there and back. Also because they don't have their own vehicle, public transport is sporadic and not direct, taxis are f**king expensive. I should be thankful really.
  5. Getting a slot is a sick joke really. I was able to book a slot for me and wifey 20kms from my house. My brother who lives 30 kms away got a slot for him at the same center as me though there is a vaccination center 5 mins from his place. On Sunday. (I'll be meeting him after about 6 months I think?) His wife got a slot at the center opposite my house on Saturday And my elder sister has got a slot 45kms away on Monday. She lives 3 buildings down from me.
  6. Nope not immediate the side effects kicked in 2-3 hrs later, lagta hai manali se nahi tha vaccine...not the best stuff. Lol. Good to know.
  7. The side effects are immediate? Will I be able to drive back home?
  8. Goa bhai. Goa govt had announced slots will open today at 12pm. BC took one hour of captcha fails to finally get slot relatively closeby.
  9. This is f**king stupid. Why would you wait for HC intervention in the first place? This right here is the problem in the country. Every thing is a bloody ketchup bottle. 15 died last night in GMC due to oxygen fluctuation apparently.
  10. Ship it to someone else's address instead and later they can ship to you. I'd have offered but nothing's getting shipped here either.
  11. I thought all cops were vaccinated first though (frontline workers?)
  12. Meanwhile.... Wtf bizarre excuses? We did not get spanner?
  13. I'm not sure how widespread that is but one colleague's mother in Poland tested positive for more than a month. Last was in Feb iirc.
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