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  1. My sessions start at 5am these days. Sometimes my daughter wakes up early and scares the bejezus out of me when she plops down on the couch beside me. Headphones and lights out create all sorts of interesting tunnel vision scenarios
  2. Not sure but I think @VelivolusDas used a Logitech one.
  3. Thanks added to my work playlist
  4. I'd go for the Logitech over the Redgear. The Redgear one I didn't care for at all when I used it at a friends house. Felt cheap and not sturdy iirc.
  5. Yeah. The black one was in stock a couple weeks back.
  6. Nacon compact wired controller. Great build quality. Been using it with PS4 and pc now. If you can find it though.
  7. Looks like every morning I'm going to be saying wtf. This game keeps on giving. f**king ND really knows how to tug on the heartstrings.. Few more chapters to go I guess but man I'm going to be lost when it's done. I can feel it. I thought the start was devastating but man this game can really pull you in and down.
  8. For the past few weeks both my connections have been playing musical chairs and it's a pain to keep switching wifi. Thinking of getting a load balancing router and need to know if I should as these frequent switching is messing with work. If it matter both are fiber connections. Any inputs would be welcome as well as any advice you can share. Thanks in advance 🙏
  9. I think by airborne he means a wider area covered that the 1-2 meters and can linger in the air for a longer time than we believe. At least that's what I think he means.
  10. Yep. Instant pant soiled Now who the heck ordered a plate of 1 by 2 brain fry?
  11. Holy sh*t wtf was that. Sweaty palms is an understatement.
  12. I just had the most intense 30 minutes and f**k me if it wasnt loaded with the f**kers. They peep out at you from every damn nook and cranny and then run off into the darkness. The worst is when you see one from afar and then it scurries off or darts between doorways.
  13. So annoyed right now. I literally haven't had the time to play the last few days. Was hoping to finish over the weekend but got asked to cover a shift for someone who's unwell. Tomorrow f**k it, as soon as shift ends I'm hopping to the couch and starting. Should be able to put in a good 4 hours before I have to wake up my kid for school.
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