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  1. jab tak kam na par jaay tabh tak
  2. got it for 32k. through FK, though launch date was 17th but they took preorder and schedule it for dispatch on 24 th, later they changed it to 26 th wondering if anyone here got one.
  3. This, to an extent, explains why it didn't have the UC vibe like it should have.
  4. u were right, nothing beats its gorgeous screen
  5. congrats mate i too bought S8 yesterday
  6. sameuun

    Dark Souls

    Give Murakumo a try, good weapon for STR-DEX builds.
  7. Any way to use UC points bought on indian account on another account in the same system?
  8. and ideally, MS cud put in WIn10 as it is on mobile and the softwares u using on desktop might be running on mobile like VLC,mozilla,chrome, anything u can imagine to run onto desktop will be fit iin on ur mobile, that idea is something to wait for.
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