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  1. Glad that feature is missing. Don't want dump down ps5 games
  2. Well, looks like i will be getting Lockhart for GP and MS stuff and PS5 for everything else.
  3. Scarlett is DOA even if it launches with good games ,cheaper in price and more powerful. Here are the following reasons why - 1. Xbox brand not super popular outside NA and selected few EU, SA countries. 2. No true console exclusives to take advantage of system. All games playable on X, base Xbox one, PC and Xcloud devices. 3. PS more popular and ps5 will launch with bigger name IPs which will be true console exclusives. 4. Xbox name badly damaged by Xbox one 2013 launch. People don't trust MS. 5. PS5 will be BC, so PS4 users will upgrade to PS5 with all of their PS4 games and services instead of migrating to Xbox. Xbox hardware is a flop and will remain a flop no matter how good games are or how powerful console is.
  4. So no more 1$ upgrade once you subscribe to GPU,?
  5. Beta service better than Officially released service
  6. WhiteWolf

    Gears 5

    Rank matches take some time but non rank matches are instant
  7. No Chu Yoshida was head of Studios. He was asked to step down from his position as he was not doing good job.
  8. VR is sh*t. You will find few ppl popping up to defend it time to time but they also know it's sh*t and will not go anywhere. Remember 3d gaming? And how Sony was hyping it lol. 3d gaming failed hard and VR is next
  9. I loved it. Got 1000G on it. Universally praised by fans and critics alike. Deserve more love than just story. Acting and graphics were also great.
  10. VR is sh*t. It's already dying. How many own VR headset here or play games on it at regular basis? Chu Yoshida can defend VR all he want but VR never gonna become mainstream. PS4 is over 100m and PSVR not even 10m.
  11. WhiteWolf

    Gears 5

    Yes, i find matches easily. People who saying it's dead either trolling or got really shitty internet.
  12. WTF Plague tale didnt get a single nomination. Fuk this biased fixed awards. All that committee sh*t is bs. Its all Geof lol
  13. So howz the Stadia version,?
  14. WhiteWolf

    RAGE 2

    Downloading Darksiders 3 atm. Will try Rage 2 later. Ps4 version too ugly of DS3. Hopefully X version is enhanced
  15. Sticky this post. Plain and simple. People here making it confusing by typing all kind of unnecessary stuff
  16. Wow Death Stranding 9 nominations at Keighley awards. Why im not surprised i hope Control wins big. I really enjoyed it.
  17. WhiteWolf

    RAGE 2

    Headache? Fov that bad?
  18. If it's 5$ then just buy it instead of going Game pass
  19. Im gonna play on PC to test it lol. My eyes hurt when i play games on mobile
  20. Damn u went hard on this game. I'm gonna grab this and Death Stranding during New Year sales.
  21. How many of you will try XCloud when it launches here? Beta isxfree with 50 games . Minimum 5mps needed.
  22. Don't think Outerworld going out. Matt Booty said Outerworld is a franchise now and will get sequels. That means MS bought all rights for future games too.
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