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  1. Only ignorant dumb people who never played any mainline Bethesda RPG will call out NMS style game. Starfield is Skyrim plus Fallout with some aspects of NMS which are common in lot of rpg games like collecting resources and crafting n all
  2. Good show but nothing amazing. 7.5/10 Starfield, i just can't wait to play it man. Skyrim in space indeed lol
  3. WhiteWolf


    Haters will hate coz its xbox game but i loved every mainline Bethesda RPG. I have spent 100s of hours in every one of them and this no different. No new release date, right?
  4. WhiteWolf


    Looks fun.
  5. WhiteWolf

    Diablo IV

    Meh i will wait for GP version
  6. Real time ray tracing on track bitches. No other console racing game can do this lol
  7. WhiteWolf


    They said it for skyrim. It had Radiant system which works same. They doing procedural generated stuff before anyone else.
  8. WhiteWolf


    Watch it in 4k. Looks good but yeah animation still shows creation engine Jank. But mods Also i expect game to get more hate since its Xbox exclusive lol
  9. I have not played mgs123. I will happily buy remakes of these 3 games. MGS4 was my 1st MGS then ReVengeance but game which blew me away was MGSV. I love MGSV man. MGSV was so good that i bought on all platforms and did 100% completion 3 times with max FOBs in multiplayer mode then i realized im going crazy and i need to stop. Lol
  10. What why? Bro. Bring him back. Forum needs him. He should get immunity from ban as he special analyst of IVG. Sorry for OT. And i don't mind Re release of Tlou 1. I just want Factions to be separate so that i can play it without buying Last of us "remake" lol
  11. Is this the remake people were talkingabout? Looks more like remastered? Also on PC
  12. Mine Horizon FW >ZD> Tlou2>BB > GoW> every other PS exclusives.
  13. https://www.gamereactor.es/sony-va-a-anunciar-el-retraso-de-god-of-war-ragnarok-a-2023-856573/ Aww so no 11/11/22 date?
  14. Radical on break. So he assigned RV to do trolling on his behalf but RV bad at it.
  15. What new mode? There are only 2 modes. Resolution and performance
  16. WTF Ultra hard insanely hard this time. I got all sh*t legendary but machines just do too much damage :/
  17. Who asked you to stack? You did yourself. So stop crying here all the time.
  18. NG B was just too hard. I deleted it too lol
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