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  1. Do they check it right then and there? Coz my drift problem is not consistent.. it drifts 5/10 times. Wonder i should go for replacement right away.
  2. Made a new one. As my existing main acc 3yr sub gets over by next june even that could ve been topped up till 32months but seemed like a hassle. so made a new account. anyhow sharing is there to save us.
  3. Just finished doing this topup xgp till 2024. It works
  4. can anyone confirm if this works for current users??
  5. Used to watch this in wonder while it was reviewed on GamerTV. How times have changed!!
  6. Got a message from someone called jaja. And i think it's spoilers for the new bond movie. I dont know. Any of you got anything similar? ?
  7. Hey guys.. can the xgp ultimate stacking trick be availed again once my current 3 years get over? My sub is ending by april next year.
  8. Love how some people go out of their way to sh*t on other people's happiness. sad. Xbox threads have more flamers than people who are actually interested in the product lol.
  9. Are these bots up for sale anywhere :') !?
  10. Anyone here able to grab one in the mini sale that happened on Amazon just a few minutes back?? I couldn add it to cart. Any workaround for that?
  11. Yea i heard them too. You got the digital one?
  12. Atleast you got a console... Whats an extra week of wait gonna be. Chill nanba. Be glad
  13. My Series x from Flipkart just arrived today. Add me kindly : BabaMuni I play r6, destiny 2, outriders and any other coop experiences if anyone is up for it.
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