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  1. The tweet that you posted is for an upcoming event on the 21st for ID@Xbox. Bhai kya phook kar aate ho? How are the two things even related?
  2. I doubt that's the reason. Both Sony and MS have to work with the developers in some ways and have various teams for that. For example, Xbox also works with devs for features like Quick Resume.
  3. Wut? Xbox in 'Xbox & Bethesda showcase' doesn't refer to the console but the brand which encompasses everything (XGS, Consoles, PC, GamePass, Live etc.).
  4. I enjoy hard games but I don't purposely look out for them; it's just a coincidence, maybe?
  5. TBF, HFW deserves to win but the poll is stupid as it's talking about rendering features. If people knew what the rendering features in Starfield were, they wouldn't need DF in the first place. Also, WTF is Turok Evolution and why is it in the list?
  6. Social media is the real killer. It's a vicious cycle for these guys -- it's part of their jobs and also what causes them stress. Pretty sure people lived longer before Twitter.
  7. Good bait. That's not why he deleted the poll. He deleted it because people questioned the basis of the poll when nothing is known of the rendering features of Starfield.


    The show was focused on showing games coming in the next 12 months. Whatever wasn't shown, isn't coming out in the next 12 months. Man, I thought this was discussed to death. Anyhoo.
  9. We have multiple cases in our office and most people don't bother getting tested.
  10. Breakthrough cases exist for all vaccines -- they always will. Efficacy is only relevant to the sample size at the time. Since then, the virus has mutated millions/billions of times. We have a good number of vaccinated people in India yet we have a lot of positive cases (including unofficial ones). We're currently seeing multiple cases in our office everyday.
  11. Yep. Haven't bought a disc since 9 years. Sharing digital between 2 people works well for me.
  12. TRMNTR

    Forza Motorsport

    That'll be cool. Though the gameplay they showed was itself a replay, right?
  13. The same thing that happens with other digital media. Competition will drive the price down though maybe not as much as physical media.
  14. Exact same experience but that could be down to the Covid strain. Delta vs Omicron.
  15. Blah blah blah...gimme Silksong right now!
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