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  1. Yeah, that's what I think as well. I know some people whose underlying conditions have been accelerated (probably) due to Covid. It's honestly pretty sad to witness their deteriorating health.
  2. Isn't that the same question I asked you? To rephrase, do you think these increased number of heart related incidents in India are also due to Covishield/Covaxin? Have you come across any findings like that? I'm curious to know but I don't see anyone discuss this in India. Most Indians are (for whatever reason) more focussed on the US.
  3. Why are we dropping dead though? Covishield/Covaxin are equal to blame?
  4. She's alive though, right? Plus, how do you even know this is vaccine related? Does the same logic also apply to Covishield/Covaxin seeing the increased number of heart related incidents in young people across India post-Covid? (I'm not claiming it is the case, just what I've been seeing on the internet).
  5. Easily. Waiting for the next LAN event with baited breath!
  6. Ah! They were planning to do it earlier with Senitels but rumor has it that C9 was asking for way too much money.
  7. Pretty much everybody on Faze js just killing it right now. Yeah, Senitels pretty much sh*t their pants this weekend. C9 dropped the entire team and SSG picked them up. Elamite (their coach) said that the team decided to leave C9 rather than the other way round though. It's probably to do with C9 as an organization; they've been doing pretty bad lately in terms of revenue and they also lost a lot of money in Bitcoin. It's probably a combination of many reasons.
  8. Today's the final day of Charlotte LAN.
  9. I guess I have to explain it like you're 3 years old... RV posted the tweet, like he does, you commented on it and I saw that there was an update on the tweet that wasn't posted. So, I decided to post it thinking that the people having the conversation might care about it. That's it, that was my only intention. In short, maaf kardo tumhari suhaag raat mein condom dene aa gaya. Sorry, my bad, have fun! Adios, your a*s.
  10. Yes, at the time I cared only enough to reply once. Some of us have lives to take care of outside of IVG unlike the unemployed fanf**ks here with unlimited time to shitpost and lol at each other. Don't know why your a*s hurts if someone is busy. I only posted the guy's response and that's it, didn't share my thoughts on it. You guys are talking as if devs don't face technical difficulties on other platforms. They also port games to things like the Nintendo Deck which has it's own set of challenges. Nothing is limitless, they even face technical difficulties on the PS5/XSX. That was probably a lot of wasted effort on my part considering the nature of this thread.
  11. He replied to those as well but I don't care enough to check and post here. Adios.
  12. To be fair, they didn't remove those games either. They do own them now.
  13. Energy saving mode does download system and game updates in the background. Source @Overlord as for your question, I've experienced this as well though I don't keep a track of it so can't tell you how frequent it is.
  14. Ah! My bad then. In this Tweet that you quoted, Bethesda doesn't seem to be listed as a participating publisher. Does that mean the digital sales are tracked under Microsoft or not tracked at all? I'll assume the former for now as it makes sense.
  15. Again, that is if the digital sales are included. You're assuming they're included like the other guy, I'm not assuming anything. I personally don't know even one guy in India that bought the game instead of playing it directly on GP and the ones I know subscribed to 1 month of GP to play the game. Anyhoo, if you think the game didn't sell well, fine, have it your way. Not even sure what the fuss is about, those who wanted to play it, have played it on GP. Those who didn't, are crying about sales as usual.
  16. Fair enough. There's still no way to know whether digital sales for Hifi Rush are included since it's not on the list to begin with. Plus, the game is on GamePass and as pointed out earlier, it's probably the main way people are playing it on Xbox. So, these metrics are pointless, especially for a game that's on GP.
  17. The chart in that tweet doesn't include digital sales. That screenshot is cropped in a manner to exclude that disclaimer. The standard of this thread wrt data being shared is at an all time low (low bar to begin with) thanks to the unemployed fanboys here. I'd personally double-check everything before taking it seriously.
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