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    Halo Infinite

    That was mostly good dude. You could maybe work on your BR a bit and start thinking in terms of pre-nading and then BR when you're aware where the enemy is.
  2. Spoiler tags are an instant NSFW for me.
  3. Janky look movement but worth a play. The atmosphere is pretty decent. The game's pretty slow-paced though.
  4. Started playing this. About an hour or so in and really enjoying it.

    Halo Infinite

    Okayish Overkill in Ranked Arena

    Halo Infinite

    This is great news! We'll probably still have to play a lot to earn these but this is a step in the right direction.
  7. WTF?! Dude, I was just conversing with you and you chose to reply with that. Ok.
  8. Didn't somebody did get banned for calling radicaldude r****dude? Maybe I'm remembering it wrong. Could've been a warning maybe.

    Halo Infinite

    Hello there. I'm also a fellow kill-chaser-and-regret-later.
  10. I stuck around for a while for the collectibles but then eventually told myself "You don't care about this. Move on." So, I moved on. Their reward system with the psi cards and all is pretty dope though, so well done. I rarely stick around for stuff like this but this game made me.
  11. TRMNTR

    Halo Infinite

    The ranking system currently favors players that rank high on the scoreboard in terms of KDA. To ensure you're ranking faster, you not only need to win matches, you need to aim for a good KDA as well. Easiest advice would be to avoid unnecessary deaths (easier said than done). If you can, team with players who are similarly skilled and know what they're doing. If you fail to meet one of these conditions, say goodbye to your rank. In such a case, it's much better to play alone.
  12. A lot (Covid) has happened in the last 2 years, who knows. This is not even something that can be achieved working from home.
  13. Hasn't this been discussed like a million times on the forums? For someone who posts a sh*t ton, you don't read posts quite as much, do you?
  14. A change to the subscription plans is inevitable. Remains to be seen when and how drastic it will be.
  15. I didn't even see Death's Door. Hell yeah!
  16. Deja vu! I remember you posting similar sh*t for Bethesda as well. The company I work for has also gone through a couple of acquisitions and it's never as simple as that. Far from it.
  17. Man, that is harsh.
  18. Unless of course Sony already have some pleasant surprises planned. You never know with these things. I would've never imagined MS spending this much money on A/B. Heck, I'd rather they buy something else but I can see what they're going for. Regardless, Sony is here to stay. They'll do just fine. At least, I hope they do.
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