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  1. If I do actually bother installing it, sure.
  2. Never played a COD game in my life. Wouldn't hurt to try. :/


    Personally, I'm really good forward to this. Hope it's at least average.
  4. You can post about Halo Infinite without playing it but he can't post about TLOU remake? Hypocrite much?
  5. Are you even reading? The tweet is about Xbox in general and not just games. It even mentions Discord which went live this week.
  6. That's weird. PS - Don't think you can disable cross play, yet.
  7. Try 'The Yappening' BTB event. I played a couple of days back and found matches instantly (that too on the SE Asia server).
  8. Indeed. Hitting the high note always gave me goosebumps.
  9. VS thread is open for the weekend. Kripya wahan jakar haggein.
  10. The entire home screen is now GamePass. I hope that's something that we can customise otherwise that'd be stupid.
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