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  1. It started with love and ended in an orgy. Oh well.
  2. Dude, we played the most amazing games on Wednesday! A decent winning streak and to balance it out, the last game was an embarrassing loss.
  3. Or Zodak holding a PS5 in one hand and newspaper in the other.
  4. Only a month's delay. Not bad.
  5. Bhai log Angrezi mein baat karo, sab badiya hai. Brother people English in speak do, all good is.
  6. Just for lulz, this is the top definition of the "Chu" word on UD... Thank God I did not go beyond this or I would've become one myself. UD is a goldmine.
  7. Yes, let's believe Urban Dictionary. PS - It also says the following... So yeah, that's UD for you.
  8. Dude, you're confusing it with a completely different word.
  9. "Fudu baaton" translates to stupid talks.
  10. Because concern costs no money. In console wars, time =/= money.
  11. TRMNTR


    Next gen means different things for different people though.
  12. TRMNTR


    I'd take 60fps over flat visuals any day. They should've done a 1080p 60fps RT mode as well.
  13. TRMNTR


    They specifically said that the best mode to play on is performance. Not sure why anyone would play an FPS at 30fps.
  14. Played for half hour yesterday and I quite liked it. It's a sit back and relax type of game (till now).
  15. It is true. Not a lot of people have played it. Look at IVG itself, most here haven't played it.
  16. Now buy the 2nd one and help push the game on the charts.
  17. Yep. In the meantime, seeing how amazing the title and series is, I'd encourage you to buy the game full price if you haven't already. Also, spread the word around. That'll help the devs out and and help reduce your worries as well.
  18. Agreed. You just referred to yourself in 3rd person. Are you sure you're not obsessed with yourself?
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