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  1. CarbonCore

    Destiny 2

    I swear this is the 7th or 8th time they've nerfed Orpheus Rigs since year 1. Leave them alone Bungo
  2. Confirmed in OXM article, Nemesis can enter save rooms. I repeat, Nemesis can enter save rooms.
  3. Part 2 will be 2021 or 22 since it has been in development for a while, it'll underperform as per SE expectations, and then they'll rush out part 3 while cutting out a bunch of story stuff.
  4. Feb - Dreams March - P5 Royal April - FF7R May- Last of Us 2 June - GoT This is how you don't abandon your hardware in its last year.
  5. Yeah in India it is lopsided because of local pricing. Even Gears 5 costs slightly more than one month GP Ultimate. The sub value shouldn't be direct dollar to rupee conversion like Netflix.
  6. Maybe because I haven't watched any Bollywood movies in last half decade so I don't have a frame of reference, but Tanhaji was actually fun to watch despite being historically inaccurate crigefest.
  7. Did you...not notice Ori 2 on the left? It's also on gamepass PC for $5.
  8. CarbonCore

    Destiny 2

    4th Horseman Of course they brought back the meme shotgun over Invectus or Universal Remote because both of them would've broken the current PvP meta with their perks. Another reason why PvP balance is the cancer to this game.
  9. The combat is just incredible, shits on FFXV from high orbit and this is only the demo.
  10. Yeah you're right. It was 3k initially but they jacked it up to 3.5k at the last moment. I remember ordering that stupid NV goggle edition but then changed to steelbook edition. This is fun to read in retrospect. Also the games have always been subsidized for this SE Asia region. If anything the current 3.5-4k is completely out of whack for local purchasing power. One third of your entire month's income just for one game? lol. Then they try to label it as rich people's hobby. Its just freaking videogames
  11. With 10% standard discount and 5% additional vendor discount they were mostly 2.2k brand new. I remember when MW2 jacked it up to 3k and everyone lost their minds. If only they knew..
  12. Saw Sonic, man I dunno what people saw in it but I think it was worse than Pikachu which itself wasn't good to begin with. Maybe its all the Sega fanboys hyping it up Totally agree about Jim Carrey being the best part of the movie though. I wish I stay this fit and flexible when I turn 60.
  13. Should also slash game prices to 2999 because of market conditions.
  14. CarbonCore

    Nioh 2

    Man the amount of stuff added to an already complex game is overwhelming. The skill tree page alone gave me anxiety. Someone should really let them make the next Ninja Gaiden so they can get it out of their system.
  15. CarbonCore

    Destiny 2

    Trials had its own set of drama this week. Cozmo said they're not removing artifact power which became the most downvoted comment by a Bungie employee on reddit, r/DTG as a whole blew up along with Bungie twitter and forums, which ultimately made Luke Smith do a 180 and remove artifact advantage from Trials. What was hilarious was that Cozmo tried to justify it by saying "but D1 trials had power advantage too". And then people had to explain to him why D1 power and D2 power is different and why everyone is up in arms about artifact in Trials. Its like they don't even play their own fking game.
  16. I think it looks a lot cleaner and vibrant than WiiU version which had a sort of white sheen, like the gamma has been turned way up.
  17. CarbonCore

    Nioh 2

    Up in Indian and US store https://store.playstation.com/en-in/product/EP9000-CUSA18812_00-NIOH2LASTDEMO0EU https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-CUSA18813_00-NIOH2LASTDEMO0NA
  18. CarbonCore

    Destiny 2

    Nah, maybe during Forsaken which was honestly the best time to switch. Ever since then and especially after splitting from Activision, they've been fumbling like idiots and making boneheaded decisions. Its no surprise that some of the best content in D2 is made by Acti's support studios, and now that they're gone all Bungie does is polish the trinkets in EV store, make shitty versions of Menagerie and look for next set of things to nerf.
  19. CarbonCore

    Project G.G.

    Nothing except insult your mom
  20. lol what is up with shitty Sonic games showing up on PS+ and Gold.
  21. Grand escape sequences from first game combined with multi-stage boss fights
  22. Slo-mo dodging. Action RE is back lol.
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