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  1. Considering how strict anti-competitive laws are in EU, I'm pretty sure such a back route wouldn't work. They'll simply block the sale of software resulting from this deal, like how Belgium blocked Fifa because EA refused to remove lootboxes from the game.
  2. The deal needs to be approved in every country they want to sell their products in. If UK blocks it completely, it'll still go through in US, they just wont be able to sell Activision games in UK.
  3. Mikami on board, now this is a proper remake
  4. Just one image I don't worship CEOs or give a sh*t about what they say.
  5. OT2 is announced for all platforms except one. So there's no moneyhatting involved, they just chose not to bother with Xbox port. This idea that MS/Phil needs to pay them to port these games to Xbox needs to change, and only way it'll change is if more people bought JPN games on Xbox.
  6. Now please buy these games (from JPN) or they'll end up like Octopath 2 @radicaldudestop spamming in this thread, will not warn again.
  7. TGA and Bafta goty in the pocket
  8. Yakuza is called Ryu Ga Gotoku in Japan which literally translates to "like a dragon". It'll be Yakuza 8 in the west (I hope).
  9. TLOU remake would be closest but its an old game. Next would be Death Stranding 8 months.
  10. In 2026?
  11. He snaps his fingers to call the Mjolnir back
  12. Florence Pugh is incredible in every movie outside of MCU. You can tell this was basically a paycheck job for her.
  13. They will easily surpass 18M/year target if they keep up the production. November will be a bloodbath.
  14. Sir we are just students in the school where you're a headmaster At least some of us own all four platforms. Imagine sticking with just one console through thick and thin (mostly thin), now that's loyalty.
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