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  1. Yet to see her iconic tube top costume. There is a mod but I'd rather see official Capcom version.
  2. CarbonCore

    Doom Eternal

    Looks like Gears if Gears wasn't stuck in a decade old gameplay.
  3. Its already out. No MP, no Spec-Ops, just campaign for $20. Also one month exclusive to PS4. The bots are beyond tilted on twitter
  4. CarbonCore

    Persona 5

    The game looks really sharp on Pro. 4K does its magic with that art style, not a single jaggy in sight. It doesn't feel like PS3 game on PS4 anymore.
  5. The deaths due to COVID-19 in US now surpassed 9/11 deaths. And its nowhere near its peak yet.
  6. The margins they have on veggies and fruits is insane. If Sony sold PS4 at that margin it would cost over 1L.
  7. Making Nemesis ultra powerful was a mistake. This is why he only shows up during scripted events that ends up in scripted chase from cinematic angles like from those PS3 Uncharted games.
  8. On top of being short with little replay value, there's a bunch of cut content including couple of boss fights and enemies from original game, no ribbons on higher difficulty, the demo pretty much covers most of the outside city area, Nemesis is not a persistent threat like Mr. X after the intro level, he just appears as scripted chase sequences followed by boss fights, massive downgrade to blood and gore, alternate endings are mostly superficial (unlike original game). Also Resistance sucks. And 1X version apparently still runs like crap like the demo. This is why you don't outsource your marquee titles to outside studios.
  9. I saw the whole playthrough on Youtube before Capcom took it down. The reviews are spot on, this will end up around/below 80.
  10. Its no Snatch but at least its not bad. Feels like forever since we've had a decent Guy Ritchie movie. I'd watch it just for Hugh Grant, dude is just incredible.
  11. Jojo Rabbit was a roller coaster of emotions.
  12. Methanol is not a medication for anything. One tablespoon is enough to make a person blind, 2 tablespoons is considered fatal.
  13. People do all sorts of stupid sh*t when stressed out. For eg.. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/hundreds-dead-in-iran-after-consuming-methanol-thinking-it-was-coronavirus-protection/ar-BB11NijN
  14. Told ya Two Towers is the weakest one. I actually don't remember anything from that movie except goofy looking trees straight out of Fraggle Rock.
  15. Animal Crossing on Switch. The game could not have come out at a better time.
  16. One year exactly. They even extended PC release date when game was delayed
  17. The install size is 100 GB, download could be lower like 80 GB something. Even with throttled speed I get 50MB so about 7-8 hours to download. I'm not buying it though P5R and Animal Crossing will eat up all my quarantine time.
  18. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/mar/28/lockdowns-world-rise-domestic-violence Humans continue to be pieces of shite.
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