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  1. Suicide Squad is spiritual successor to Arkham games set in the same universe. Gotham Knights is completely different game.
  2. New trailer leaked https://streamable.com/1799oc
  3. Don't give him Switch or Switch Lite unless you want him addicted to gaming 24/7.
  4. Base FF7R has a PS5 SKU for people who own PS4 version. The one you play on PS5 is not PS4 version through BC.
  5. Yeah the free version doesn't get the upgrade just like FF7R. Sucks but what can you do? Remedy made a specific PS4 version just for PS+ just like Square, one that can't be upgraded. The alternative is to stop giving big name games and instead give out absolute tatti games like Gold.
  6. First time you'll enjoy it. Most of us are burnt out and jaded because its been the same formula since FC3. I swear to God if this game asks you to craft wallets and backpacks out of hunting animals again
  7. Amazing reviews for Dread, I knew it was going to be one of the goty contenders.
  8. The software sales of PS5 are around 500k in Japan, which is pathetic compared to Switch. But, the software sales on Xbox.....wait for it.....is about 1.7k total They make tiny amount of money on consoles, all their profit is on retail software cut. So kinda obvious they're not interested in it.
  9. They're selling a lot more than Xbone did, usually 2k a week and sometimes jumps to 4k. It already passed Xbone lifetime sale.
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