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    I meant more fleshed out options for people who prefer certain builds and don't want to rely on RNG. This is like customizable difficulty like how Dead Cells has a Custom mode with long list of options. Hades has one but only to make it harder, for easy option there's just God mode.
  2. CarbonCore

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Came back out of retirement just for this game
  3. CarbonCore


    God mode just gives you 20% extra armor and goes up 2% per death, which is why you have so many user made mods and cheats for Hades. I hope this one has more fleshed out difficulty settings.
  4. CarbonCore


    Bloodborne has incredible art style, atmosphere and sound design. I'm watching Fightingcowboy's 100% walkthrough and the game still looks breathtaking. Otherwise the IQ and performance of DS3 is miles better. If they bring up Bloodborne to PS5/PC spec with even the basic options like higher FPS, 4K/HDR and ability to turn off CA, it would be one of the best looking Soulsborne games.
  5. CarbonCore

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Yeah we need less Jason and more reviewers that gave it a 10/10 with quotes like this (very first quote on MC).. "Magnificent, confident and loaded with content that other games do not offer. Such is the action blast called Cyberpunk 2077. All the expectations were more than met."
  6. I can't imagine a black Karen no matter how hard I try.
  7. CarbonCore

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Some of these quotes, holy sh*t!
  8. Bayonetta x RE crossover lets go.
  9. Copy Nintendo folder from old card to PC, format new card inside the Switch, copy Nintendo folder to new card, Profit.
  10. Hitman 2 has two additional locations as part of season pass. But 3 so far has nothing like that.
  11. More than difficulty, each new Soulsborne game added QoL changes and improvements to gameplay. And since BP didn't make any changes to base formula, its about as raw as it can get. Otherwise its not hard, and certain build straight up break the game.
  12. Hitman 3 will be on sale not long after release. Personally I'm soured by the fact that it jumped from 1.5k to more than 3k for no reason.
  13. lol there are people who lost their land to Reliance in Raigad SEZ and still fighting in court. Good luck getting your PS5 preorder case heard
  14. First one is goat. I left 2nd one halfway through because the combat is so braindead even on hard. No wonder the game bombed hard while the first is still part of the conversation whenever someone brings up JRPGs.
  15. CarbonCore

    The Medium

    lol the price went up from 1k to 3k on Steam. Nice incentive to not pirate the game in developing countries.
  16. I think he means her character in Schitt's Creek named Alexis.
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