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  1. Maybe it wouldn't be so high if they were given permanent employment status with all the benefits instead hiring for contract work. MS just waking up to this fact when most of its big name talent from new studios like Initiative bled out and left, and all their projects keep getting delayed and rebooted.
  2. It would've been less than 500rs like the first game, but now its 1300+. Thanks Sony.
  3. This applies to most of his idiotic takes in the past, which he didn't need to say but said them anyway. Foot in mouth CEO is perfectly apt name.
  4. GT7 got murdered? Kya phoonktey hai yeh log It was number 2 behind Elden Ring in March NPD and ahead of basically every other game including MLB.
  5. Ours is 24 weeks now (5+ months), and only reason its not beyond that is its very risky for the mother after that.
  6. Jimbo probably has a gag order put on him by the HQ while a PR team prepares a response. You might even get a state of play announcement to distract people
  7. Its a bad look, especially when one of your own studio, Bungie, took a firm stand for the rights of women. What if Bungie decides to back out of the deal now? Now it becomes a real world consequence simply because you couldn't keep your mouth shut.
  8. Because he has a habit of vomiting stupid statements, and he probably thought the email would stay confidential. And I'm 100% sure he was either drunk or high before typing it.
  9. In this case not taking a stand or both siding is going against it. Imagine if tomorrow Modi resurrected the Nasbandi law and said all unmarried men and men above 40 must get snipped. People debate about it and now there are two sides. And then someone like Amber Heard comes on TV and says "we should listen to and respect both side". Fk no, there's no respecting the opinion of the people who wants to snip my dick Especially from people of opposite gender.
  10. That too, there are layers of stupidity in this email. Plus the comment about "dogs knowing their place" right after he talks about abortion is extremely sus.
  11. What the fk is wrong with you? Are you one of those men who believe right to abortion is a "matter of opinion"? I know IVG has fked up ideas about women or transgender people, which basically represents our country in general, but even we recognise the right of abortion. Jim-we brought gaming to middle east-Ryan hopefully gets raked over the coal.
  12. What a fking moron. I hope he gets fired over this.
  13. It was going to be the Cyberpunk of 2022 according to their own devs
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