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  1. Not me bro. Not me. Simple sip investor this side.
  2. Dafaq about zodiac killer shirt and pants ko kaun marta hai bhai?
  3. Aaj SHOR kyon nahi hai bhai?
  4. Itna sannata kyon hai bhai?
  5. This omicron variant is being hailed by some and feared by many. What's its deal? Any idea if it will repeat the delta devastation or it will be milder? Any such trend out there or too early to tell?
  6. Succession last episode was so depressing. I cringed whenever shiv opened her mouth. Tom is the main character of the show. The show will fail if tom's character is removed.
  7. Buy TVS xl 100. Multi utility bike. Business ready as well.
  8. All this talk about new variant and it's been 2 to 3 months since eua for kids vaccine has been granted. No roll out even now. School for 1st standard and above starting in Maharashtra from 1st dec. Shame on goi and gom for doing this.
  9. Americans are demanding covaxin. That's the reason for sh*t like this.
  10. https://www.moneycontrol.com/india/stockpricequote/chemicals/chemfabalkalis/CA01 Keep an eye on this stock. A 165 cr Rate contract is going to be finalized for opvc pipe in Maharashtra. Chemfab is one of the companies that manufactures this pipe and they have managed to put in a clause that the group turnover should be above 82 cr and only two companies qualify under this. Oriplast and Chemfab. Other 2 companies Parvati udyog (Mobilex) and Optiflux mostly dont qualify. There are only 4 companies that manufactures opvc pipes in India. I dunno how much worth this info. Si similarly Prince pipes and supreme ind and jain irritation can also benefit as there are two other RCs for hdpe (270 cr) and pvc(100 cr) pipes both with similar clauses of huge a*s turnover of 150 cr and above for HDPE RC.
  11. I only have one wire hanging from my tv and that is the power cable. i am fully ott. So no tatasky or any other media connected to my TV.
  12. My relatives went to Dubai in Oct and have got infected with corona. RTPCR to Enter airport then a Rapid RTPCR before take off and another RTPCR on landing in Dubai. 3 tests for UAE and one needs to be fully vaccinated with WHO approved vaccine. Some other relatives were planning to get together in Dubai last week of oct as someone has bought a villa and also booked tickets for Dubai. The lady of the house in Dubai is a bitch and she apparently created a scene at her home as relatives were coming to stay and got everyone's plan cancelled after my cousin actually personally invited few of them. So relatives cancelled their non refundable tickets in some cases. Tau from UK took a hit of 700 £. Guess they owe her a thank you for being a bitch.
  13. +1 Meanwhile GOV taking sweet time to negotiate price for children's vaccine. Everyone seems to have forgotten about that. There is simply no news even after kid's vaccines have been given a green light.
  14. I have to cross bhumkar chowk after 6 pm. The oncoming traffic from Hinjewadi side was monstrous. Below wakad chowk it was similar story. I read that tcs has started office so several other companies took that as a cue?
  15. So i got stuck in traffic cuz freakin Hinjewadi traffic is back
  16. Watching crap like shawn chee just for the video quality. Looks great on qn90a. Ek number chutiyapa film hai. The scene where his friend/gf asks "who is he really" i was like bus abhi devsena aake chaati pe danda maaregi aur bahubali ki entry hogi.
  17. Kisi bhi din 8 November ke 8 Baj sakte hai.
  18. nvm. only a creator of sienfeld can do this and only better.
  19. In a few years crypto scams will emerge out of India.
  20. I dont dig this show anymore man. Ho gaya. Bus karo.
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