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  1. Crash Bandarkud looks nice. Might get this one. Waiting to play this type of game.
  2. Watch Lootcase guys. Absolutely amazing. The Auto Rickshaw guy and the Minister Ranvir Shorey to Auto wala : Good u identified him, now we have to make a sketch of him n we catch him Auto Waala : Saab meri drawing acchi nhi hai
  3. Nothing wrong in either of them Now see this post lol. He could have said, an indian studio who does service to a great game but he goes negative Pop isnt released yet. Hold on bro. Indian hai toh pehle indian hai yes. Hum pehle support karenge like Raji and look how Raji turned out. MS is f**king up so many times now so they deserve the backlash after letting down time after time. If this studio is crap n makes crap for say 3 games in a row then people will automatically diss it. Not a single post to celebrate that an Indian Studio is making a classic for big publisher like Ubisoft And this is Indian Video Gamer forums. Wow. Shame Shame.
  4. Looks n Plays well i said as in the previews i saw. Game isnt released yet so how could i have played
  5. Nai bas tu hi khela hai bhai. Hum kha itna purana game khele honge,humne toh game ps3 se khelna shuru kiya hai Ofcourse i have played it..
  6. Making fun of English now That is crass. sh*t man. Indian Video Gamer forums this is and mocking,sh*ting n dismissing game made by an Indian Studio n even sh*ting on devs now. Waah waah
  7. Its Alpha footage ffs Now Raji is a good game according to some when they were sh*ting on it too Kya log hai Ubi is testing waters for this. How much people are interested. Excellent opportunity for an Indian dev. Give constuctive feedback to improve the situation, not sh*t on it and making fun outright and being a jerk plz come on guys. This isnt Raone level local game which you can diss it like that Greatness from Small Beginings A big classic game is being developed by our studio.2 big games Indian Devs are making now. How good is that.
  8. Looks decent for a reimagined game. Some people are triggered here seeing made by Ubisoft pune n ubisoft mumbai No one mentioned once that this gets good exposure for Indian devs and puts us out there, do well Ubi india. Pathetic.
  9. 5137 i saw on website. Pheww had to dig it out though. You know better that site so will take 6k
  10. It is over 5k cases,not 6k Kyun 1k badha rha hai bhai
  11. hope

    FIFA 2020

    Bought it for 279rs last seek Shittiest football game i have ever played. Be fast or you are dead No sense of build up play at all. Too scriptey now as well, sometimes game just decides for yourself the outcome that it not at all seems that you are in full control. Fifa never again unless they overhaul which they wont coz it sells.
  12. Jokes aside, f**k man. Its gonna get more bad now
  13. If they are smart and market it well, Series S will be a game changer. But the thing is, they dont have any proofs to their claim. Its all in Air and PR BS. Series X is powerfull but nothing is shown to warrant it. Series S is 60fps at 1440p? Lol i say. Show the proof. Hope they arent fooling the fools again.
  14. Pointless console that Series S is. M neither getting next gen feeling nor getting it cheap. 99% i have to upgrade storage. Would rather buy current gen console for cheap than this. Why would third party optimize for 2 xbox consoles,it will be 1080p most of the times unless you play Indie Bhindi. Gamepass anyways is available everywhere. Chu MS. Series X is doomed.
  15. 5 cases recovered in our society. Only 3 remain now. Hopefully no more now plz.
  16. Kangana fiasco No one cares about Corona
  17. Chelsea can fk themselves. Pathetic club
  18. Assurance of going out safely needs to come first. All conditions are after that.
  19. Sunday lockdown is good though. Atleast people will avoid flocking markets. I cant tell you how flooded eatieries were here on Sunday. Tier 2 cities are doing this already. Should be done. Many IT companies are increasing WFH from Dec to June now.
  20. You know what that leclerc crash shows how undrivable that car is. F1 Car doesnt loose it like that. Also how lucky is Vettel that Brakes failed at T1. It would have been horror if they failed elsewhere.
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