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  1. Any Suggestions for Long term investment stocks to buy in this dip..!!
  2. What I have learnt from this Luna fall is that no project is guaranteed to give 2-5-10X returns. Past records should be ignored. I have made a note from now on I will only invest in BTC-ETH-SOL thats it. They are future proof, Might not give 10X in 2-3 years returns but will surely give good returns after 10 years. ETH is best bet looking at 10 Year vision, Would reach 20-25k USD.
  3. KKR looked solid at the start of the tournament Won 3 out of 4 & Now losing 5 games in a row, Rules them out of the playoffs race. GT & RR are surely the top 2 teams. Other 2 spots have 5 contenders (SRH-LSG-RCB-DC-PK). RCB is also on the same track as KKR, Started solid & Now on a losing streak.
  4. https://youtu.be/HXE_OiDQZlA Exact reason for this fight is not known yet..
  5. From what I read, He has undergone a nose surgery (got injured in Ranji Season). So thats protection gear for nose.
  6. Dhoni did the same thing couple of years back, These things don't really reflect someone's character. They just happen in the heat of the moment..!!
  7. That was a NO-Ball..!! Powell would have chased it, If that drama didn't happen. Totally disrupted his rhythm.
  8. Perfect team IMO. Just 2 changes Deepak Chahar & Shardul in place of Shami & Harshal. Would give us the extra cushion of batting till 9. Shami leaks runs at crucial times, That's been his problem all the time.
  9. Natarajan over Shami/Umesh anyday. Plus shardul is an all rounder, Havn't seen Harshal batting better than shardul in the IPL. DK should find a place in the Playing 11, you cant bench a player whose scoring at SR <200.
  10. RCB-GT are looking really strong till now, Not dependent on couple of players to win the matches (unlike most other teams). DK has made a strong case for himself at No.5. It would be a very brave call to pick Rohit & Kohli in the T20WC team as both are struggling. But Rohit still will be picked just for the captaincy. Its good to see so many uncapped players coming up due to this 10 team format, I don't think any player would take his place in Indian team for granted as now there are more than 2 replacements available for each player. Asia Cup in Aug followed by T20WC in October, They will be announcing the teams very soon. Ideal 11 could be Rohit-KL-SKY-Pant-DK-H.Pandya-Jaddu-Bumrah-Nattu-Chahal -D.Chahar + Bench (Kishan - Hooda - Umran - Shardul), Would be really interesting to see how would Umran bowl on AUS - ENG Pitches...!!!
  11. One can tell how CSK's season is going when Shivam dubey is their highest run getter this season . Mega auction has effected CSK & MI the most. Most probably both won't qualify for top 4.
  12. LSG look strong already, Stoinis & Holder yet to join the squad..!! PK Vs KKR Should be a good game tonight hopefully Punjab can win. But really sad to see that whatever Team batting 1st puts on the board it will be chased no matter what. Even the tail enders are smashing the best bowlers due to wet ball.
  13. sh*t I have my mirae SIP due today on Coin. I just checked now its showing processing, I have kept my funds in my zerodha account lets see what happens.
  14. Stick with Sony, Dont go for lg or samsung when it comes to led. You can get 42" Sony in that budget.
  15. Yes, You are right. Its all cars up to 8 Seaters..!! Just checked it out on T-BHP.
  16. As of the current orders, They wont be effected as they don't have any 8 seater car. They will make it compulsory for all cars maybe from next year.
  17. Finally after 14 years we have batsmen at 5-6-7 who could actually win us the game. SRK & Smith were brutal..!! Hoping to see more of them in the coming games. This is one of the best squads PK have had after 2014, Should make it to top 4 this season. Mumbai Grounds (all 3) will be batting galore, Really feel bad for the bowlers as they all will be going for a lot runs. Expecting 1000+ runs record to be broken this year in orange cap list.!!
  18. I am holding half of cryptos in Dec Exc, Even if govt bans them they would give 3-6 months time to transfer.
  19. Just few days left for the IPL to kickoff..!! Really looking forward to this years edition. Pretty sure the new format of not playing each team twice and using some shitty method to decide who plays twice with whom, this will definitely receive a lot of backlash when the IPL ends.
  20. Okay then. I will just keep on manually adding Niftybees every month. Rest I will check some small cap index fund rather than icici index fund.
  21. Hi guys need some advice. I started using small case for SIP's last year. But now I have realised that all its doing is investing in NIFTYBEES. So is It advisable to keep that in my investment portfolio ? OR should I just stop this SIP and invest more in MF. I already have 4 MF SIP's: 1. PPFCF 2. Motiwal Nasdaq 100 3. Mirea asset emerging bluechip fund 4. ICICI Nifty index fund All of the above 4 SIP's are in equal proportion on coin Zerodha. on the other hand I have 50k worth of nifty bees, So should I just sell them off and invest in MF's ? Or just let that Smallcase SIP keep on going ? Any piece of advice would be highly appreciated Also guide me with my MF portfolio, If any changes are required ?
  22. Totally Agree with you. There are many Coins out there which have really good use case. I feel AVA-SOL-MATIC-FTM-CAKE all these will do well in the coming years. But I doubt XRP-ADA would rise as much as others would. Again I might be wrong as I am saying this to the best of MY knowledge.
  23. Gill KL Vihari Kohli Iyer Pant This should be the new batting line from now on, Enough with the Pujara - Rahane failures. They have won us many games but I guess its time for them to make way for some better players.
  24. Stay away from new exchanges. Stick to wazirx as its owned by Binance.
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