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  1. Whoever completed the game, did you see the second final credits scene after the first one? I think you should if you haven't. It's amazing balls!!!
  2. Ahahaha relax man it's not Chris Pratt doing that, it's his character "Peter quill". lol you really hate him
  3. I loved the movie but I think Thanos could've been more intimidating. He didn't strike that fear as he used to. Like the video below where he speaks to Kree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8P3X6Esbbc
  4. I've been playing since yesterday. Put almost 6 hours. Amazing game, then again not surprised, it was meant to be. I am playing on balanced mode. And I have selected "Favor resolution" on pro. How about you guys? Thanks for the tip. I wanted to increase the text size badly. Funny my PS4 hasn't updated to 1.12 & only to 1.11
  5. I am using i-on. They are expensive compared to others. I am using 50mbps which actually never goes above 30mbps. FUP 75gb per month. Rs. 800/-
  6. Wow third time? I haven't even completed once. GG
  7. Justice league is filled with positive reviews on RT, the viewers are liking it. Watching today in cinemas.
  8. 202croc

    The Last of Us 2

    Graphics were amazing. This game is also concentrating on stories revolving around other people in the game's universe. 80% of views on internet are fine with the violence in the game. I don't think they overdid it. It's too early to judge. May be we were expecting Ellie & Joel I am sure ND would definitely sweep us off our feet with the final outcome. Albeit this game is not for kids. Plus the game won't be out until 2019, they just started working on it a while ago, so expect a small gameplay video in E3 2018.
  9. +1 X7200E doesn't have triluminous display which is wide color gamut. The HDR is not that good on it.
  10. Even X8200E has local dimming. IMO don't think it's in a different league, I have seen multiple videos on both televisions. Different league is OLED.To each his own.
  11. Good deal. The no cost EMI was deal breaker for me. So I went for it
  12. My bad Yeah HDR works better with 4k. Sony doesn't make any HDR televisions without 4K. Only few manufacturers do.
  13. The only difference was x1 processor & little better contrast but price difference was 20k. Didn't make sense. Bro got it for 1.09L from Amazon - cloudtail seller (Best seller most definitely it's amazon self owned warehouse, so always best & reliable) I took the no cost EMI of 6 months. I'm sorted. I never said my old tv was HDR. Heck HDR didn't exist back then. I just said full SOny 32" HD tv. Back in 2007 it was top range tv & it costed me 63k. So I did a proper paisa vasool on the tv. Still in best shape & in pristine condition.
  14. Bought Sony KD-49X8200E 49" 4K HDR Tv. It's amazing. Has 4x4 speaker. Previously was using Sony 32" full HD bought in 2007. Used it for 10 years. Don't know why people say tv lasts only for few years? Was considering Vu but after many reviews I read the tv's operating OS is not good & up scaling is that great.
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