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  1. RM/BM don't bother. I filled the upgrade form & sent via courier to Chennai office. I upgraded the same way to Diners from Regalia but now they denied Infinia. I have never defaulted payment. Completed my superbike loan with HDFC twice lol still they denied me. While they are approving Infinia to 6L limit holders as well. Appropriately their criteria is "mood based" I suppose.
  2. No they don't give Infinia straight away for 10L credit limit. Mine is 11L limit. Already they have approved me 12.5L limit which I haven't accepted yet. Yearly spend above 8L. Still they denied me Infinia. I am currently on Diners black since 3 years. Only thing I am short on is ITR limit by a few lacs. On the contrary they have given Infinia to much lower spends than mine. HDFC has weird approval standards.
  3. Thor 4 is a mediocre movie. Overdo of jokes & that too lame. I already went with low expectation but still disappointment. Wasted my time & money at theaters. Suggestion - Wait for OTT release. It's a one time watch. Ragnarok was far better than this. Christian bale was fantastic. He too would be disappointed with this sh*t movie.
  4. I don't know how it will be to play. I am sure I won't complete it more than 20-30% coz the mechanics will be dated but just want to play for nostalgic reasons. Hehe
  5. I know US is premium. I am on Deluxe. I am saying that US premium has Jak 3 in classics but it's not available in Indian account of Deluxe.
  6. I am on Deluxe & I can see Crysis in the catalogue but I can’t find jak 3 in classics. It’s available in US Store then why not in India?
  7. I paid for 192 days. Maybe the price changes when it goes beyond 180 days.
  8. I paid ₹1447 for 6 months of Delux/Premium tier upgrade. Looking forward to play wearwolf & Jak 3. Also next month Stray is day one available on premium & maybe extra also.
  9. Saw Top Gun Maverick. Brilliant. Thrilling. Edge of the seat experience. Must watch. 9/10. Will get a 4K blu ray & add to my collection.
  10. Saw Doctor Strange 2. Great movie. Definite watch. 7.5/10. Different from animated series ‘what if..’ on disney plus. Also - Scarlet witch is possibly the most powerful character in MCU. She can kill a lot, if not all characters in MCU.
  11. Damn! Didn't know such sh*t existed! Apparently this Superman has telekinetic powers as well. Lol
  12. It’s not a spoiler. Already shown his cape length in the very first trailer.
  13. Also I think cape with this batman is a little on the short side, shouldn't it scrape the floor like it's in the comics & every other batman movie? Looks cooler that way.
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