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  1. No Avengers too and I was hoping for DMC V to get more love at Sony :/ \ CC link? Cant fint it on yt.
  2. Word. That's the silver lining I am hoping for. That's how Sony came back when they were behind during the PS era. Just back to back focus on games, never dropping the guard. MS dropped it hard during the end of 360 cycle. Sony did it during the ps3 launch.
  3. Their vision, the way they structured the presentation and also maybe the fact they are buying multiple studios and actually heavily investing in the games side of the things. Something gamers look for in a gaming conference
  4. No. It's been nearly two years since the games were announced barring some. They look good and stuff but that's the gameplay reveal werent anything amazing. All games look great and promising, but it didnt get any hype going. You mix in interesting new unseen ips in such a showcase to keep things balanced. It was so heavily focused on already revealed games that there wasn't any new budding excitement. I also didn't notice the time fly by but it was because it was really short. Count in the stupid af hall switching and INTERMISSION with ads making it really short af. Also both the youtube stream and Twitch stream were broken technical mess with stutter, audio glitches and frame rate drops. Who was handling this sh*t The only thing I enjoyed was Death Stranding and Spoodey. really meh overall :/ No Disgaea 6 :/ Seriously. This was the perfect thing to happen to Sony doe. MS making a fighting comeback and their show being a*s should be a good wakeup call for them to get the guns polished and come ablazing soon. I hope.
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