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  1. What traversty, he is the one who acted like a douche bag by acting smart as if he was bigger then the game with all his captaincy antics. He can’t score runs anywhere right now and still being picked up everytime is a testimony that BCCI has still stuck with him. I don’t care what foreigners think, there are only 11 playing positions and there are players who are performing better then him, he is a blocker right now. Has he gone back and played any FC match, has he tried playing county to regain form, he thinks he is in form and he is just a knock away and one day it will come, bowlers have figured him out, he is struggling and he needs to agree to it. We will all be happy the day he gets back to form, but just resting him won’t get him there.
  2. And worst he keeps smiling after every such mistakes to rub it even more, never seen some one fall this bad. there is a bad patch and then there is a crater where Kohli is currently.
  3. Avoid spoiler true or baseless, or banhammer is coming. Post hidden. no one messes in god of war thread till I am around.
  4. And just like that..well played..so long we have been used to seeing no 6 and 7 taking game away from us, feels good to dish the same treatment. though this England team is operating on another level while batting.
  5. The top order keeps sh*tting Pant has been so impressive in tests, high time this success is replicated in white ball too..
  6. Son’s first game in stadium and all he gets to see is 3 odd overs, stupid rain!!
  7. I think iPhone now does not have much of an edge, until you are in the ecosystem. Stand alone I would not recommend iPhone to anyone, but if you are in the ecosystem, it's amazing. Like my Macbook and iphone unlocks automatically if i have my Apple watch on. The app switching is just brilliant, the fact that i can pick my phone calls directly from macbook is another amazing feature. Wherein I will pick macbook over windows any day of the week, I can not say the same for iPhone over Android. The battery life is brilliant on an iPhone though. If not for the ecosystem I would have happily traded my iPhone 13 pro with S22 ultra in a blink of an eye.
  8. The most consistent and deserving team won, well played GT.
  9. Nothing related to RCB but one more day gap is needed between eliminators. It’s kind of tough to play three high intensity matches after a day gap each.
  10. Next year, just like previous year
  11. Chalo bhai Bronze medal to milega atleast!!
  12. If soe one will give me 49990 for god of war game, I will sell the game first
  13. 2022 will be best, I can sell it for 49990 😂
  14. I won’t be surprised!!
  15. Crowd chanting RCB , RCB, lol, fun. come on Kohli time to leave a stamp.
  16. Lol awesome, even kapil Dev was awesome!!
  17. March 2023 They better release it quick, this is the only reason I have still not sold the white paperweight.
  18. Good win to defeat table toppers. This has been a good season, specially with Kohli being out of form. The team actually did much better then I expected, they might not be able to make it to top 4, if DC wins, but a satisfactory season instead, where RCB actually played like a team then few individual brilliance.
  19. well they must have told them ki retire ho jao bhai log, inko bhi bol de. gadhe lag rahe sab ke sab IPL main
  20. Slectors need to grow balls of steel and do what was done in 2007, axe all oldies, send a fresh team for T20 WC. Rohit and Virat are baggage in T20 now, they will just take us down.
  21. Must be that time of the month.
  22. Where in Baleno/Glanza are brilliant VFM cars (we have baleno Alpha), the driving pleasure is just not there. The rubber band effect is too much, it's only for sedate drivers.
  23. saw this trailer before DS2, it hardly looked anything great. I liked the trailer of Anek much more then this.
  24. There management might have mistakes earlier, but they have improved considerably, that 1.5 tsi engine is brilliant to drive. Cars atleast till now have been safe unlike Kia Seltos which scored 3 in safety rating. Yes Hyundai/Kia have tons of features, but they are more like jack of all trades, master of none. you can definitely call seltos a better package then kushaq or taigun, but no way are they the best driving cars in compared to the other two.
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