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  1. another variant of kohram launched novelties look awesome though
  2. i am one of those who loved it and n finished it multiple times, 100%. i used to be a pirate but liked this game so much that i used all my savings and bought an original copy from ebay, my first ever. big fan of Altair
  3. i too got 2 different variants of this already. they keep releasing them with new cover pages
  4. it is the cover page of new dracula CE announced by SG, SG fb group
  5. ubi usually targets holidays for AC games
  6. quality of physical copies of diamond comics available in market is simply pathetic. dont even think of buying
  7. earlier issues of sarvanayak were good, no doubt about that. Even if RKG wasnt involved, there was only 1 RC in market. Now with all 3 brothers fighting with each other, honestly RC's future doesnt look good. I still have some hopes from SG. rest are solely dependent on reprints. that animation of PKD was also good.
  8. It was year 1990 or 1991, pretty sure about that. Digest rent was 1, single issues were 50 paise. availability was not an issue, almost all stationary shops used to keep them, that could be the reason
  9. i have stopped expecting quality from RC since Rajkumar Gupta passed away. almost all recent releases are like this. Look at Sarvnayak, sarvamar bana ke rakh diya isko to.
  10. yeah, this was around early 90s, probably 1990-1991. it was peak time of RC.
  11. i still got khooni khilone and fighter toads (first one) original prints, though not in good condition. bought whole nagraj and dhruv collection again but now dont get time to read them
  12. those were the best days. 50 paise for 32-page ones and 1 rupee for digests
  13. one of the best series in RC history. u got any freebies with this ?
  14. 18 years
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