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  1. I think playing an idiot/eccentric comes naturally to Amir Khan.
  2. Blocking some games from going to a "subscription service" is nothing infront of byuing a company out and blocking the whole portfolio of games getting released on another system. Xbox gamers can still buy those games. Getting langar is not a right.
  3. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/xboxs-tomb-raider-timed-exclusivity-deal-was-reportedly-worth-100m/
  4. Celebrating the 35th anniversary of this epic franchise Only time when Microsoft Game Studios and Kojima collaborated An epic title on an epic system Glad to have these in the collection.
  5. Starfield gave Ragnarok so much space, it delayed itself to 2069.
  6. You don't need no new controllers when Xbox got no new games.
  7. I have another math, but that's for another thread.
  8. I prefer special edition ones, or systems in blue color (or those that come with blue plates/attachments).
  9. Namco has teased a new Tekken game at Evo. I wonder if it's the next iteration or a remaster of the first game. I really hope the focus on the story and not just on the MP part.
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