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  1. Something else is in his hands since 2015. the reason xbox still has no games. As he has his favorite game in his hand.
  2. Enzo Fernandes for 120m, based on one tourney. crazy!
  3. How many are from gamepass? Starfield doesnt even have a solid release window yet. lol Only redfall and forza. for the rest, even bots have to shell out $70. oh i forgot, bots dont buy games. so for them, anything on GP automatically qualifies the game for GoTY awards
  4. typical bot behavior. dont buy anything outside of GP. atleast on the ps5, $70 gets you ground breaking GOTY experiences.
  5. Whatever it is, the fact is, not enough bots are playing the game, instead indulging in, in masterbot trigger happys own words, "pocket billiards"
  6. Who's badmouthing the game. A Jsrf clone would be a decent title. All I'm saying is that bots dont play games. (evident with that figure of 1 percent completion rates)
  7. But bots dont buy games. And these games are not on GP either. SO theyll get lost in time, forever. PS- So Spenders talks on game preservation was as true has his promise to launch Starfield in November 2022
  8. Read trigger happys post and then my post again. You'll know what i was alluding to.
  9. You did not even read my post fully and then you are accusing me of sh*t posting? lol. I was pointing towards the fact that only 1% of gamers on xbox have completed it. Even a bad title like forspoken sits at around 7%. I was referring to trigger happy ss's quoted post.
  10. Funny how you considered my reply as shitposting...but... Not this 👇 If this is what Gamepass does to people.... I should stay away from it.
  11. Funny! Looks like Hifi Rush is the "greatest" game, no one (read bots) played, even though it is "free" on the sub service Now we truly know who in/from IVG is actually playing "pocket billiards"
  12. Yes. I am playing billiards game on my game boy pocket. Even gameboy pocket which released in 199x has more games than xbox.
  13. well, then i should say you are playing the wrong game on the right system. With 80% sales on the PS5, Deadspace remake is as good as a PS exclusive and you should be playing that.
  14. Those who think vr is a gimmick and niche https://www.zdnet.com/article/ces-2023-was-huge-for-ar-and-vr-heres-everything-important-that-was-announced/
  15. Imagine people dropping 54k and 40k respectively on hardware (xsx/xss) with no games.
  16. I believe xbox would launch a new brand of cosmetics just to honor Women in gaming in 2024.
  17. How do you know he isnt? Just because spender cannot multitask ( hence in years when he is busy launching nail paints themed on XBOX, there are no games on the system), doesnt mean he cannot as well PS:- When is the Stalker 2 themed maskara hitting the shelves?
  18. Surely utilising the 12tflops of powa to make hyper realistic aaaa games. Oh wait...
  19. There is so much good stuff that people are lapping up a Jsrf clone that dropped out of no where
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