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  1. Hope perfect dark doesn't end up like duke Nukem forever.
  2. You don't have to own something to have opinions on it. He's voicing his opinions as a gamer. I thought that's allowed. Or only r* employees are allowed to do that?
  3. It's pretty evident that XGS has leadership problems. Games announced in 2019 can't be in pre production in late 2021. Re-starting reboots and bringing in partners when the game is years into the development cycle. Ps- I'm putting these concerns as a gamer. They'll end up destroying the franchises they bought (but did not build) this way.
  4. Lol reminds me of a duke Nukem forever trailer which aired in some E3. The final game launched a decade later.
  5. Almost 3 years in development, and not even a CGI trailer. Kojima shipped a blockbuster in 4 years.
  6. maybe you should practice what you preach...
  7. if im saying all, that means I have experienced all generations of the system...
  8. Kojima productions developed and shipped a game in less than 4yrs time.
  9. Agree or not, ps5 is already selling like hot cakes. It has breached the 10m barrier within one year of launch. It's clear that gamers prefer ps5s over other systems, as it gives the best experience money can presently buy.
  10. But for the best games, you are in the right thread.
  11. Do you know about a website , metacritic? Kindly compare scores of games launched on ps5 with the launch titles of previous generations.
  12. Xbox game studios, which has 23 studios under its banner (now) is yet to produce a goty. (Infact I don't think any of the acquired studios launched gotys as well (in thr last decade)) However, different studios under ps have produced gotys in different years. When was the last time xbox studios produced a goty? Heck leave goty, this present gen is yet to start on the platform....
  13. This is the greatest lineup since the ps one maybe. All 80+ on meta games. Some are crossgen due to the pandemic. You totally didn't account that. Plus the games they have shown (and the ones they haven't). They are planning to obliterate competition this generation within 2 years.
  14. Even with 23 studios, not one GoTy in the last decade. That tells a lot about "xbox genes" and that they had to "adopt children" to "buy" some name and save their "face".
  15. The day is not far when they start claiming doom and quake as xbox franchises and John carmack and Romero as ex xbox employees.
  16. I'll just leave this here: 650+ days since any first party title from Xbox. And the wait lingers on. Even after launching a so called "next gen" console. Every marquee title is still "in development" with nothing but CGI trailers.
  17. Neither do they release sales figures nor games. Don't know what "some gamers" are so hyped about.
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