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  1. Which model are you using if I may ask? Link to the same please
  2. Ya I recently got to know that. BTW, how does refurbished models work? I mean do they have scratches or anything like that?
  3. Neither am I, but the market is flooded with i5 processors and 8gb ram bulky 15.6' models for around 40-45k and its really difficult to carry those 2.5kg laptops. Will apple provide the updates for next 3 years atleast? And again, the basic question. Does it make sense to get one just for the Apple tag? I'm personally inclined towards Apple this time because of the A$$ they've provided me with the iPhone. A proper and a professional service within 48 hours is only a dream with other brands sadly I thought of getting it from US too, but then firstly, no one coming anytime soon and secondly, on brand new piece, getting it from India is making more sense. On eBay its listed for around 788$ which is around 54k, and in India I'm getting it for 49k. Or am I missing something?
  4. Hello experts! I'm looking to buy a laptop for under 50k, does it make sense to buy Macbook Air for 49k (after paytm cashback), I know it's an old device and there are much better spec'd windows options in the market, but I wanted to try macOS, does it make any sense? I basically will be needing it for my studies(online classes), lots of movies, and casual browsing. That sleekness tho <3 PS- I have an iPhone and an iPad, so was thinking of devoting to apple atmosphere completely. Honest suggestions please
  5. Not only absurd, but I think this is illegal as well. I remember reading an article in newspaper about an year back where a customer sued HCL as they were unable to repair his 2 old laptop saying that its an old model and we the spare parts are just not available. He filed a case in consumer forum and won. Fines were in the tune of 50k + cost of laptop + interest + legal fees. Also, the bench clearly stated that if the product is sold my the manufacturer, it their duty to provide after sales service
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