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System Shock 3 Confirmed With Ex-Looking Glass, BioShock Devs Attached


Official Website -




It seems almost too good to be true, but the System Shock series is apparently getting another installment. Last night, a teaser page showed up in the Twitter feed of OtherSide Entertainment, a small studio led by Paul Neurath — co-founder of System Shock creator Looking Glass Studios. The page linked to a countdown clock that's currently got five days left, but another page seemingly reveals the surprise. The name's all we know for now, but that's still a huge deal for the game's fans.

System Shock and its sequel System Shock 2 were hugely influential, particularly because System Shock 2 was the blueprint for the more widely known game BioShock. As with a lot of old games, the rights spent many years in limbo; it was impossible to even buy them, let alone develop a sequel. Last month, though, a company called Night Dive Studios announced that it had acquired the rights. It's currently planning a full remake of the original System Shock, but it also mentioned plans to continue the series — plans that, if this announcement pans out, will be realized by OtherSide.

OtherSide, founded just a year ago, is "focused on rebooting classic game franchises." It's currently developing Underworld Ascendant, the crowdfunded follow-up to Looking Glass classic Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss. It's extremely likely that System Shock 3 will also appear on Kickstarter, a platform that's hosted reboots and spiritual sequels to everything from Shadowrun to Banjo-Kazooie.






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System Shock 3 could be in a rough spot, as news of a number of important layoffs at developer OtherSide Entertainment's Austin happened late last year.


After the OtherSide Entertainment layoffs were spotted, former staff working on System Shock 3 posted replies on the OtherSide and RPGCodex forums, confirming that the title was lagging behind in development.



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