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Wanna purchase something and are perplexed whether u sld get it or not ?


ask such questions in this thread...and get suggestions from the experts or just opinions from the 360i members!

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My E90 that I bought on august 5 was defective, I returned it to the Company, the company has only one thing to say, we dont have that model in stock....!


The Middle man between the Dealer and Me is a Old frn of mine....he just called me up and said that the Dealer is ready to give me some other model of the same or lesser price if I want and the Delay is not going to have any forseen end....!



The Dealer is offering " Iphone " or " N 95 " to me, he didnt talk about refund....


what should i do, any suggestions?? ( Arjun u hv used the phone pls reply regarding this ) i dnot have much knowledge regarding Iphone I have heard mixed reviews about it so not sure to get it or not...moreover I was really fed up of E90 in few days, I like Touch screen then those communicator....


hws Iphone is worth that much money or shouldi even ask 4 refund ? or ask for sm other model...


Suggestions please!...

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yeah do get an iphone and then ask AT&T to provide you with their service or maybe O2 for that matter :P


In short don't go for an iphone as of now. They are still waiting to crack the new firmware although its already proceeding quite well. 3rd party applications work quite well with this new hack. You will be better of with Nokia N95 as of now. You don't have to worry about the whole unlocking part + plenty of applications for Symbian or get a Windows Mobile device.

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I am not sure about buying it, but i want one Modded console along with the legit one that i hv, modding wld cost me around 3000 bucks, guys is this console repairable? it wld be cheaper then getting new modded console if its really repairable!

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Hi guys,


Am thinking of buying a laptop in a month or two MAX as currently I have to travel for 4+ hours to my company to do the same amount of work that I can do if I have a laptop at my place. Personally, am thinking of opening up my own office with my buddy as partners.


Now we are thinking of buying two laptops, so here I am :) trying to ask my Indian gamer buddies which brand should I go with ?


Am thinking of at least going with 2 Gb of RAM and a Core2Duo. Also, one of those laptops, am thinking of putting in an awesome video card, may be an Nvidia Geforce 8600M so I can play some of those 360 to PC ports :P


So guys, which brand would you recommend ? Dell ? HP ? Lenovo ? I could care less about all the stupid things like finger print readers and sh*t like that. I would rather invest that kind of money in additional RAM or a superpowered vid card :P


Also, is it worth it to buy from official HP or Dell India with warranty ? The reason I ask is coz am sure I can get a really good laptop from Lamington Road (mostly gray market stuff) comparatively fairly cheap, but I also think that if I buy one from there, there is a very good chance those f**kers have done some chutiyagiri with it and removed or replaced some parts.


What say guys ? Thanx in advance for all the advice :)

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HP/Compaq - great for low to mid level notebooks, decent service network


Dell - good customisation features, good service network, order processing take some time


Lenovo (IBM) - carries a premium, not recommended imo unless you're placing a corporate bulk order


Acer - same bracket as HP/Compaq (some great bargains available)


Sony - lol! gift me the extra money :)



Check the Dell Inspiron 1520 - you can customise it for C2D-1.66,2GB,8600M for ~60k (you might even consider ordering it from the US/Singapore along with a international warranty)




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