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E-Xpress Pricebuster: New format, new games

icon_offerIt’s been a while since the last Pricebuster, IVG’s fortnightly offers on games from E-Xpress Interactive’s expansive catalogue. We would usually have older games in the Pircebusters (3-6 months old) at low prices. And we reached a point where there weren’t too many great games left which met those criteria. So we decided to suspend Pricebusters till we had a reason to bring them back. And now we do.

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We’re going to shake the Pricebuster format up. The games on offer will now be new games and there will be a new Pricebuster every week. But letting everyone buy a new game really cheap wouldn’t go down well with certain people who like to go complaining to publishers and distributors and spoil our fun. So instead, each week we will have a new game and there will be one copy of each platform in the Pricebuster. So for a game like Bioshock, we would have one copy each for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

The Pricebuster will be a Re 1 auction and will last a week, starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday. Standard auction rules will apply (refer to our rules thread for more), and the first new Pricebuster kicks off tonight at midnight.

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