Foosball 2012 launches on PS3 and Vita next week

Foosball 2012 is all set to release on the Playstation Network Store on 25th July for £5.99/€6.99 (approx Rs 395), Sony announced.

The simulation of the classic table-based sport of the same name is developed for PS3 and Vita by developer Grip Games, featuring Move controller support and cross-platform play.

Buying a copy of the game on either platform entitles you to a copy on the other platform too. In addition, game saves can be carried over between the two platforms. Cross-platform support also extends to online play, meaning PS3 users can pit their skills against Vita users and vice-versa.

Playstation Plus subscribers can pickup the game for £3.99/€4.99 (approx Rs 285). A free trial of the game will be available on both PS3 and Vita.

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