Hacking group targets Eve Online and Minecraft

Lulzsec, the group that was responsible for hacking into Bethesda, the US senate, and most notably, the Playstation Network, which led to its prolonged downtime, have now targeted MMO Eve Online and indie sensation Minecraft. Eve Online is developed by CCP games, who recently announced Dust 514, a PS3 exclusive, while a Kinect release for Minecraft was announced at E3.

The online details of Eve Online have been compromised and Lulzsec have tweeted, “We just wiped out the login server for Eve Online, and it accidentally took their website out at the same time”, and, “Just sunk the Minecraft login server, looks like their website also got hit from overkill: not even firing at the site.”

These are the latest in a series of hacking incidents targetting the gaming industry. Besides those mentioned above, Epic Games and Codemasters were also hacked recently. While the attacks on PSN were being justified by hackers as retaliation against Sony for it’s legal action against hacker Geohotz, these recent events seem to be completely random and without any ‘noble’ cause to back them up. Moreover, they seem to adversely affect the end consumers more than the companies themselves, because it’s personal details of users that are being breached and stolen in many of these attacks.

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