India gets PSN; Sony decides not to tell anyone

Indian PS3 owners have been longing for a PSN Store ever since the console’s launch in 2007. And now the Store is finally here, but it took an eagle-eyed IVG member to bring it to public notice. The Store is functional, there is content for sale, and even PlayStation Plus subscriptions are available; and it’s all in Rupees. But for some reason, Sony India didn’t feel it was important to let anyone know, quite likely because it’s still in testing phase. We are here to test it out for you Sony!

PSN Store

After looking around a bit, we found 3 month and 12 month PlayStation Plus subscriptions for sale for Rs 885 and Rs 2,950 respectively, and downloadable games like Shank and Joe Danger (which sell for $14.99 on the US Store) available for Rs 740, as well as premium XMB themes for Rs 115. So if you haven’t created your Indian PSN ID yet, go ahead and do so, and let us know what you think of the content and prices on offer at the discussion thread below.

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