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International Cricket 2010 Contest Winners

We’d like to thank all the IVG members who participated in our International Cricket 2010 contest, and for making it one of IVG’s most popular contests not to feature a console as a prize. This was also one of our easiest contests so almost all entries were correct, which makes our four winners all the more lucky. Before we announce the winners, here is the correct answer:

Question: Which of these is a standout new feature in International Cricket 2010?
Correct Answer: Action Cam

[singlepic id=2068 float=center]
And here are the four lucky winners. Each wins a copy of the game.

ishan23 (Xbox 360)
Wolf (Xbox 360)
Akhurana (PS3)
Bikram (PS3)

Congratulations to the winners, and once again, thanks to all the participants. As always, stay tuned for more contests on IVG.

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