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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League revealed at DC Fandome

Watch the teaser trailer of Rocksteady Studio's upcoming take on the DC Universe

After years of being on a media blackout since Arkham Knight, Rocksteady recently surfaced with a teaser image of Superman with Suicide Squad’s cross hairs on his head. Surely enough the game has been officially revealed as Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League along with a cinematic teaser. While the teaser itself looks brilliant, it does not quite scratch the itch that we’ve had for seeing Rocksteady’s new take on the DC Universe, neither does it give a clear indication of what the gameplay is going to be like. Take a look for yourself.

After the teaser reveal however, Sefton Hill – one of the co-founders of Rocksteady Studios – did mention that the game was entirely playable in either single player mode or in co-op with your friends. Basically it’s still a highly narrative-driven game with bots filling in for the other characters in case you want tot take on the game solo.

You would have the ability to jump between characters and use their peculiar skill sets to take on challenges. From the teaser it was quite evident that each character would play quite differently from the rest, and that goes for the traversal system as well.

While this adds a lot more questions on how the game would be, or how co-op would work, we’re guessing more would be revealed as we edge closer to the game’s 2022 release date. For something that’s a lot closer to release check out the other game that was announced at DC Fandome.

What did you think about the teaser, and were you as disappointed as us that there was no gameplay shown… after all these years?

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will be out on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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