Vehicle brawler Smash 'N' Survive headed to PSN on Feb 9

Smash ‘N’ Survive, the first global Playstation 3 release from an Indian development studio and publisher, is all set to release exclusively on Playstation Network on February 9. The game is developed by Version 2 Games, a subsidiary of Hyderabad-based Zen Technologies. Smash ‘N’ Survive is a brutal pick-up-and-play vehicle brawler that will feature 30 concept cars spanning multiple classes, competing for survival across ten fully customisable maps, in eight different gameplay modes.

Each vehicle can be customised with a variety of melee weapons such as flame thrower, duel saw, etc. Environmental factors such as tornadoes will come into play as well. Gameplay modes include vehicle melee combat, demolition derby, group derby, plant the bomb, protect the convoy, chase, finding and escorting your team mate and checkpoint challenges. Featuring Playstation Network trophies, and rated PEGI 7+, Smash ‘N’ Survive will ship with a campaign mode at launch, while two-player split-screen and six-player online multiplayer will be available in April as free DLC.

Judging by V2G’s plans, gamers can expect ample DLC support for the game in the future. “We are proud to be the team behind India’s debut Playstation 3 release and look forward to establishing a dedicated community and expanding the Smash ‘N’ Survive universe post-launch with future downloadable content,” said Rajat Ojha, president of Version 2 Games.

V2G has yet to announce the price for Smash ‘N’ Survive. Be sure to check back soon for IVG’s own review.

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