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Happy Independence Day and welcome to the new and improved Yes, this is the IVG 3.0 we’ve been teasing all this while. Some of you already knew about it, and some of you guessed it – this is the IndianVideoGamer blog.

When we started off in 2006, we always knew that this was coming somewhere down the line; it was only a matter of when. And now feels just about right. Exactly a year ago, on Independence Day, we moved IndianVideoGamer to our new servers and started from scratch. So August 15 seems like the right date to take the next step.

Forum members who have been around a while will know that we frequently cover gaming events and conduct interviews, previews, reviews and contests. We felt that a platform like this would be a better way to put this content across to the reader, who may miss it in the hundreds of threads that exist in the forums. The forums, however, will still remain the core of IVG. After all, fanboy wars on a blog just won’t cut it.

We would also like to use the blog for gaming news; particularly news that affects us in India. We’re constantly in touch with industry sources to keep you up to date with what’s happening with gaming in India. If you’re a game developer, distributor, or just someone who would like to bring some news to our attention, kindly contact us.

But IndianVideoGamer has always been about the community and we would love for the community to get involved with the blog as well. There are some brilliant writers among us, and we would love for our members to write for the blog as well. It could be anything from game demo impressions to opinion pieces. We will also look to our members to write reviews for us from time to time. We’re already off to a great start there, as you can see from keyofx’s review of Alone In The Dark.

Taking community integration a step further, forum members will now be able to use their forum IDs to post their comments on the blog. Also, each time a blog article is posted, a corresponding forum thread will be automatically created for the same, and all replies posted will show up both on the blog as well as the forums. Of course, this integration may not work flawlessly at first, but we will tweak it in the coming days to get it to work the way it should.

So bookmark us and watch this space for the latest in gaming in India.

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