Windows 10’s in-built Game Bar allows video capture for games and apps

With the introduction of the ‘Game Bar’ in Windows 10, gamers will be able to easily capture in-game video without a third-party app.


The video capture featured in the Game Bar can be activated in-game by pressing [Win] + G. A small bar with a video capture button should pop up. Hit record and it will automatically start capturing video of the game or program that is open.

The video capture app also hides another extremely useful feature – Game DVR, which will constantly record the last 30 seconds of a game while you are playing it. If there is a moment you want to capture, one can hit Win+Alt+G and the last 30 seconds video will be saved into the folder specified.

This gives extreme flexibility to capture ‘rampage’ moments or ‘multi-kills’ without having to record the entire game video from the start.

Things are still not clear on how much the video capture will hamper performance in-game, but it’s great to have an inbuilt system instead of the many ad-laden third-party apps available on the market currently.

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