IVG Podcast #13

PodcastSo we’ve finally decided (for now) that the IVG Podcast is going to be a monthly affair, so Podcast #13 is our podcast for March, and this time, we have a special guest – Rishi Alwani. IVG members would know him as Milo, our resident SingStar Bollywood aficionado. We also have a contest in this podcast. Read on for contest details as well as a summary of the topics we touched upon in this podcast.

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  • Infinity Ward woes: What does the future hold for Call of Duty? A COD MMO?
  • Union Budget 2010: How it affects (or doesn’t affect) video game prices in India
  • PS3 hit with the Y2K bug: Ten years too late
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2: What we can expect
  • March releases: Wallet rape confirmed
  • Final Fantasy XIII n00b FAQ: We made the most of having a Final Fantasy fanboy as guest
  • Review: BioShock 2

BioShock 2 Contest

Since our game review for this podcast was BioShock 2, we’ve tied up with Take-Two and E-Xpress Interactive to bring IVG members a BioShock 2 Contest, where you stand to win a Collector’s Edition copy of Bioshock 2 for PC (which isn’t available in India) and two regular edition copies of BioShock 2 for PC.

We’ve asked three very simple questions related to BioShock 2 at different parts of the podcast. Once you’ve heard the questions, head to the contest page here and send in your answers. And if for some reason, you don’t know the answers to the questions, we’ve inadvertently given you hints towards the end of the podcast.

Warning: The podcast contains language that is not suitable for kids

This text will be replaced

Again, apologies for the sound quality. There were some complications with three people recording over Skype, but we’re working on a fix for this for future podcasts. As always, let us know what you thought of this podcast, and if there’s anything you’d like to hear us discuss, drop us a line at the discussion thread on the forums.

Podcast length: 29 minutes

Music: In The Music by The Roots

Dudecount: Yet to be determined

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