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IVG Podcast 47: Xbox as a service

We start off this episode of the IVG Podcast with some cool new developments around the IVG community, but then dive straight into our big topic of discussion for this week: the July Xbox showcase and the aftermath of it.

Halo Infiniite
Halo Infiniite

Some of the talking points this week:

  • Halo Infinite drama
  • No other first-party gameplay
  • No immediate first-party launch games
  • Microsoft’s Game Pass focus
  • How Game Pass is dictating the way Microsoft makes games
  • Does it even make sense to buy an Xbox Series X?
  • Can Series S save Xbox?

We also give our views on which console we think will perform better as well as which one we’ll be picking up at launch. Or will we just upgrade our PCs and get on Games Pass? Listen to find out!

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