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  1. Project Cars 2

    I just saw the trailer. A Mclaren 720S? :/ And why do they have to fake the techno drums on every close up gear shift. I'm not convinced with that particular trailer.
  2. Alan Wake

    I love Remedy's work, own all the Max Payne games and Alan Wake CE too. It's handsdown the best CE ever, for me. ...Alan Wakey go sleepy sleepy!!
  3. Anime

    Last episode of Naruto...WTF???
  4. Anime

    Attack on Titan Hero Academy Beserk This season's turning out to be one of the best in recent years
  5. Thank god! I found this forum.

    How come some new dude gets so much attention, and I don't?
  6. @Anshul I suggest you try some empathy too. It helps. Some of the comments of yours that I read are make me sad.
  7. Anime

    Attack on Titan Season 2 coming up? Or is it another rumour? Heard a colleague of mine speaking about it..
  8. Official Wii-U Thread

    Wii U will get all the games it deserves and more. I love Wii U. I love Nintendo! <3 <3 <3
  9. Steam deals

    Ark: Survival Evolved worth it? Also, the expansion pack is more expensive than the vanilla game. Any feedback?
  10. The Official Grand Tour Thread

    It was pretty good. I'm not exactly sure what they were trying to say with the celebrity killing section...they might have as well completely edited it out. But other than that, it felt pretty good. However, I feel that they are missing a trump card with "The American"
  11. Official Nintendo Switch Thread

    Yeah, sad truth, isn't it? But well, while I'm full of hate, I *personally* haven't lost out so much I guess, I didn't own the wii, so one of the main reasons I got it was for the wii library, and with a feint hope that the current gen will deliver. And it didn't. But fan or no fan, the company's attitude is what pissed me off. @CC point taken. I'm not representative of the general populace that wants Ninty to go third party. The company on its own accord made the decisions, and failed massively. I lost all hope when PCARS on the Wii U was scrapped. Let's see what this innovation brings us. Don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of innovation, but not at the cost of my hard earned money.
  12. Official Nintendo Switch Thread

    Well I'd hate to make an argument out of something that isn't worthwhile. But I'll at the very least say that my hate isn't an ignorant rambling. I'm not talking about profits here, frankly I don't care. If a console that's supposed to be still in its prime in terms of its life-cycle is being put down, regardless of its profits, does it really indicate something to be proud of? In my books, that's a failed console. And does a library of 20-30 decent to good games make it a rocker of a console? Look at the competition....it's obvious where this stands.
  13. Official Nintendo Switch Thread

    What's worse is that their 3rd party support quest failed massively. And at this point, when the company has put itself in a situation where it cannot support one of it's own consoles (which is not old in its life cycle), they're pretty bold to go for yet another 'revolutionary' concept. Add to that a tonne of age old issues such as region lock whoppycrap, cocky pricing and so on... I'm not gonna hold back with my hate, I would be happy if Nintendo fails with its new concept, just so ground Earth feels familiar to them.