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  1. I just saw the trailer. A Mclaren 720S? :/ And why do they have to fake the techno drums on every close up gear shift. I'm not convinced with that particular trailer.
  2. devil_angel

    Alan Wake

    I love Remedy's work, own all the Max Payne games and Alan Wake CE too. It's handsdown the best CE ever, for me. ...Alan Wakey go sleepy sleepy!!
  3. Attack on Titan Hero Academy Beserk This season's turning out to be one of the best in recent years
  4. devil_angel

    Pokémon Go

    So, I see people looking at their phones all day, and banging into poles, losing jobs, wrecking lives....all while having great fun playing this game. And I realised there's no thread on IVG for it. So there you go!
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