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  1. Played a few races with @HEMANand @Pacifier. He-man is legit pro level. Holy sh*t nice races.
  2. Wrong thread bro
  3. 0 excitement for the first time for an Uncharted game.
  4. OP updated with the weekend scores breakup and overall GP scores
  5. Voting for Japan and Norway tracks and car is now open on the link below. https://goo.gl/forms/rp911IyYeE62TqZh2 Voting will close on 17th August, 8PM IST. Please vote now
  6. Hola guys. This weeks challenge is up. For a change of pace this time its a Sprint Challenge. Go get it.
  7. Drift challenge will be up tonight.
  8. Btw let me know when we can check that NAT thing tomorrow. Need to find a workaround before next week.
  9. You'll know when I want your opinion.
  10. Haven't got your scores yet bro. Send quick so I can update it. Unless you don't want it.
  11. For DC points we're only taking overdrives. For finish position GP already assigns points.
  12. Show off 😠
  13. Heads-up guys. Next weekend we're going to Norway and Japan. Car class : Performance. Voting will begin on Monday and end on Wednesday. I'll post the polling links in this thread.
  14. Guys just to be clear as per rules a DNF gets zero GP points for that race standing and that races DC score. Only the race where you finish gets both standing and DC GP points.
  15. no bro. Slow connections