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  1. Desk/Contraption for Logitech G29 gaming wheel

    May just work. Like I said keep your posture in mind no matter what you purchase. Look for something that has an adjustable height. Will make your job easier.
  2. Desk/Contraption for Logitech G29 gaming wheel

    It's not really difficult once you figure out what you need. I went with the piano stand because of the height adjustment. Earlier I had it attached to my desk but I always felt like I was driving a truck. Now the posture is more like my car, which makes it more natural. Getting the height of the wheel, distance of wheel from shoulders and pedal distance and angle are important to keep away fatigue and body aches. It's a shame the wheel mounting options here are so stupidly expensive. Either way I'm working on a new design. Let's see how that works out.
  3. Desk/Contraption for Logitech G29 gaming wheel

    Firstly you can get the piano stand from Amazon. Should be about 800-900 bucks. Need 2 planks of wood. One plank about 20 x 8 inches as the table top/mount for the wheel. Second plank about 12 x 12, as mount for the pedals (change the dimensions depending on the pedal base size). You will need some welding done. DM me and I'll share what you require. Total cost shouldn't cross 2.5k. EDIT: Piano stand : Here Price is now 1499. Welding shouldnt cost more than 200-400 bucks. Plywood pieces you'll have to scavenge. I used 12mm thick pieces. I used screws but I'd suggest using 6mm diameter nuts and bolt for easier taking apart. Also if you need the pedals at an angle you'll have to make a wedge shaped box between 3-6 inches depth depending on your driving posture.
  4. Oh how to explain why? A year back BSNL laid fibre optic cables. That's when I spoke face to face with the area chief and asked about changing my connection to FTTH. Half a year later I asked again and he told me BSNL hasn't been allocated funds to lay cable in all localities. A bit of a backstory. When I initially got my BsNL connection, about 4-5 years ago they had to borrow copper cable from MTNL, about 2000 meters or so just to get my building connected. At that time the lines man who is an old family friend explained they don't have the funds or the equipment and most of the cables etc are borrowed from MTNL or bought cheap from the local market (mostly stolen cables etc). FTTH? More like PFFt.
  5. Frankly I have no issues as such with BSNL at the moment but it's a slower connection 2mbps. The work I do requires a fast stable connection, which Railwire provides in spades. For a govt owned provider Railwire shits all over every provider I've ever used. Reliable, minimal downtime, and the local partner is customer focused to the core. I decided on Joister mainly because in the odd instance Railwire is down, work can continue on the fallback connection. Basically the fallback should be a cheaper but reliable connection. Looks like I'm sticking with BSNL for now.
  6. Red Dead Redemption 2

    PS5 version remaster will be the superior version at launch.
  7. Recently Joister has started up in my location. Excited I contacted the local rep and he sent someone over to discuss plans. I explained I would need Joister as a fallback, replacing my BSNL (Secondary) connection. I'm very happy with the level of service of my current Railwire (Primary) connection. He offered me the 20mbps plan @ 5000 per year full unlimited. I signed up. He explained it would take 3-4 days max to set it up. A week later no sign of anyone so I called the local rep. He assured me it would be done in 3 days. I waited for 4 days. On the 5th day I called the rep again and he assured me they're working on it. That evening around 7ish a guy comes around to drop the cable. Believe my surprise when he didn't have a drill to push the cable thru the window frame. So I asked him how he expects to get the cable into the house. He gives me a blank stare. I explained I have no intention of leaving my window or door open all day just for his cable. I asked him to arrange a drill and make provisions. He went away. Later I get a call from the rep saying they'll take care of it. 4 days later, this morning the guy comes back with the modem/router and says he'll set it up now. Asked if he had the equipment to get the cable in. He replies no. I asked him to leave. Called the rep and asked to return the money. Sadly a lot of companies here have zero respect for the customers time or money. A company can offer me all the speed and world class network but if you can't get your customer service right you can f**k right off.
  8. Gran Turismo Sport

    The current OP car like the megane trophy '11 or the new Ford test etc. Earlier the Megane Gr4. Always a good feeling to give those cars a fight in a non OP car.
  9. Gran Turismo Sport

    Once you drive with wheel you can actually feel the cars better. There's a good reason why I choose to drive the Gr4 SLS even though it's not strongest. It's a joy to swing the tail out on turns, while having total control while feathering the throttle, to point it exactly where you want it to go. The sense of weight is . Gr3 I really don't have a specific car though it's mostly the Mercedes GT3, Genesis or the GTR. All feel really good to drive, especially the GTR. My races are spent trying to beat as many metas as possible in a single race. Much more challenging than racing using metas. Every meta crossed is a win. As far as spinning is concerned, each car is so different at the threshold, it's fantastic. Throttle control is key. You'll get it.
  10. Gran Turismo Sport

    Time to sell the wheel 😂😂 Adjust the Torque and Sensivity. My wheel I use Torque 3, and Sensivity 8. Try adjusting the settings to what you find is good for your wheel. Also turn off TCS, CSA, ASM and you'll feel when the wheels lose grip etc better. Don't bother with controller Sensivity as thats for DS4. Mine is at 0.
  11. Gran Turismo Sport

    Some TM ones around 5-6 k, nitho around 3-4k, Hori around 10k. None have FFb.
  12. ~The TV Shows Thread~

  13. Gran Turismo Sport

    dont remember if I've shared this before The Journey from a Piano Stand to a Steering Wheel Stand
  14. Gran Turismo Sport

    Good you didnt say T-GT BC the prices on these
  15. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Finished watching Final Space on Netflix. What a cracker of a show. It's silly and yet its so engrossing. And it's in space so that's a plus right there. Can't wait for the next season.