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  1. Wtf is beef jerky edition? Please tell me there isn't a beef jerky edition
  2. Got the T150 and G29 in cart for a while now. I'll pull the trigger on one of them shortly.
  3. Tomorrow is going to be GT day
  4. Spent 30 minutes trying out control schemes. Torn between Rstick to accelerate/brake and the standard R2/L2. But it's so damn good to finally get back.
  5. Endurance 😓 I'll do it. Will take me ages but I'll do it.
  6. Quite looking forward to finishing the sp and then racing against real people. Hopefully I'll get a wheel by that time.
  7. Remember "Mind your language"? Well think of Zodak as Jamila only not funny.
  8. Damn I'll have to do that when get home this evening. Wish I had my Vita with me right now. Could have triggered it right now. PS4 is in rest mode.
  9. While I was downloading yesterday it showed a total of 55gb downloading tho the store labelled it at 43gb. I'm assuming the 55gb was including the patch?
  10. Wait till BSNL updates the plan on 1st Nov. You never know with these guys.