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  1. What you bought this week

    Finally it's here 😎
  2. Gran Turismo Sport

    my Subway-Dunlop livery for the BMW Z4 GT3 '11.
  3. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    You'd never know since you haven't played that either.
  4. GTFO

    What's everything?
  5. Gran Turismo Sport

    Almost up to DR level B now. SR hit S and I've really had the best 4 races last night. All races on Maggiore, Group 3, 10 laps. First race started 15th and had a tremendous battle for 12th right from the get go. It was a 4 way battle with drivers exchanging places all the way to the finish line. Eventually I managed to take and keep the 12th after a gruelling 20 minutes. Second race started 18th and finished 8th. First lap dropped to 20th after missing the 4th corner. And by lap 6 i managed to pull myself up to 10th. Finally finished 8th after the guy in front spun out under pressure. Third race was probably my worst. Qualified 9th and finished 12th. Made a lot of mistakes and badly timed overtakes ensured I lost easy places. Fourth race was my best. Started 8th on the grid and immediately was overtaken on the first corner by a few cars pushing me down to 12th. This time I was determined not to finish below 5th and pushed every lap. Some epic battles for position, with one guy trying to push me off the road but I used this rear punt as a boost to pull even further away. Eventually even after my best effort I finished 6th. Damn this game is really good if you find some decent, clean drivers.
  6. Gran Turismo Sport

    my IVG inspired Livery for the Hyundai Genesis Gr.3 car. Shared in GT Sport. Search string "Ivg" without quotes.
  7. Gran Turismo Sport

    Finally after languishing in the SR B levels for 3 weeks of frustratingly bad encounters (at one point I actually hit SR E in frustration) I've got back to SR S. DR upper C. Damn I'm enjoying the clean races so much now.
  8. Gran Turismo Sport

    We'll work something out soon. I'm just not sure of my weekend plans anymore because Xmas is coming so i may be busy in the lead up. But we'll work something out for sure. Haven't tried lobbies yet.
  9. Gran Turismo Sport

    Still chasing that 20th win Anyway I've decided I'm only going to race the C races. Longer races with a better chance of being consistent. Take it easy for the first couple or three laps during which you can guage the field and decide whom to overtake. Mostly the donkeys take each other out.
  10. Gran Turismo Sport

    Here we go. Recently due to my own shitty state of mind my DR dropped from upper C to mid D yesterday. Consecutive bad races where I made too many mistakes. This morning I raced the Daily Race C Group 4 on Maggiore which is my one of my favourite tracks. As usual I selected my trusty Genesis. Started 16th as I didn't post a qualifying time. I didn't max out the car at all but I realised by just taking it easy I managed to move up 12 positions and finished 5th, not one bump, not one negative SR in 8 laps and I made only one mistake. Back to DR C and SR B. Feels good. I'll post a replay later this evening.
  11. Gran Turismo Sport

    Against my better judgement decided to try Race C on the oval. BC qualified 3rd and finished 7th. Tried my best to race clean and I would probably have finished 1st if it wasn't for just one moron in a 20 player race. The guy was decently quick but he spent most of his time trying to nudge people into walls. I passed 1st and 2nd and this guy manages to pull alongside me and taps me on my left so I bumped into the wall. He pulls ahead. I manage to catch up and I'm about to overtake him and he bumps me again into the wall. I slowed and followed. Same lap again I manage to almost pass him and he bumps me into the wall again. I give up and allow 3rd and 4th to go ahead in the hope he causes some accident and I can capitalise. He manages to cause an accident but he and 2nd still keep going but much slower. So I manage to overtake 2nd cleanly and this time he is to the left of second so I get thru cleanly but I didn't expect him to bump 2nd into me so both of us get bumped into the wall. Wtf. Anyway I kept my SR and he got demoted but I lost my chance at the win
  12. Gran Turismo Sport

    I've never used the cones. Use the corner markers instead of the cones. Gives a better indication of brake point and corner start, apex and exit. Also they are floating so cannot be knocked down and it's really improved my line as well. I've never ever used the racing line assist. Don't get used to the Megane or the Scirocco. PD will guaranteed nerf them both at some point just like they nerfed the GT-R earlier. Frankly racing with the Megane/Scirocco is a guaranteed win or top 3 finish. Today I was in a group 4 race with 7 Meganes, 2 Scirocco's, 1 Viper and me in a Genesis. Started last and finished 7th. TIP : Also if you're going to continue with the Megane turn on countersteering to Strong, and the car will take corners much faster. Also not sure of your setup but Megane/Scirroco TCS 0 and Brake balance (-)3 for fast tracks and (+) 4 for slower corner intensive tracks.
  13. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Dunno which one is better. Haven't played Forza so I can't compare. As far as GTS is concerned the game is real fun.
  14. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    That's a game netcode issue. Didn't happen with any other game. I've played a ton of other no games and that issue only persisted with DC. Online is pretty decent this gen.
  15. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Sony policies are the most customer unfriendly of the three. Everything from the region save/dlc bullshit to a small thing like changing the gamertag Sony's PSN is a freaking dinosaur. The only saving grace for PSN this gen is at least the online is stable. Mostly.