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  1. Ask The Experts

    ^ That's what I was thinking. They seem to be kinda overpriced. Will print out the posters but confused about what to use. People with posters post pics. 😅
  2. Ask The Experts

    Was looking for some posters for my room. Checked out postergully and they have all these different types of metal print and canvas print and stuff. So kinda confused. Also some recommendations for posters will be cool.
  3. Anime

    Yeah Batman Ninja was meh. Except for the presentation it was boring stuff and I stopped watching halfway. It's way overhyped.
  4. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Anyone watching The Terror? Planning to watch? cant seem to find a proper show to start watching.
  5. God of War Spoiler Thread

    His mother named him Loki? So he is actually Odins son and Kratos is just a godfather and will probably be killed in sequels? 🤔 BTW IMO the first boss fight was cooler than the end boss fight. First fight totally raised the bar and I was expecting more such boss fights, so was kinda underwhelmed at the end. Also was expecting a fight with Odin at the end.
  6. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    No one excited for Westworld S2? 🤔
  7. God of War Spoiler Thread

    What's the deal with Athena?
  8. Marvel's Spider-man

    Just wondering how much of it is actual gameplay. 🤔
  9. Crew 2

    Reminds me of Test Drive. 🤓
  10. ~The TV Shows Thread~

  11. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Money Heist is pretty great.
  12. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Can someone buy me too? 🤧
  13. The TV Decision Making thread

    Bought a VU TV few days back.
  14. Movie Discussion Thread

    Not much nudity in it. You won’t miss much even u see the censored version. Unless u wanna see