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  1. Guys do check out Throne of Lies
  2. Commander Shepard
  3. Old blade runner was meh.
  4. How loud are they and can u connect laptops to echo?
  5. Any latest foreign movie worth watching?
  6. People said the same about Wonder Women but Gadot did it fine.
  7. saw The Sinner and it was great. one of the best murder mystery in recent times IMO with very good performance. 7.5/10
  8. u said taxes. gobarmint regulate taxes.
  9. as a customer u should be pissed off at the government for imposing such retarded taxes. I sell hardware products and the end customer have to pay 28% tax on a item that costs 60-80rs. nothing to do with rich and poor. it will only lead to people try to obtain the product through other means and discourage native industrial setups.
  10. Yeah because Pak won! dafaq. I swear I had apple thread opened. 😷
  11. Bc November 😑
  12. that shadow proves it was not taken by the iphone 😆
  13. fail face id
  14. so android wr charger will work with iPhone?
  15. what if there is no iphone x