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  1. The TV Decision Making thread

    Bought a VU TV few days back.
  2. Movie Discussion Thread

    Not much nudity in it. You won’t miss much even u see the censored version. Unless u wanna see
  3. Movie Discussion Thread

    What's does he mean by "its coming to a close?" 🤔
  4. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    is Altered Carbon actually good? planning to binge watch
  5. The TV Decision Making thread

    infocus 50" for 27k? 🤔
  6. The TV Decision Making thread

    39" is already kinda overkill for my room. . Ordering the 39" one. 😁
  7. The TV Decision Making thread

    Anyone using VU televisions? Planning to get the 39" one. Some feedback will be helpful. Will mostly be used for gaming and media content.
  8. IVG is Back!!!

  9. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Only the last episode of Black mirror reached the level of the previous seasons. Rest was mediocre. 7.5/10 Binged watched End of the f**king World. Best thing seen yet. It was a bit generic towards the end but still good. 8.5/10 Dark was interesting, boring but interesting. 8/10
  10. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    FINALLY BLACK MIRROR!!!!! havent been so excited for a tv show.
  11. Grand Theft Auto V

    Playing on pc or ps4?
  12. Grand Theft Auto V

    Dont remember. A little grind won't hurt I guess. 😅 Kinda busy with work. Hope people are still active during Jan holidays.
  13. Monster Hunter: World

    Anyone downloading the beta on PS4?
  14. Grand Theft Auto V

    Holy sh*t they finally added another heist. Now should I reinstall for PC or PS4 🧐
  15. Movie Discussion Thread

    Saw Death In The Gunj. Truly one of those rare stuff from bollywood everyone must watch. 8.5/10 Watched it on Amazon Video.