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Okay so i think many of us have android based phones here on ivg , so thought of creating this thread


Cool Apps:


File Manager

Astro File Manager

ES File Explorer

File Expert



Handcent SMS





Calender Widget

Android Agenda


Settings Shortcut


Quick settings


Browser (Alternates to the the stock browser)

Dolphin Browser HD

Opera Mini


Augmented Reality



Data/System Backup

Titanium Backup

MyBackup Pro



Weather widgets


SMS Backup

SMS Backup & Restore - Backs up SMS to an XML file, stored on the SD card.

SMS Backup - Backs - Backs up to your Gmail account.



WaveSecure Mobile Security


Benchmarking tool


Neocore [3D graphics]


Installing Apps wia Web

AppBrain Market Sync (also it's app is better than the Market itself)


Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager


Zipping Files



Audo Managerment




Bluetooth File Transfer

Astro Bluetooth Module (for use with Astro File Manager mentioned earlier)


Book Reader

Aldiko, Laputa




Thinking Space (TS mostly for ideas) (along with many others)


Controlling PC via WiFi




GPS Test (test your phone's GPS performance)

Brutmaps (alternative to Google


Picture Editor



Ringtone Editor




WiFi Manager

Hoccer (Transfer data over WiFi to anywhere in the world)



No Lock (For those who don't care for a lock screen)


Music Player

3Cubed (Sexiest looking Music Player)


Video Player




Android News Sites


Rithvik's App List



BBC Sport - Covers a wide array of sports. - for the most unreliable soccer news.

F1 Timing App - best at what it does.A premium app :(

Cricinfo Mobicast - Everything cricket.

Tennis Math - Tennis scores and stats.

ESPN Scorecenter - Aggregates all sports scores.It's slow and unoptimized.

Live Tour 2010 - TDF is almost over but lovely,clean UI

NBA news

Manchester United - for United fans



Bonsai Blast

Shoot U Lite - physics based game

Zenonia Lite - Best RPG on Android

NFS Shift Demo

Asphalt 5 - best looking game I've come across for Android

Air Control Lite




Steam Friends - Latest info regarding Steam deals.You can log in to your account too.

Points - MS points to currency converter Mobile - official Blizzard app


Cool Apps:

Blindtype - to be released.Swype challenger.

Screebl - A must for anyone looking to get some serious reading done,it bypasses the screen timeout based on orientation.

Speed Test

Wifi Analyzer - you can use it to find the channel with least activity

Listen - podcast app

Stitcher Radio - stream podcasts instead of syncing them

ANDchat - good IRC client


Places Directory - a ton of info about places near your location

Awesome Drop - Sync files to your phone using your browser.This app is awesome.

K9/Seven push email - alternative to the email client provided

Y5 battery - Location based WIFI manger

Sipdroid - Sip client.Very useful when combined with Google Voice.

Voice - free SMS FTW

Harcopy - instapaper client

Wapedia - Fast access to wikipedia and other wikias

Ustream Viewer - To view online streams sans flash

1password - password manager

Smooth Calendar - Nice clean calendar widget

Shortyz - Crosswords from all the popular newspapers

Picasa tool - alternate app to sync with Picasa

Biowallet Signature - Biometric encryption

Spare Parts - Access to hidden settings

Newspapers - Access to online editions of journals and newspapers from around the world

AG Indian newspaper - same functionality for Indian newspapers

Fandango - trailers,movie reviews and news

Movies by flixster -do-


VLC remote - control VLC on your desktop using your phone

TV shows lite - keeps track of episode info for all TV shows you follow

Torrent fu - Mange your torrents from your mobile

XmarkSync - sync bookmarks with your desktop browser

Beejive IM - buggy right now,supports almost all clients

SeePU - resource monitor

Comic News - list of comics hitting the newsstand

Tiny comics - -do-

Katawa - all the famous webcomics in one place

Manga Browser - does the same thing for manga

xkcd viewer - you can view hover text.WIN

colordict - offline dictionary and thesaurus

Camcard lite - scan a visitng card directly to your contacts app

APN backup

Wolfadroid - Search using wolfram alpha

gUnit lite - units converter

acurrency - currency converter

antennas - info on signal strength etc. :P

autorun killer

surveyor - determines distance,height using the camera

3G watchdog - useful for those on limited data plans

gmote - control presentations,stream music to desktop and ability to use phone as mobile keyboard/touchpad

Feedsquares - best RSS client

GPS car park - to avoid Uromysitisis

quick sync settings - app from our very own Shantz,makes it easy to change sync settings


Google Finance

Google goggles - visual search app

Wikitude - AR app similar to Layar

Foxy Ring - adjusts the speaker volume based on ambient noise

QIK - video streaming and basic editing

Google Shopper - Scans the barcode/cover art and pulls up reviews of the product

Bump - Bump phones to share contacts/photos/apps

Folder Organizer Lite - to organize apps into folders iphone style

Handy Calc - best calculator app,allows for graphing also

Voice Search - amazing voice recognition algorithm

Share your Board - document scanner.Decent OCR.

SMS filter lite

Easy filter - call filter



my tracks - live statistics for speed,elevation etc.

GPS status


Better camera apps:

vignette demo

camera 360

shutter speed

depth of field

picsay - photo editor

image shrink - shrink images b4 uploading

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I own a htc hero.


I am a noob when it comes to android and currently know very little flashing and roms etc. i have googled a lot , and i am confused right now.


So anyone who knows how to install custom ROMS please help.

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@DS i switched to android from iphone so the title :O

i liked the iphone os , but this seems better. :happydance:

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You dont know the QRcode?


QR code is 2d barcode that can encode many kinds of data. Google uses it extensively in their apps..including links and apps..


Parth, just download the barcode scanner app. Whenever you want to download an app which is reviewed on web and this kind of image is given, just scan the image and it will automatically take you to the app page in android market

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Saale parth, since when u own this hero, and u still didnt know about this QR code :chair::ack: Internet kis ke liye hai :P


I play too much games :fear::P


Have it like since 6 months


Also , first i need to solve this wifi problem :rant: My phone doesnt seem to detect my router

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wifi problem solved :fear::chair: Just changed the encryption type in my router :rant:


Downloaded barcode scanner .


And this QR thing is amazing :ack: , it takes only a second to detect and a second more to launch the link in the browser .


Downloaded the app within a minute .


Nice app shantz.


Now i want to flash a custom android 2.1 rom

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not much idea about rooting and flashing custom roms right now as I am happy with the stock rom on nexus... you can check out btw for full guides.

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All 3 are very good.. If you can spend more, buy a desire. If you want to buy something under 30k, then go for legend or milestone (GSM droid)..desire has the additional benefit of a faster CPU and a bigger screen.. but legend has a great and durable body...

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