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    Just thought of sharing this here. Started playing it a couple of days back and it's been great so far. It's a metroidvania game with quite a bit in common with the souls games (like a love child of Ori and Bloodborne, if you will). It's also pretty cheap on steam right now.
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    The IT Crowd is an excellent show. Can watch anytime and still have a laugh or two. That Reynholm intro (or pretty much anything he does) is hilarious every time. Mind Your Language, IT Crowd, and Always Sunny in Philadelphia pretty much trumps all modern comedy shows. We have something in common. Shaun of the Dead is so much fun.
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    Yes. If you want to buy from Indian PSN store create Indian account too
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    Post pictures plz. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    True! I was more concerned about the console. Started it up and played one mission of AC Origin. As such working good.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SR algorithm is updated in this patch. You can also see SR of other guy involved in collision.
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    The easy but still grindy way I did to earn xp in act 4: Earn gold first through daily challenges. Buy an xp boost from market. Then start pitting your low level captains with the new high level captains. These nemesis missions give good amount of xp and with the boost they can give 6000-9000xp per mission. Anyway you have to do these to level up your orcs for the sieges. Also complete a siege when your boost is active. That gave me 2 level up for one siege instead of only 1. They grant your captains 7 or more levels and you get to fight a good tense battle all the while keeping your own safe. Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk
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    PS plus will work for all accounts and games on the ps4 as long as the account is set as primary. Doesn't matter if you buy it from India. It'd work.
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    Yep, plan to go in the release order.
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    Just got back from Coco. Such a heart warming, colorful, beautiful movie. There's one part where I wanted to cry, it was so warm. But that's probably because it hit at a personal level.
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    A few stats from my time with GT Sport in Sports Mode (Multiplayer) Time Driven : 101 hours Fuel Used : 7433 litres Races : 216 Pole Positions : 15 Wins : 15 Fastest Laps : 18 Current level : DR C / SR B
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    Perhaps next time stop being stupid and don't bring religion crap into science discussion. You posted some stupid theory and when asked upon, you fail to explain but yet we are somehow stupid. Okay.
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    It makes sense.... after generous amount of weed.
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    Got the wheel now i am ready
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