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  1. Coz Conjuring 2 was on tv the other day
  2. I hope Luis finally becomes an avenger in this one
  3. Yup same. Now next try GOW for yet another dose of mediocrity and overhype.
  4. waveking

    Crackdown 3

    Learn to ignore the legion of dumbass ponies here. In time you will identify them with ease.
  5. lol u even bought detroit day one. Apparently the only thing needed to buy a 60$ game day one is a discount coupon
  6. I left the game the game at chapter 9. The game was quite fun and charming in the beginning but started to feel boring and repetitive very fast. The only quest I really liked was the one where u become a maid and do chores (sidequest).
  7. Hollow Knight is utterly fantastic!! Great price for a gem of a game.
  8. No co-op, PvP and only a fixed class is pretty huge.
  9. Nice! So switch to mexican webstore and buy right? Never got anything from other than canadian eshop.
  10. LOL u think? Even the 10 seconds of gameplay shown is miles better than whatever GoT was trying to do.
  11. The only megaton for me was the release of HOLLOW KNIGHT. Been waiting long for this on switch.
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