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  1. PhantomShade

    Elden Ring

    It's supposed to be, go to weeping isle and farm there. weeping isle is in the south of the starting area, there is a sidequest also there. you need your main weapon to be +3 and some points in HP and all for the margit fight weeping isle is good area to get the upgrade mats and anything else you need btw if you just want to blast past the goatman shamlessly, you need the wolves, sorceror rogier and margit's shackles( which paralyze him for like 3 secs ) You can also avoid the goatman and stormhill castle altogether by taking a path from the current area to liurnia of the lakes( area you access after clearing stormhill castle boss ) I recommend blasting the goatman and that multi limbed monstrosity tho
  2. So just bought this, already have a save just before the point of no return "meet hanako at embers" from my previous playthrough on copy almost a year back. I'm totally lost so want to start a new game, with a proper build this time, what all do y'all suggest for a balanced build? i.e something that is jack of all trades but can specialize into something like hacking etc. Also what "unique" weapons to get? in my current save I only have johnny silverhand's pistol( forgot it's name ) it does good damage and can kill in 1-2 headshots, aside from this it's all thrash guns, like the kind you get in RNG drops, looking for something automatic like assault rifle and SMG + a good shotgun, there is also a "railgun" in my ineventory, guess it's called a "power" weapon, want one of these too in unique form.
  3. Offered my wallet after a long time to GabeN Pity he doesn't even have the deceny to add a proper thumbnail for THE MOST MOTIVATIONAL GAME Total 3.6k Also it sucks that for digital purchases on any platform you don't even get a fancy screen that shows you all the games you bought, i am jelly of the console walas here, especially the switch people who seem to buy like 5-6 games at a time.
  4. imo future of battlefield is a mobile-only battle royale
  5. Depends what games you are talking about, not every game is like RDR2 or Cyberpunk 2077( don't know about other intensive games )
  6. With all the people complaining about how some pre-Alpha footage "looks like a*s" you probably will have rockstar making the devs and asset creators do death march work to make it look better :/ Also nobody knows when it will be ready to release, and this guy somehow knows it's been in development for 4 years? Kuch bhi
  7. Finished the game , mind blown, pity they had to keep all questions regarding the plot for last 2-3 hours of cutscenes/gameplay Also too much feels in the cutscenes for the very last order I'm relieved though that there was a happy ending, wonder how they'll take on our EE in the future considering bullets don't work on her, and since the Last Stranding is "inevitable" This is one game that should be played totally blind and without any spoilers, totally worth it, and as a game it's unique, one of a kind, you may or may not like it, but you don't get AAA games like this. Also Cliff is legit the best char of the game.
  8. gold edition, it gives you two DLCs, 1st one is nothing much, 2nd has all supernatural elements like egyptian mythology and all.
  9. I'll get the RTX 4060 or Ti, hope that will be affordable
  10. >EA Anyway Iron Man isn't suited for videogames unless you make that high tech armor papad and give him a health bar so that any random mooks are a danger.
  11. Good I didnt get RTX 30 GPU, DLSS is main draw for me
  12. On Chapter 11 now, literally walked from tar belt all the way to the distribution center west of south knot city, then got on a bike and took the road. This is perhaps the only game I feel I should have played completely spoiler free, like i've been spoiled about certain plot points here and there. Also @ thiccman theorizing that Cliff Unger is the one behind the whole Last Stranding scheme, it's literally obvious that the guy's crazy, always screams about wanting his BB back and all, doesn't seem in his senses, and the flashbacks you get show him to be a good guy. It's 100% amelie and her mom's scheme, idk why they would want to end the world though.
  13. Even for the rtx 4060 ti or whatever? I understand for the high-end cards but even normal ones need 1000w PSU?
  14. Switch to Android then It's very fast with USBC. Like others said you need some general file transfer app that sends between your phone to PC/NAS using WiFi Also you get plug and play NAS dabbas if you're willing to fork out the cash, range from ~20k( 2 HDD bays ) to ~50k( 4 HDD bays )
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