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  1. No direct party control is a sh*t change, I got angry about Andromeda also for the same reason as you can't command party members there what skills to use. Inquisition combat system was best, not ye olde clunky PC RPG combat like Origins had but not Action RPG or Dad of Boi combat either. There's a reason why Action RPG games have no party system, in between all those combos wagera you can't play tactically and switch party chars. And no, FF15, FFVII Remake aren't Action RPGs, adding basic single button press "combo", roll/dodge and block doesn't make a game Action RPG, not even close to GoW Seeing the screens the combat seems closer to AssCreed Odyssey where you have some ~8 active abilities you can use with a controller layout Origins "gameplay" belongs in 2009 Stop bringing your salt over FF16 not coming on Xbox to other threads
  2. Finished the main story, Ichi is full Naruto but with black hair, complete with Talk no Jutsu Guy is an anime char through and through It was a shocker though how a certain character got randomly shanked. Also does anyone else think Nick Ogata is a villain in the next game or is he just a shoo-in for Akiyama like folks on the internet say? This is the 2nd game with turn based combat that I liked first is Persona 5 Royale
  3. I remember playing a demo of the original on PS4, making Japanese PSN account, understanding absolutely f**k all because even the text was in japanese :rofl Loved the sword combat tho, never played a normal yakuza game before Btw anyone know if there will be Ichiban in this? they have Zhao, Mabuchi, Joongi Han( not exactly Yakuza 7 only but you get the gist ) already
  4. Also this, game turned into Dark Souls for a moment Wish they had an actual sword and shield weapon for Ichi like the Enforcer job or something
  5. This is the best "Essence of" attack in the game The reaction your victims give is f**king priceless
  6. Yes, I'm decent at shareholder meeting now. btw anyone got the plat for this? what is the ideal party composition for True Final Millenium Tower? ofc Saeko as Idol has to be one for the heals, wondering about the other two? Joongi and Adachi or Joongi and Zhao or any other guys? Still haven't finished the game but was wondering this
  7. Playing this currently, it grows on you in terms of gameplay, kinda feels like an FF game in terms of the dungeons you have to go through sometimes. Still miss Kiryu san though, altough a plus of party based gameplay is you get to know other 3 chars apart from the main protag. btw is there any guide for the company management minigame? it's more complex than Y0's real estate thing, also Nick Ogata wants rank 100 in 4 periods, idk what "consequences" he has if i don't meet that target
  8. How do you guys manage the expenses for the physical games? like is there any cheaper vendor than Amazon? do y'all import? or is eShop only option? I was checking on amazon and game prices range from 4.5-5.5k, even BOTW which is 5 years old iirc costing 5.5k
  9. How do you guys deal with this ABSOLUTE UNIT ? Even normal switch is pretty big so never actually realized the scale of this big boy Only portables i've played are GBA micro and the PSP 3000, never knew these things are so massive today, no wonder they sell a carry case
  10. Good I didn't buy the Eneloop Pros I have the white ones, surprised with the battery life, lasts longer than normal Duracell AAs, non-rechargable wala.
  11. Nice trailer, found a few games I didn't know existed, like the one Korean game
  12. It's probably used and then put in a different box, MaDe iN uSa also checks out. The only star spangled Apple product were those Mac Pros, thrash can or cheese grater i don't remember which.
  13. PhantomShade

    Nioh 2

    Finally Platinumed/100% the game on PC, ~220 hours or so of solid Samurai action Had to complete this absolutely bonkers mission with even more bullshit final wave to get the Plat Had mediocre gear before jumping into this mission so had to improvise with Baku GS, Ippon, Kasha and Namahage soul cores, using White Bone Spirit Tonfa with 6pc Moonlight Flutist and 5pc Bishamonten set bonus
  14. Nioh 2 Platinum( I know it's steam, but this is the Plat trophy still ) It's actually harder on PC since to get the Platinum you have to get all the achievements including DLC ones like this absolute hell of a marathon mission called Against All Comers on Dream of the Demon difficulty, i.e NG+3
  15. PhantomShade

    Nioh 2

    Reached DotD, which is NG+3 for us normal folks. Game is hard now, stance switching, builds and inflicting confusion and depleting enemy ki -> grapple is mandatory to surviving encounters. Have to power through for the platinum, just 9 achievements remaining
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