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  1. Mukes is doing FUP plans in 2019, when my cablewala-to-real-company ISP gives me 50 mbps unlimited for 750 Mukes can fucc right off. The only company he can compete with now is BSNL
  2. same here,all major franchises being run into the ground good games never get sequels everything else is a yearly cashgrab.
  3. Aap to pure redpill ho gye ho wew. i thought i was the only one btw all media we consume is political propaganda from only one side of the spectrum,only now do we realize it.
  4. i need a durable wired mouse under 2K by durable i mean that the left,right,middle and/or wheel shouldn't just die in barely less than a year i had a g300 from like 5 years ago,every 6 months one of its buttons stopped working,eventually i had to rely on those extra buttons on the sides of left and right click buttons,now it has completely died,no button works.
  5. or is it just me ? from the past year or so i have lost all interest in gaming,didn't even bother to check E3 literally the only two games i bother about are monster hunter world(pc version) or cyberpunk 2077,rest i have lost interest in everything
  6. Anyone know whether we can play as Grorious Empiya of Japan on release? or do they have that in Premium?
  7. he is driving what is called in the Cyberpunk 2020 lore as a "combat cab" i.e he is an arms dealing cabbie and also that is why he is happy,your corporate assassin cyborgs prolly bought a lot of his "goods"(i got this tidbit of info from reddit btw) also we can't expect "representation",this is a Polish game studio making a product who's main *buying* audience is overwhelmingly white goys. If you want non stereotype Indian characters in a game,then that game has to be made by an Indian studio for an Indian audience. also unlike niggas/white lesbians/latinos/gays/trannies we aren't a part of the "favored groups" so to speak,nobody except Indians gives a sh*t about Indians.
  8. how to de-hype myself about this
  9. y they never make the good games for 40k :'(
  10. with such companies i don't think sueing will help much i mean Samsung most likely has all Korean politicians/Judges in its pockets
  11. anyone have experience with the Thinkpad laptops? how is the build quality?
  12. no it didn't i remember this because long ago when i used to visit neoseeker forums on how to beat like a tigrex,there were always guys bitching about the camera controls or that his game has no lock on
  13. hum psp wale MH ke bare me bol rahe the. wii/3ds wale noobdo ke liye lock on dala hoga. Ghor kalyug.
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