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  1. I second this, after finishing that game with all weapons i wonder what was the point behind releasing this game
  2. they removed wolf 2 and prey from GP some months ago,that's why i am asking, other bugthesda titles like Dishonored 2 and RAGE 2 still there.
  3. PC + PS console is best combo. PC only is very good if you don't have paisa for PS console and games.
  4. They don't give a sh*t because PS consoles are the default for people in this country if they are going to buy a console.
  5. btw are they making Wolf2 and Prey permanent on GP again?
  6. Last i checked Joe is from Kangaroo country, and everywhere you find Kangroo peoples crying the loudest along with Brazilians, EU people about OMG THINGS ARE SO EXPENSIVE HERE. Literally only countries in the world where PC parts are affordable are US, Canada and China. Everywhere else tax tax tax. You spend more on PC in short term, but less in long term. On console you are stuck with same 40-50k dabba and 4K games.
  7. me rn, PC with game pass, PS4 probably still has a year more of life in it in terms of exclusives
  8. It will be ebin if they have Wolfenstien 2, Prey, Doom Eternal etc, missed all those on GP And there is EA Play also
  9. Is there any news about current Bethesda games coming on GP
  10. >Playing Bugthesda classics like those on anything but a PC
  11. Hope they make Wolf 2, Prey, Doom eternal permanent on GP now.
  12. I'm ok with this. I still have P5R, DG, TLOU2, GoT, Miles Morales and then HZD2 to play in the future, full use of my 40K fat PS4 purchased in 2014
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