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  1. 10 more fps in AC Odyssey because 12 threads is also a very minor thing, comparing to neck-and-neck performance in every other game but still people are shilling ryzen like crazy. Don't know what this new bullshit trend is with cost cutting by these companies some don't have an igpu on the processor, some don't give a cooler with the processor : https://www.techspot.com/review/1885-ryzen-5-3600-vs-core-i5-9400f/ literally the difference is whether you want igp or 12 threads and more performance on AC Odyssey and the other 2 games like that. People on the internets also say that the Ryzens are "future-proof" because more cores duh but then they said that for the FX 8350 from 2012 also
  2. Lol current Ryzens need X570 chipset boards that cost 15k minimum from a reputed brand, same as Z390 boards. Unless ofc you mean jumping through hoops to get a very specific b450 motherboard, getting ryzen gen 2 processor, updating the BIOS, putting the ryzen 3600 in, and then pulling your hair out because of bugs in the BIOS don't let it boot. or getting an obscure MSI B450 motherboard with out of the box ryzen gen 3 support. cheaper AMD is a meme, Both Intel AMD performance are neck and neck, so they price also accordingly, long ago in 2012-2013 AMD used to be cheap but their performance was absolute garbage compared to Intel.
  3. second this guy, 970's 3.5gb VRAM meme is very apparent in 2019/20 games. It may have the grunt power of today's 1660 ti/ Super, but the vram is bottleneck of sorts
  4. Only for some multi core-wh*re games like Asscreed in Greece, Asscreed in Egypt, Metro Exodus etc. if you can wait for 4-5 months intel will release i5 10600 series which will have same 6 core/12 threads as the current ryzens. one issue with ryzens is there are no integrated GPUs, so if your graphics card dies you won't get display of any kind on your monitor
  5. Lol it's an oversized shoebox. cuboid/cylindrical devices are the most ch*tiya device design trend of this decade
  6. Any chance Spodeyman GOTY will go on sale on indian PS Store? It is $20/1.5k INR right now on US PS Store.
  7. Any chance Spodeyman GOTY will go on sale on indian PS Store? It is $20/1.5k INR right now on US PS Store.
  8. PhantomShade

    Gears 5

    >fun This is literally the same sh*t since the original Gears, they haven't even added new weapons. >enemy variety exact same from Gears 4, pouncers, snatchers, carriers all are there. also the new trilogy has the most boring characters ever, only Del has some personality.
  9. Can you get by in Kerala without malayalam for food tourism purposes.
  10. Jowar/Bajra/Ragi all grow well in cancerous Drought-like areas, where you can't possibly grow wheat without tons of fertilizer or a fancy irrigation system. Now they are all expensive because they are high fibre "complex" carbs and do not digest ezily like wheat or polished rice. Ragi is a stape in rural Northern Karnataka basically, because it is permanently hot and dry there.
  11. Interference or the dongle is going bad. Every device and it's dog out there runs on the 2.4ghz range, so its either that interference or random interference from the stuff within your PC(if you have the dongle plugged in the back rather than the front.
  12. Good you reminded me zodka, gon start playing it now. Already had it installed since a week or so.
  13. >Getting this butthurt about what is basically a 50rs game from 10 years ago. You Xkiddos need to really grow up lol
  14. Cloudtail/Appario on Amazon, and your generic chain electronics stores like Croma, Reliance digital, Landmark *might* have them i'm not sure. Also for once Zodka is right, for whatever reason sales of Xmaal is limited, it is a while since i even saw the Xconsoles in the wild, let alone the controllers and other accessories.
  15. You are right, these sales people tell you the most blatant lies even if they have no actual knowledge
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