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  1. Went to the store y'day and asked them why it isn't activating said it will take one week from purchase date Today it got activated, got one sms also
  2. Changed those with imgur images, earlier ones were from google photos. What graphics card is that?
  3. Yes. Imagine if they took the chad Kiryu and directly dropped him into turn based combat instead of the frizzy haired, 40 year old schizophrenic man-child from Yakuza 7 Same effect. Atleast you can understand GoW, there were 3 main games, 2 PSP games and one cash-grab game where the combat was multi color blades of chaos I really don't understand what "big changes" people want from a spodey game in terms of combat. I would have bought and played MM also if it wasn't for the obscene price on steam,even on sale.
  4. Last two pages of "combat repetitive" by the folks here is as if this is one of those CoD or FIFA style yearly games. All the GoW( excluding Dad of Boi duology ) games had "repetitive" combat All the Batman Arkham games had repetitive combat. Most of the Yakuza games have repetitive combat
  5. Got a Macbook Air M1 from Reliance Digital physical store for 75999 + Apple Care Plus, also got 2k discount because of ICICI card. The Apple Care Plus hasn't materialized yet but that's a rant for another thread Screen quality is really good, UI looks beautiful I also got Apple TV sub for 3 months free, was watching the new Godzilla wala webseries that came out on Friday, 10/10 video quality, don't know because of Macbook Air screen or Apple TV streams the fabulous high bitrate and high res version to their iDevices only on purpose. Really sucks that my Samsung Galaxy whatever phone has such a*s camera and low light performance, now that the new iPhone 15 has got USB-C and is throwing out that accursed ringer switch and getting in place a normal button, i will buy an iPhone next In another 2-3 years ofc, hopefully by then it will be a reasonable 35-40k
  6. Went today to the store where i bought it from As suggested by the Apple customer service lady and the Reliance cs call center person. The clerk there tells me it takes 1 work-week to activate. Anyway the day i bought this i was setting it up with apple id etc in store itself, some store staff who is the "apple wala" takes a photo of the box having a bar code + some label info about the macbook like serial number and all, and suddenly my device shows registered with purchase date and all with limited warranty etc some mins before it was "upload proof of purchase to verify purchase date" So i find this bullshit about 2 days, 1 week etc bs. btw how to escalate this? next one week i'm too busy with work conference related stuff so don't have the time or energy to go back to the store and argue, is sending the Reliance Digital cs an email the best way? complaining on twitter?
  7. Renewed GP sub just for this, for some reason they gave me the 50rs for 14 days trial so even better Love the combat, it's fast, you actually feel like the Dragon of Dojima this time rather than the Grandpa of Dojima like in Y2 Kiwami or Y6( haven't played that, but people say combat is worse than kiwami ) Agent style combat also reminds me of Rush style, but except spider and serpent the other two gadgets are useless in combat. Don't like the gameplay progression since most of the chapters is grinding the Akame network sidequests and Colisseum, wish the side quests were not related to akame network bs. Love the Castle area and the Chapter 3 final sequence It's really sad that this is the best dragon engine yakuza game in terms of combat but this is allegedly "the last" Kiryu real-time combat game, as opposed to schizophrenic 40 year old manchild turn-based combat that is now the "mainline" game Lastly the price on steam is a scam, 3.8k for this?
  8. So i got a Macbook Air M1 like ~5 days back from Reliance Digital, also got Apple Care Plus, the store clerk said that it would be activated in 2 days time, but even today it shows "Limited Warranty" on the checkcoverage.apple.com website, I have the bill, what should i do, is this a reliance issue or something on Apple's end? I spent 18k on the apple care plus, don't want to lose my moneys
  9. Been 3 years since I played this but skill points don't matter much It's your skill that does You have to git gud at parry otherwise you'll get your a*s handed over to you once you know parry you're good for 90% of the game
  10. Just started playing this, i'm using FL4K for now but is Moze better? wanted someone with abilities like Axton or Salvador from Borderlands 2 Moze's mech can be used automatically like those titanfall mechs or does the active skill make you pilot it for a while?
  11. Chalta hai as along as they don't f**k up TES 6 somehow. Personally I don't get games day one, only people upset on this board will be the gamepass ghulams and in other places people who are hyped about this space wala games like how folks were for NMS and Star Citizen.
  12. He's just an established old guy wanting young chicks, and the model in question is willing to let him be her sugar daddy It's literally just some jealous feminists being triggered about this
  13. Platinum'd Yakuza : LaD just now and Nioh 2 a couple of months back on Steam Steam UI for achievements/game completion is very shitty on desktop, ExoPhase UI does it best Both games are similar in the sense that they both have a roadblock trophy that is very difficult, for Yakuza it is to complete the True Final Millenium Tower and for Nioh 2 it is complete Way of the Vanquisher( boss rush mission, very hard ) on Dream of the Demon difficulty( NG+3 ) Also both are Japanese desu
  14. I never knew Wired does game reviews too Or is this a first just to sh*t on Hogwarts Legacy? Anyway if you guys are playing this how's the combat? you can only use ranged spells correct?
  15. So finally did it Ironically Amon and his Kiryu/Majima/Saejima clones were easier than getting killed by random thrashmobs will climbing the tower Did it on my first try, the team except Saeko managed to tank that drone swarm, the satellite beam attack and kiryu/saejima's poundmate call attacks Also this is the first Yakuza game i've platinumed, wanted to do Y0 but I was already burnt out on it, plus on Xbox GP so no point. Surprisingly this was not as grindy as I thought apart from the grind to lvl 99 Hope they remove the mechanic where it's game over if Kasuga dies, really sucks sometimes.
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