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  1. Can't believe they made a trailer out of Only in Battlefield moments. Would have preferred a "traditional" trailer instead, but thank god they're back in the modern era with sorta futuristic things.
  2. At Launch I know this is from 2013 and cringy af, but very appropriate now
  3. It does look odd though. like they fattened up her face. In all likelihood it's the xbots looking to get back at "ponies" for Craig
  4. For me it's steam all the way, it's full featured for the things i care about It has achievements, those steam badges, that 10/10 profile page where you can put those profile show cases, game collector, all your achievements, screenshots etc. Ebin game store is bare bones, and so is MS Store, I only have MS/Xbox games because of 50 rs gamepass offer that appears every few months.
  5. The EA conference is in July? Wait like another month more for battlefield 6 trailer wtf
  6. He does it on purpose, on youtube type in ratchet and clank rift apart, and there is some video about a gora ranting for 7 mins about how bad R&C is, it is kiddy game blah blah blah, it has 10k dislikes, you check his channel and all his content is exactly like this, i.e the guy's channel runs on click bait and hate trolling content to grab eyeballs. Namokar is the same, you hate him so much you just have to watch his videos,.
  7. All Xbox/MS studios coming to PC pretty much same date as Xbawks, "free" via GP sub. Sony bringing "exclusives" to PC in a 2-3 year gap with that gap set to close as the years pass by, Days Gone sold a lot afaik. Really don't see the need for 40-50k dabba any more.
  8. This actually seems good stick a chainsaw on Aloy's spear and execute all the animalbots.
  9. PhantomShade


    Very nice game, just completed the PC Gamepass version, wonder why there was so much bitch and moan over this game some 2-3 months ago. Hope they make sequels, lots of possibilities for new enemy, lore, powers etc. Also hope they make Jesse Faden look more like the actress she's based off, current Jesse just looks weird like the rest of the NPCs in the game. Probably will buy this game for reals for the DLC when it goes cheaper on steam.
  10. Why didn't they show the other arrow types or sling types? Also i expected aloy to wield guns by now, the permanent type, not which falls off from animalbots.
  11. I was checking out some of the enemies and bosses in this game and it's basically bloodborne material. Is the combat normal combat with nice guns and all, or is this "survival horror" where ammo is scarce and you spend most of your time running away?
  12. Was just playing through the part where Jack goes to ground zero, and there is a loop of his brother working on the time machine. mindblown, never seen such a scene in a game.
  13. there is nothing much to f**k up. ME2/ME3 had good performance, only flaw was a hard 30 fps cap. idk about ME but still no performance issues
  14. GPUs cannot be found in stock, even if you do it's on an insane markup. similarly you cannot find PS5s here without paying through your nose.
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