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  1. Yes, I have never tried this either because if you fail, it takes one spirit blade charge. The one with the special sheathe tho, if you succeed, you press R2 again and it does the final roundhouse slash of the spirit blade combo, and fills your gauge. I guess these counter moves are the "mastery" moves like how GS has the shoulder tackle . imo these blade weapons give a much better feeling than both the bow guns, you really feel like a boss with the LS moves( special sheathe, helm breaker, spirit blade combo ) for example or when you land a GS TCS and those big numbahs pop up. Speaking of cool I also got this Azure Era layered set for the true Samurai look Clown suit inside, Swag outside.
  2. wish RNG also gives me some good stuff like this. I don't have even one of these 2 skill point gems of crit eye/attack boost/resentment/agitator except the one you get from the blacksmith I mean all those jewel 4 slots on fatty armor won't look good with just 1 size jewels
  3. Yeah none of these dudes ever made an alt afaik, and idk what is up but zodka seems to get a week long ban every month now. and he doesn't even do anything much now. anyway enough offtopic
  4. I know I'm swimming in weapon rn, like have one of each of those Safi LBGs I guess. Still no horns bc crapcom
  5. I have heard something similar about Amazon( etail not aws ). Basically they have never made a profit, but they make money by pretty much monopolizing the e-com market. Or like whatever money Ambani burnt on Jio is justified because of their 400 million customer base now It's the other way around, $70 a game is too much since you will play a lot of games through one console gen. $500 is ok because these things are built like tanks and will physically last 5-6 years. You have like 10 dudes on this forum who brought the new Xboxes because of XGP only If actual game streaming takes off then that is what will make consoles obsolete, right now the tech is a bit kaccha like VR is.
  6. I just did one Safi seige like 2-3 quests with the same dudes. The 2nd time we managed to break both horns because of me and this pro dude who started with aquashot and switched to some CB later I didn't get even a single horn but it gave me the zionium crystal instead I just need 2 horns for the Safi helm, rest of the set pieces i've already built f*ck this rng. Only good thing was that these dudes were fun to play with, one guy was doing wide range healing, all the other 3 were tenderizing his parts aside from the dude who helped with the wing and double head break. Best bit was we put safi to sleep 3x times, everyone was smart enough to f*cking stop, everyone put the bombs at his head, i put the mines, and let the CB dude do his SAED <3 Really wish i had friends who played this instead of Dopa 2, these guys came close, no stupid sh*t at all.
  7. It's not the plastic box. It's the netflix-for-games service because of which you buy said box It's not even an irl thing Like how many dudes get banned here, but this/these dude(s) are the only ones i've seen who make alts just for gaali galoch
  8. He didn't preside over some "$500 always online VCR with bundled peripheral that nobody wants" so he is saved from the chopping block. However if GP doesn't give the "desired results" or someone higher in the chain is displeased with the "GP Strategy"... ofc he will get out with a generous severance package, it's a win-win for gamers and Phil.
  9. Yes, that's what happened only evidence now is some random quotes of these type of posts. idk about the sadakchaap guy, but there were 1-2 others. I guess the mods/admin removed even quotes of the sadakchaap person
  10. btw what are the best regions to get to level 7 till now I have found out you need Tundra for Velkhana and guaranteed Tempered Nergi spawn, Volcanic for most tempered EDs and Rajang spawn, and Coral for Tempered Kirin/Nami. Forest seems useless, and idk about rotten and wildspire.
  11. Finally I am MR100. Now onto Safi for his mats. And grinding for GSV gems. Also that tempered Teo quest for those sealed feystones. idk why they kept Nergi for an MR100 mission, was a total pushover tbh. They also removed his signature HR attacks, like the 360 sweep into the fist pound, or the divebomb once spikes turn black which launches spikes all around him. Just googled this, such a dedicated community to make this hunterverse thing, it was a pain back in the day on PSP you had to solo everything, today you can just SOS flare .
  12. Also it's just for one month. And since this is PSN store you can't stack either I guess.
  13. there were apparently 2 accounts made after aditychatu got banned this time, both just started abusing mods apparently, and posting movie spoilers in one of the console threads. I have only seen examples of these in people's quoted posts, the mods are as fast as the flash in terms of deleting said accounts and hiding posts.
  14. It's between big companies, there will be a deal, maybe expensive for Sony. Spodey is a pretty big IP to just let go off because of some court ruling.
  15. Saw this in the trailer, I'm wondering what the deer thing( is it mythological ? like the squirrel is from norse mythology ) is that Boi is riding. He had the little obnoxious squirrel, the wolves and those crows in the last game, quite an upgrade.
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