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  1. Anyone playing this on Steam? I just started playing, used to use Longsword on MHF2 on the PSP, thankfully in this there are much more improved weapon types, I'm using this type of sword and shield that can transform into a huge axe or greatsword, 10/10.
  2. PhantomShade

    Doom Eternal

    These Marauders are so tedious phew. I fought the first one, so much bs, his ghost wolf, shield for every thing, the rapid dashes Don't tell me like there are 3 of these now to fight in later levels.
  3. PhantomShade

    Persona 5

    Aside from the cringy psycho WHO NEEDS TEAMMATES bs, this fight was such a drag because of his phy and magic repel spells of his. I have to make one persona now that can break both those spells. During this psycho fight the rest of my group was only casing buffs and heals and I was only able to do one megido- spell continuously, because nothing else would work
  4. Wish Koji made a MGS/MGS2 remake from the ground up like this.
  5. If such a thing exists lol, no game will ever release here at all. India is too small a market for PC/Console videogames to bother with complying to censorship
  6. I call bs, not happening, besides, "All of India Bangladesh and Pakistan" lol. AC Greece had a cut up map of Greece, and missing many Greek islands and regions, no mention of their Anatolian regions at all. AC Egypt again was a cut up and stitched up map with some part of Libya also attached. Dunno about this Viking AC, but it's probably similar. The subcontinent is simply too huge to be handled in one game unless they are splitting it into multiple maps. Goes for any AC game really. except the current boring Vikangz one. The Egypt and Greece ACs were 10/10 games
  7. Go to prawnhub or any other site of your choice for the type of "content" that show provides. It's much better. Milind Soman character arc fully wasted. Actual script would only make a short section of about 5 short lines of text, the rest of it is soft porno padding for all 6 or so episodes.
  8. PhantomShade

    Persona 5

    I just finished the Nijima Palace level The next like one hour of cutscenes about le shock event and "how it actually was"
  9. Will run at PS4Pro res and FPS afaik, matlab 4k/30fps. Probably 60fps will come in remaster.
  10. PhantomShade

    Persona 5

    Finally completed Makoto romance Also did the Akechi and Maruki confidant max confidant ranks till the story progression bit. btw is Thor a good persona? I am right now in Nijima Palace, it isn't 11/18 yet.
  11. I bought S10 Lite some days ago, it has a blue tint when viewed from even a slight angle, I googled up this issue and some say the screen must be defective and other's say that this is expected for AMOLED displays, so which is the truth? This blue tint/color shift happens for anything, UI or playing a video.
  12. Game is already top-tier visuals wise, it needs improvements in other areas.
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