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  1. PhantomShade

    Elden Ring

    Question for those who have done it, how did y'all go about the motu-patlu boss fight? One look at those two hooded creeps and I knew i wouldn't be able to do it without Bernahl summon Also had to bring out the mimic tear, tiche was useless this fight God bless glintstone comet, does reliable damage to anything anytime, smacked both patlu and motu with it till their hp was like 40%, both died and then one more patlu appeared like Thanos using the tesseract portal Then I finally used my katanas
  2. Kloppfan only hates remakes because Sony is the one that has been making them mostly. Thing is Sony has a lot of old IPs that they can make remakes of and people would buy, the other side has precious little apart from trimurti. Also remake !== remaster, FFVII Remake ko dekhlo, it looks like one of those FF7 CGI films from many years back compared to the turn based PS1 original
  3. Horde mode sambhal lo bas, sab khush
  4. Try for weekday show and farther from the release date, it's loot during the first few days after release. Dr Strange price for IMAX dropped from like 850 for those top row seats to 420 currently, it's just a week since release.
  5. Acha hai, old gears better than new gears besides Gears 2 and 3 never came on PC, and GoW remaster on PC is f**ked ever since a certain windows update landed and never fixed since.
  6. The games in Extra tier can be played on PS4 also right? Time to dust off the old PS4 then
  7. WTF I LOVE PHIL NOW! Hope he applies the much need boot to Todd Coward Instead of F76 they could have given us quality FO4 DLC, but nahi.
  8. PhantomShade

    Elden Ring

    btw only solution to not getting 1 and 2 shotted by the fire fatso is to summon alexander, he draws aggro reliably so you can wail on the red headed fatass himself. Discovered this hidden ez mode after 30 times of getting randomly pancaked to death by his thali-slams and him rolling over me like he's adele . Once you reach 2nd phase hit the body only, even though the hands are now the weakpoint, much more reliable to get in some dmg. Also respec to get your vigor to 40, it should give you decently sized HP bar, and level up and upgrade your weapons to do the needed damage numbers
  9. If you have the adani tier wealth necessary to get a decent GPU, PC banao, sab 60 fps hoga You can have 4k also thru nvidia DLSS for new games and old games probably can do native 4k
  10. PhantomShade

    Elden Ring

    For me it's the other way around, got bored of moonveil + uchi combo, now i'm dual wielding greatswords, will switch to str/fth build after that. Also if you've levelled Int for moonveil better start making use of spells. Thank Miyazaki this game doesn't allow invading single player worlds so you can play online safely without some griefer invader gandu(s) ruining your game
  11. PhantomShade

    Elden Ring

    If you're ok with cheese you can just comet azur him with buffs I replicated this video somewhat but didn't have the needed buffs/talismans so wasn't able to 1 shot him, yet it got him to like 15% HP with both summons dispatched. The AI is dumb here so everyone just rushes into your death beam, unlike Radahn or Astel where you get shot by a arrow or laser the first time you walk in.
  12. PhantomShade

    Elden Ring

    https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Game+Progress+Route#MountaintopsOfTheGiants fextra says level 90+ Which bosses are slapping you specifically? like I was getting smacked by death rite bird and I was level 127 Then I was using magic + frost weapons, both of which it was resistant to
  13. PhantomShade

    Elden Ring

    On the faith side of things is there any equivalent to the glintstone pebble/cometshard ? This spell has saved my a*s around 2 times now, against Mohg the Omen and against giant mountaintops death rite bird, Basically you keep pelting the boss with this spell, it's a relatively safe way to deal damage while the spirit summon holds aggro Otherwise bosses lime Mohg and death rite bird have too much bullshit and surprises to go 100% melee the whole fight. Anyway I've got to Elphael brace of Haligtree and the waygate to Mohgwyn palace is active, should I explore these areas now or go for main content( fire giant, set erdtree aflame etc ) ?
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