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  1. Supposedly these is this thing called RetroArch, basically it is a unified interface for various emulators Literally has an XMB clone for the UI Sony it's time to go to good old days for the PS5. It is time to return to the OG
  2. It's not free, it's not on android and most importantly it isn't some generic BR turd, so why will they bother?
  3. I want to see if you climb a tree does it follow you up
  4. I said i want it soon There is literally no info out there when it will release
  5. There is a story campaign you know. You do have to do random side quests to get enough XP to meet the minimum level requirements of the story missions tho. btw It's Greco-Egyptian, with Romans under Caesar and Cleopatra etc, you also get to visit a part of Libya called Cyrenaica which is under Roman rule, complete with a Colisseum and all.
  6. imho this game isn't even worth, let alone buy. Only Ubi games i've played recently are both the ACO's, WD2 and GR Wildlands, all good games, never used to understand why people sh*t on Ubi so much, now i know
  7. Tatti quality video, but longer than the gif which only shows the black bear rag-dolling Jin , aside from the black bear this also contains combat with what looks like 2rs bandits.
  8. That causes a tsunami of butthurt in PCMR people unless in specific niche cases like CoD MW 2019. Also these "drop in drop out " co-op games like the SoulsBorne series and Watchdoges are very annoying for most people if online. In Souls series if you play in offline mode 100% some a**hole(s) will come to gank you, in WD2 other players would attempt to Hax you, atleast that is what was shown in trailers
  9. Also unironically play monster hunter world or borderlands 3 both have 4 player co-op. Idk about any other fun/active MP games except the usual BR Tatti
  10. wtf Bear throws him and suddenly he switches direction of his mid air fall This Ninjutsu btw i never knew these bearlets were so fierce these smaller ones can also climb trees apparently
  11. Vid related, all old IVG walas coming back from the dead
  12. idk dude i barely watch 2-3 gora tv shows, mr robot silicon valley both stopped now ikr i live under a rock. Just heard this dude was in breaking bad or whatever.
  13. Supposedly the BOI is the black dude's "son" Doesn't actually look like him I guess there is some shitty twist that this BOI is the protag's son or some sh*t.
  14. >"Hurr, no dismemberment" Didn't they show some dude's hand getting lopped off by Jin in the early trailers tho? Maybe it is a part of a finisher move or something. I mean as if a dude with his hand or leg chopped off will be able to fight you lel
  15. Grind was manageable in Odyssey, but in Origins you just had to buy the story DLC's to get missions giving you proper XP
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