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  1. Cloudtail/Appario on Amazon, and your generic chain electronics stores like Croma, Reliance digital, Landmark *might* have them i'm not sure. Also for once Zodka is right, for whatever reason sales of Xmaal is limited, it is a while since i even saw the Xconsoles in the wild, let alone the controllers and other accessories.
  2. You are right, these sales people tell you the most blatant lies even if they have no actual knowledge
  3. Lol what bullshit. https://www.xbox.com/en-IN/xbox-one/retailers?xr=shellnav They list their official retailers on that website. GTS is curiously absent. I guess they stopped retailing Xbones because they don't sell enough. But Lol @ MS left the country lmao. EDIT: You go to the GTS website, and they don't have any Xbox hardware product in stock, so either MS booted them off the official retailers list, or they themselves stopped selling the Xmaal.
  4. But then it is the meme halo spinoff that is only 60 fps and uprezzed from x360 version. I thought we would get Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 & 4 all at once.
  5. >Implying the govt cares. You have literally hundreds of web series that are basically soft core pr0n and nothing happens to them. I mean literally it is gratuitious, with plots built upon threesomes, extra marital affairs, lesbian, gay and what not.
  6. I used ICICI Debit card and it worked, needs to be Visa or MasterCard tho, RuPay etc won't work.
  7. garbage. your local ISP probably has better plans even Airtel i guess if it is available in your area
  8. PhantomShade

    Destiny 2

    So what all should i grind for the farm purple guns? I just do vanguard strikes with zavala bounties, everything else needs fireteam but no matchmaking(Nightfall) Is gambit good to farm purple guns? Also do people do forge ignition quests? i need help for izanagi forge.
  9. PhantomShade

    Metro Exodus

    why is this so cheap on Epic games store?
  10. Some retarded creatives prolly wanted "realism" And applying "realism" to basically cartoon characters turns them into abominations pic related
  11. The last 5-6 replies. This is a very Hideo Kojima game.
  12. PhantomShade

    Destiny 2

    the main campaign is cinematic af, but then again that is just an appetizer, the meat and potatoes is the co-op PvE grinding
  13. is it worth dropping 35k on RTX 2060 Super? although even budget cards like 1660 super can comfortably run ultra at 1080p/60fps, i was thinking about the 2060 super, looking at games like Cyberpunk 2077 or unoptimized games like Metro Exodus, given this is is worth dropping so much money? or will 1660 super do the job?
  14. PhantomShade

    Gaming PCs

    Is buying from PrimeABGB safe? i bought from them in 2015 on CoD and it was all well back then, but lately i've been hearing bad things about them
  15. Yet another EA cashgrab smh.
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