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  1. Aloy

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    The best thing to come out of this horrible season is the memes. Drogon the philosopher is the best character,
  2. Aloy

    Devil May Cry 5

    OMG The time has come And so has he!! My boy V!
  3. Lol it's the other way for me. A puzzle game over COD any day.
  4. Aloy

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Finally watched Spider-man: Into the spider verse. Loved every moment of it. The art style is gorgeous and every frame is indeed a painting. At first the animation felt choppy but after the initial awkwardness, it gets better. Every one of the Spidermen designs are so cool, especially the B/W one. As a virgin to Miles Morales' side of the story, this is a fantastic origin story. The Oscar is definitely deserved. Edit: Black Panther is just a good film, not a masterpiece. It doesn't deserve the acclamation IMO. Heck I enjoyed Inifinity War more than I enjoyed it.
  5. Aloy


    50 minutes of Angry Joe sh*ting on a game, couldn't have asked for more.
  6. Aloy

    Movie Discussion Thread

    This is a trap
  7. Aloy

    Wrestling fans

    I just find her very very annoying. Even her matches seems boring but that's just me.
  8. Aloy


    The face of a man who's enjoying the latest and greatest in game design.
  9. Aloy


    🤣 Is this for real? Hard to believe
  10. Aloy

    Wrestling fans

    Oh man, either AJ or Randy should have taken the belt. Daniel is a good heel but it's time for something new. And enough of Becky lol. She's annoying af. Charlotte vs Rowdy will be a great match if only somehow Becky doesn't find her way back in, which she will.
  11. Lol no Red Dead love. Although, I'm very pleased with this result.
  12. Aloy

    Jump Force

    Why does everyone look so horrific? I hate this art style.
  13. Aloy


    Wow, just wow. DBS: Broly is indeed amazing! Loved everything about it. Somehow they were able to make Broly cannon and an interesting character at the same time. Also, LOL at Frieza getting what he deserved. The best thing, the film sets up potential sequels.
  14. Aloy

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Damn that water looks GOOD. Too early to say much about the film as the trailer is vague but it sure seems like a visual treat. PS Elsa's dress is gorgeous!