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  1. Welp the presentation was pointless. And what was with the corridor styled 5 seconds loading screen in astrobot LOL Looks majestic but would have preferred colored face buttons
  2. Aloy

    Persona 4 Golden

    This game is my first Persona game and I'm loving it. 30 Hours in and I think I'm barely scratching the surface. In brief, Persona a JRPG series with a turn based combat system. You take up the role of high school student whose job is to make new friends and investigate some weird things which happen in his town. A persona is basically the personality of a user manifested into a pokemon like creature. You use them to fight monsters. But they are highly versatile and the game allows you to create and experiment with different personas. The combat system is very deep and engaging. The narrative heavy approach of the game with a deep, satisfying combat system and memorable characters make it an unique experience. In terms of art, it's basically anime so that's a plus point for me haha. This game has turned me into a fan of Atlus ( the developer of these games) and the genre.
  3. Aloy

    Persona 4 Golden

    I kinda rushed through W3 so it consumed ~110 hours of my life. I expect P4G to easily surpass that Would have got the game on PS4 but it's not available there. Found that weird
  4. Aloy

    Persona 4 Golden

    Facing the same issue but this didn't fix it for me. Even tried 30 FPS but no luck. Edit: Found a different fix which worked for me. Here: https://www.gameskinny.com/bip95/persona-4-golden-cutscene-stutter-fix#:~:text=best so far.-,Persona 4 Golden Cutscene Stutter Fix,them to a smaller size. Apparently the video files in the game are encoded at very high settings. The fix is to replace the files with reduced qualify video files. I tried it and it worked though the quality of cutscenes took a visible hit. At least it's better than the stuttering mess.
  5. Aloy

    Persona 4 Golden

    2.5 hours in and I'm liking it though the game has barely begun yet lol. It's my first Persona game (second game of this kind in terms of gameplay mechanics, have tried FFVII before it wasn't able to hook me). This game has so much style to it, especially as I am into anime. The music with the art style and Japanese locals is very cozy. I think the game is very long (witcher 3 long) so I'll take my sweet time with it.
  6. I would be very very pissed off if the next Mortal Kombat and Batman become exclusive games, especially Batman as I loved the Arkham Series
  7. Even I was amazed by this detail. Truly amazing
  8. I attended GATE 2020 to pursue MTECH in CS and I was able to achieve AIR 312 GEN category. Pursuing final sem of my CSE BE (no update but we are expecting some form of general promotion). The thing is, it's been 4 rounds of counselling for IIT's (through this portal called COAP) and I still haven't got an offer. I Applied to 7 iits (core courses in CSE) and top 4 NITs. Still waiting for NITs to publish the result as it's been delayed. Today was the second last round for COAP and I couldn't get an offer. The last few months have been very rough and I have pretty much lost hope for IITs. Can anyone from a similar background provide some info? How is going for PG at NITs? What about vs IITs? IIITs?
  9. Yup it would be a great deal if the rumours turn out to be true. As someone who doesn't own a 4K display, lockhart seems like a better choice than Series X/PS5. In an ideal world, game performance would be the same between Series X and lockhart except resolution but only time will tell. I for one can't wait for juicy next gen DIgital Foundary breakdowns lol
  10. A good video on N95 masks Ignore if already posted
  11. Stalkers were able to ruin my stealth approach in every encounter. I hate 'em so much. I'm pretty desensitized to violence in entertainment thanks to years of playing violent games/watching movies but this game goes the extra lap
  12. All I want is 10800p 60fps option for next gen consoles and all will be fine. Don't have a 4K display and don't care 'bout those extra pixels. Time to get a second job
  13. Aloy

    Hyper Scape

    Meh, I'm so fed up of BR games. It's the new hot thing, everybody wants to jump in. The market is oversaturated IMO.
  14. lol I know. It's just not this particular news haha. I was referring to racism , gun violence, ignorance towards the pandemic and all that stuff. Basically, my naive past self considered it an ideal utopia. I think some EU nations are better than the US. Anyway, pardon me for going off topic. Edit: Wait, just checked out China's numbers..Just 85K cases? How much are they hiding? I assumed there were over the 1M mark
  15. Would love both but SC has a special place in my heart cause of Chaos theory. If they do that to SC I would probably boycott Ubi forever In an ideal world we would have both but times have changed and now it's all about making big money through MP with ridiculous mtxs
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