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  1. Just like RE4 then, that final boss fight is straight up Hollywood
  2. Oh my, they are tempting me to preorder
  3. If you don't enjoy BB/DS, I don't see how you can enjoy this. Heck, the game's even more confusing than the other souls games because of certain mechanics which are never really properly explained in the game. Perhaps you can watch a playthrough to decide it by yourself.
  4. Was finally starting to enjoy Way of the househusband but It only had 5 episodes
  5. ^^ Thanks! That book looks pretty great. Although making an engine is a daunting task, it's also so satisfying. TBH I'm not a good programmer lol but I'll see how far I can go with this.
  6. Won't be able to sleep tonight, thanks
  7. Seems like this is a good place to ask. I really like the technical side of gaming, aka game engines. I've worked with OpenGL before to make a small 2D game but it was quite basic. I basically want to develop a modern game engine in my spare time with modern techniques like PBR shaders, GI, perhaps even ray tracing. The main objective would be learning with hands on practice. What's the best place for a deep dive? Perhaps a nice book recommendation? I'll be ok with getting my hands dirty in terms of math or programming principles.
  8. ^^OMG, that's a very big deal for me Edit: LOL 4 consecutive posts
  9. Aloy

    Genshin Impact

    They didn't specify if this is with the latest patch. Patch 1.51 has definitely improved the performance.
  10. Aloy


    Nice fight! But please enable your mic in these recordings...everyone must witness your frustration excitement
  11. U gonna wear it or just because free ka maal? Most gaming tees are too over the top.
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