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  1. Would love to see the outcry from Gamers(TM)
  2. Aloy

    Elden Ring

    Did u ever finish Demon's souls?
  3. It's prolly so far away better to forget about it right now
  4. Aloy

    Ghostwire Tokyo

    Dekha na..mast lga. Day 1 kinda title.
  5. Aloy

    Ghostwire Tokyo

    aajkal daam 500 nhi 5000 ho gya hai
  6. Have heard a lot of good things about them but damn they are expensive. Gotta save up.
  7. Aloy

    God of War

    We live in weird times.
  8. Completely out of the loop so wanna make sure, buying the PS5 version is pointless 'cause the PS4 version will offer free PS5 upgrade, right?
  9. Aloy

    Gran Turismo 7

    My fav. GT focused youtuber.
  10. Aloy

    Ghostwire Tokyo

    Bhaiya yeh Aloy ko aapne dp mein 500/night wali kyu bna rkha hai?
  11. Aloy

    Ghostwire Tokyo

    The recent reveal brought this game from "eh...whatever" to "damn..might be day 1". Amazing art direction and aesthetics.
  12. Though I'm really enjoying the Switch, can't say I'm a fan of the joycons. The lack of a proper D-pad and the binary shoulder buttons(as in they are unlike Xbox/PS's shoulder buttons) hurts. Also the ergonomics are not the best. There are some shady third party joy cons on Amazon which seem to provide better ergonomics for like 5k but can't trust them.
  13. Aloy

    Gran Turismo 7

    sh*t looks insane...though I wonder what they could have achieved if this were a curr gen only title.
  14. That's weird. Tried some time ago and my visa debit card worked on the Argentinian store. They don't take PayPal as that would be the safer and better option.
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