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  1. So looking at neo's post about gaming setups I saw that we do not have new and updated setup thread, hence starting this, post your setup pictures here. My very old setup in 2015 Current:
  2. yeh sahi hai bhai khud cake bhejo fir aise secret admirer koi bandi wandi ne bheja ho uski hope lagado Thank you so much for the cake and wishes bhai
  3. Received a b’day cake the message said secret santa 2 would like to say thank you so much to whoever it is
  4. Glad you liked it bhai also received these lovely chocolates ❤️ thanks @SuperT once again
  5. Loved it, the charger is super useful and love the case as well ❤️ once again thank you And merry Christmas to you and your family
  6. So let me start the thread, just came from office and received these, whoever my santa is thank you so much now please reveal yourself as the message was washed out on the slip
  7. Can relate too much for the itching part, it stays there for me whole day, need to keep taking anti allergies, hives come when it gets worse and then its a nightmare
  8. Been suffering from autoimmune hepatitis since well before 2015, had a liver transplant in 2015, long story short it got better and then its worse than before. Steroids and other medicines that keep if at bay have other side effects that keep screwing me over, infact just came back from hospital today, had a stent put in my liver’s biliary tube because it keeps shrinking. such a f**kall disease with no cure in sight
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