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  1. There's a world out there outside of gaming as well which is currently facing a sh*t show. You may not buy their excuse but they are not here to cater just to you
  2. harjas


    IPU just released their date sheet today where they had practicals starting from 22nd(which mean't we had to go to college to give em) they received a lot of student backlash and deleted the datesheets and generated a notice, these assholes do not value student lives at all.
  3. harjas


    IPU basically had this notice, that once lock down is over(which it is has kinda started) they'll start with allotting centers like they do and all
  4. Exclusives on either console will take it away, PC is not winning this gen and it does not have to tbh.
  5. I still remember how we played Killzone MP in the early days of ps4 and how I was trying to get death from above 50K ez pz
  6. Hey bro merry Christmas to you and your family, hope you liked it!
  7. Thank you Santa for the amazing DBZ gifts <3 Please reveal yourself!
  8. didn't mean in that way yo Dropping message on steam once I get free from my exams, let's have a chat
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