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  1. harjas

    The PC Gaming Thread

    get 1080p va 144hz freesync samsung CFG73 and AOC C24G1 are decent and below 19k as well.
  2. harjas

    The PC Gaming Thread

    Kind of. Asus XG32VQ 32" 144Hz 2K Resolution and Predator XB271HU
  3. harjas

    The PC Gaming Thread

    no contacts, I sell all by myself :3
  4. harjas

    The PC Gaming Thread

    CC PM Moi, Snaku got his 1660 from me, I can help with the build at better prices :3
  5. harjas

    Fallout 76

    told ya joe
  6. harjas

    Fallout 76

    Todd bhaiya why you do dis ;--;
  7. harjas

    Steam deals

    I got dishonored 2 for now, enjoyed the first game and so far enjoying this one as well... whenever I get the time
  8. lul next time hacks on excel sheet xD He got a 5 years ban though, should have been lifetime.
  9. good thing I stayed away.
  10. Thought I'll share the news. OpTic India's forsaken was caught with Hacks on a LAN EVENT https://www.afkgaming.com/articles/forsaken-caught-hacking-optic-india-disqualified-from-zowie-extremesland-2018-immediately?fbclid=IwAR3xn6Od5eRHEj_tSF54Ce2mEw6UN5MrjARjYRcD1dmE4crouFvUsNM6c1o NIP and all are already joking about it GG
  11. harjas

    Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII

    I bought it on pc, black ops 3 on pc was pretty active and mp matches on pc is working just fine 100 ping(others I know are getting 60 ping)