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  1. harjas

    Gaming PCs

    I tried getting approved there as a seller but was denied due to no e-commerce shop, even insisted if there’s another way of getting approved but nope.
  2. Goddamnit Rocksteady, GIVE ME MY BATBOY GAME ALREADY ;-;
  3. Upgrading some stuff, starting with the monitor. afaik it’s the best monitor out there in 2k 144hz range model if anyone is interested: LG 27GL850
  4. harjas

    Steam deals

    Did not change from Argentina, so I guess I am safe 😶 @Joe Cool wbu?
  5. I am just happy Fable is back ❤️
  6. People who have 256GB NVMe SSD’s here please hit me up, need to check something.
  7. First blood borne then lets see Kiwami 2 is what I am inclining towards.
  8. Will get Divinity after this and then I'll be done.
  9. The one I bought that came with the filter, the chemist said to dip in water to clean and not to dip in sanitiser and all as it will screw filter up.
  10. Are there any good alternative watches for IOS out there apart from Apple watch? and Since 3 is getting discounts these days is it worth it or better to wait for 5 to get some discount later on once the new one comes?
  11. August I think, they said it will be released with back to school offers. No idea about the cost though.
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