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  1. So basically nothing...
  2. Yeah man goddamn bat.... I mean shaktiman keeps coming and hitting on her.
  3. Looking good, excited about this one!
  4. santa monic
  5. yep wasn't as good as the first 1 but gameplay <3
  6. LMAO (not directed at you) I come to this thread from time to time and I feel like you guys the regulars here spend more time defending companies rather than playing them First of all liking a game or not liking a game is one's opinion but defending shitty practices or incompetency is another. Case in point (atleast for me) Dishonored 1 and 2 are some of the most enjoyable games for me, I am looking forward to redfall and will be looking at reviews but does it do something crazy or new I don't think so Starfield on the other hand looks like fallout in space and nothing more to me. Lets what comes up with Elder scrolls 6 whenever it comes up Prey is an amazing game, did not get the time to fully finish it. and no this is not just with Bethesda or MS, Same goes for UBI (don't remember when I had a truly wow like experience with their games) or Rockstar(Lmao definitive edition) or EA (F**k them for ruining Bf 2042) TLDR: Chill, appreciate the good games, criticize the shitty ones, if you don't agree with something ignore what else.
  7. Anyone here who works as a designer/ Product Designer/ UI/UX?
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