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  1. Can relate too much for the itching part, it stays there for me whole day, need to keep taking anti allergies, hives come when it gets worse and then its a nightmare
  2. Been suffering from autoimmune hepatitis since well before 2015, had a liver transplant in 2015, long story short it got better and then its worse than before. Steroids and other medicines that keep if at bay have other side effects that keep screwing me over, infact just came back from hospital today, had a stent put in my liver’s biliary tube because it keeps shrinking. such a f**kall disease with no cure in sight
  3. Aage kya hua, yeh toh shuru hote hi khatam hogya
  4. I recently got a deal on pods pro, bought it from apple.in, 2k cashback + I know someone who know someone and got me employee discount came around to 19kish with 2years apple care+
  5. Yeh raaz bhi usi ke sath chala gya
  6. Planning for a Dubai trip around November end, this is going to be my first international trip and so I have no idea where to begin. Will appreciate help with regards to where should 1 stay, where can I know about the medical rules and all, an itinerary, etc. Thanks in advance
  7. Planning to look at some oled during Dusshera sales, have eyes on c2 48" Usage will be gaming and content consumption, might put it on desk and use it as a monitor for pc/ pc gaming/ and work as well..
  8. at that budget look at neo g7 (the new ones from Samsung)
  9. Sold my Ps4, waiting for some offer to come back on the PS5, planning to get it around spiderman 2's release
  10. Hope ally stops being ally to you and stops working
  11. would have said "its a game" if they were paid less, I guess One of the women in the video said I'll become the space princess. dafuk?
  12. What do you like about starfield? “its an open world game”
  13. giving away a copy of RNC for PS4, just pay for shipping or if that's not possible than we'll go halfsies To participate you just have to answer the question? Billo Bagge Billeyan Da Ki Karengi, Bagge- Bagge Billeyan Da Ki Karengi? Best answer wins the game
  14. except he recommends the game as per the title, but in the review, he is clearly treating it as a palate cleanser of sorts.
  15. Skill up review is weird af, says I recommend but says quite a lot of negative things in review :|
  16. will buy on sale just like mw 2 :3
  17. Better than being a bigger b
  18. We don’t take your prediction seriously, baki sabka is fine
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