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  1. what's the scenario with PC optimization?
  2. I guess its the right time to post this here
  3. you can check out ducky, varmilo, keychron and all
  4. what the actual f**k am I reading?
  5. anyone knows any legit seller in Delhi who be selling IPhone 14 pro 128gb for a bit cheap (import unit would do too)
  6. waiting for the invite, Salla have ordered so much fir bhi no invite
  7. Budget? if you want the best there is Razer viper ultimate and Xtrfy.
  8. there should an option to cast pithradev sanakshanam as well just need that one
  9. never named anyone ab kisi ko udta teer lene ka shauk hai toh usme what can I do
  10. anti vaxxers being anti vaxxers what else
  11. Got these amazing chocolates :3 thank you once again for all the lovely gifts @rushab oswal happy new year brother ❤️
  12. Imma get a 850w gold just in case @Gtek
  13. @rushab oswalbro where did you get the posters from :3
  14. Got some more gifts, love the tee and woah, the quality of the posters is amazing can some mod move this post to the gifts thread @Assassins Creed @Snake
  15. @rushab oswal bro <3 just got this, as an overwatch fan and an artist who's really appreciate the gift (kudos to your research as well :O) Thank you so much once again <3
  16. I wasn't able to guess the name but I knew my secret santa, the infamous Ganesh Gaitonde ("jaake dekh Recard mai kaun hai" ) was here to be my santa :3 lulz and 4 more gifts Thank you so much <3 and merry christmas and a happy new year to you and your family as well
  17. Received my first gifts from my Santa <3 Thank youu soo muchhhh, Imma surely put this to good use considering its steam sale as well
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