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    Now this is complete and utter BS!! And to call people who like the movie or cheer for Joker intellect lacking is downright disrespectful. "Art" by it's very nature is subjective. What you like, it's entirely possible someone else will not like. And vice-versa as well. It can be seen in this very thread. Some users like I, adity, carboncore etc. like the movie. While you, aftrunner etc. don't like it. Alternatively, these days I find Marvel movies completely boring and a waste of time. But you might like it. That's absolutely fine. I can kinda understand the cheering for Joker part as well. People know Joker is a villain. They know Joker is a complete psycho who must be put down. But Phoenix gave such a compelling acting performance that people just felt like cheering. That's what good acting is. And it's not just in CC's screen, people were cheering for Joker when I went to the show as well. So you might just be in the minority of those who did not like the movie. And that's absolutely fine. Just don't disrespect people by questioning their intellect.
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    Brotherhood One of the best animes in the entire anime industry!! Enjoy!! Just know that if you started with Brotherhood, the initial arcs (First 10 episodes or so) are completely rushed or skipped (AFAIK the entire mining town arc was skipped for example). So if you've never seen the 2003 anime - it might be best to start with it, watch for 26 episodes and then start Brotherhood (Original anime after 26 episodes becomes horrible as the OG Anime creators started inventing their own story as manga had not been completed yet)
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    @AnK Even without taking actor's performance into consideration, people do root for villains all the time. And it's absolutely fine so long as it's confined to fiction like movies, TV Shows, Video Games etc. It is just absolutely horrible when it's in real world. Joker is one of the most iconic villains of the entire modern literature. So some people will root for him. People also went crazy when Vader came and choked out the life of those officers in Rogue One. Also, people did not cheer when Phoenix killed the mother character. They cheered after the Transformation scene. Because more than the make-up itself, just from the change in Phoenix's body language, they knew that the Joker had been born at last. People can cheer for villains all they want in films.It's fine so long as the character and story is fictional and not based on a real horrible person IRL. It just becomes sickening when they start doing it to the real news. And those that do cheer for IRL villains are those who are most probably mentally sick.
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    Everyone loves them man. But it was a pain in my school days. Imagine for example DBZ. First up, Hindi dub was atrocious. But you get over that and watch the show with interest. That too from the very first iconic episode of Raditz and the farmer with the shotgun. You go all the way to the Ginyu Saga. You see the entire DBZ squad get beat. At that point, Goku just lands on Namek. You wait with baited breath for the next day's episode. And next day, the show starts playing right from the first Raditz episode of farmer with shotgun. It was irritating and you get pissed off. After some 4-6 months, the show again reaches that point on Namek. You just see whether it will continue. Only for it to either start from the first episode again or can DBZ altogether. It really made people give up. On top of that, there was no net streaming at the time and internet itself was slow. At that time, when people found places to download future DBZ episodes - they literally became minor celebrities in school lol. But that was quite a bit of time ago. Now, we have internet+Netflix/Amazon for all anime needs reached and have even reached a point where anime is coming on theaters. Which is kinda unbelievable for a 90s kid. @STICK3Rboy and anyone else interested and have not heard about these - If you have not watched the old movies, I would highly urge you to watch the old Ghibli films. Start with Grave Of the Fireflies. that will play with your emotions like anything. Although it's a post-war story from the Japanese side - it's used even in US Schools to show what war can do to normal people. It's just that good. Have seen it, and I think it would be one of the best movies I've seen in my life. Then move on to Miyazaki's works like Princess Mononoke, Whisper of the Heart, Only Yesterday etc. All absolutely exceptional movies. And if you feel like seeing an anime TV Series - "Heidi, Girl of the Alps" is just not to be missed. That was an absolutely magical anime. From what I heard, old Japanese people would even go to the Swiss Alps just to see what kind of life Heidi would have lived if she existed IRL. Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli of that era was just something too special. I don't know if we can get back that quality ever again.
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