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  1. +1 An "anything goes" (except politics and nsfw) thread.
  2. In before @Jigsaw has already booked an appointment, with two for backup.
  3. Bhai, kya faayda. Scalper ko hi jayega This. Pretty much. And a chindi voucher to top it off. It's medicinal, if sitcoms are to be believed.
  4. Damn, getting the XSX has killed the PS5 hype for me. I feel dirty inside.
  5. Rusabh's delivery is confirmed. That RD exec ain't getting out of his dungeon until he has powered on the PS5.
  6. Nah, I didn't try to follow up with them because- a) CCare generally knows nothing. b) I've learnt my lesson with FK
  7. Now that we have adequately established that Jigsaw disappearing will only benefit his wife, shall we set up a teams call to fix up the plan?
  8. The game does sort of tell you about permadeath in the beginning, while explaining the "black curse" thingy spreading on Senua's skin.
  9. That is likely just a stock response calculated against the 3rd to 11th Feb delivery estimate. Would be surprised if that is the actual plan (to speak).
  10. Peasant spotted. Hunt him down to purify the bloodline.
  11. You have to suck reaaaallllly bad for that to happen. Don't worry about it.
  12. On a different note, one more week until some hopes and dreams are crushed again.
  13. Same, never got a single (at least obviously) fake item from Flipkart or Amazon in all these years. I really wouldn't put it past our fellow countrymen to pull this sh*t, the kind of d'bags we are.
  14. Well, to my knowledge, there's no out of the box performance improvement in SX. Probably just a bit improved load times.
  15. Plan is to buy the MM ultimate edition once I clear up my backlog a bit.
  16. Playing the long game I see.. Been doing it myself with God of War and Spiderman
  17. I'd buy the crap out of a 4k 60fps remaster. This game is a 'master'piece.
  18. Update: Xbox support told me to suck a D. Now I'm debating whether to spend Rs 760 for vanity or just live with that nuclear launch code of a gamertag.
  19. According to @Jigsaw, JBL Quantum 600 is a better alternative. Goes for about 11k during sales.
  20. +1 I have like 3 games running in parallel for over a week now. And I shut down in the power saver mode (not instant on).
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