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  1. It's a feature, to avoid being shot at by NY cops.
  2. quixote_1989

    Days Gone

    Sawmill horde done, pussy style
  3. This. Of all the things people can invest time and effort on
  4. quixote_1989

    Days Gone

    Had tried to take on the Sawmill horde too early. f**king hell...
  5. Bit late but, based on engagement metrics, one didn't quite land.
  6. Atleast pretend to have a balanced opinion sometime. This is just a sad take.
  7. Samsung qleds are costlier than LG OLEDs, right? Or has the pricing improved now?
  8. On related topic, explainer video on Nintendo exclusive review scores as opposed to other publishers.
  9. Nintendo gets brought up as secondary talking point against MSFT whenever PS doesn't have much going on.
  10. quixote_1989

    Persona 5

    You kinda will Pretty important story elements unfold after that.
  11. quixote_1989

    Persona 5

    Almost made me delete the game, it’s atrocious. Just watch some guides so you know the weaknesses in each round, drop to Easy, and get it done with. Baton pass is key here.
  12. Actually is if one manages to strip the screw.
  13. Nope. You get one checkpoint halfway through the game, that's it.
  14. Dum Dum: The Reprise ? Next up, Dum Dum: Redemption ?
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