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  1. It was not directed at your speculation about game development. You can speculate as much as you want, no harm done. But when somebody actively engaged in AAA game development tries to give you an informed explanation, and you come back with something like this (even though not directly to him)- it does not look like you are asking a genuine question. It just looks like you are being a dick to somebody online for no good reason.
  2. Which area of video game creation are you working on at present?
  3. You have already been banished from society long back. So, shoo..
  4. The tabletop is metal, not plastic. Weights close to 9 kg for the C9.
  5. inb4 "Xbox is not a console, it's a state of mind"
  6. Spender gon' let everyone down again tomorrow.
  7. Screw u. Had to spend 10k to keep your ilk from sh*tting in my balconies.
  8. Don't know how the display is on the MI, but the iPhone 12 display is significantly better compared to the Pixel 4A (yes, I know). And definitely feels smoother all around. Camera is damn good. Except those brotherfudging notifications!! It does some weird sh*t with the grouping of Outlook emails, not sure if that is partially an Outlook issue as well.
  9. This more than anything else. iOS notification panel SUCKS!
  10. Tough. Play it if you want to experience Egypt through the game. That part they keep getting right.
  11. Xbox has no exclusives. PS losing all its exclusives. Sad time to be in either camp. f**ken PCMR beeches making away like bandits 🥲
  12. This thread going And @Bird Bird Bird in between
  13. This is just the right amount of delusion needed to voluntarily choose SeS.
  14. Bought it early April. But don't recall the import date, and have thrown out the box ☹️
  15. Yep, the black one. Got it from Flipkart. Its the new version.
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