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  1. Dum Dum: The Reprise 🥹 Next up, Dum Dum: Redemption 🥰
  2. Are you telling us it is impossible for an employer to keep all 200000 employees equally satisfied? How preposterous!
  3. I have heard Youtube is dope on Xbox. @El Tigre Chino has racked up many hours there.
  4. As always, the battery is trash. Same sh*t in DS4, and now in Dualsense.
  5. I was trolling @Assassins Creed knows how much I care about spoilers
  6. Gents, please ban each other. Fastest finger first.
  7. Planning a short trip to Korea, have some.... tasks
  8. People debating fair wage, holding employers accountable and whatnot... and here I am thirsting over Hellena Taylor smh 😓
  9. tfw when everybody is too busy with life to do console warring 🥲
  10. My brother did, was delivered today. Open box was done as well.
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