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    Coming from this guy, this is the funniest post in this thread. Probably IVG this year.
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    20L crore includes package introduced previously and RBI measures. Let's what it actually brings tomorrow. The finance ministry has been woefully incompetent till now.
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    Introducing PlayStation Studios, the new brand name for all of your favorite exclusive PlayStation games. Better trailer than so called gameplay CGI Trailers
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    Overacting mat kar, jaise hi lockdown khulega to chinese theke pe 2 plate hakka noodles, special singapuri fried rice, dry manchurian aur chicken lollipop with schezwan sauce ka pehla order tera hi jayega.. aur banane waala bhi 'Chinese dude' hi hoga..
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    Clearly inspired by marvel but still looks fab. Clearly the only first party teams out there who can make big budget cinematic spectacles.
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    First time Division 2 in co-op. Very good record too without any sort of communication. Few laggy matches aside, good stuff.
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    Yeah nothing wrong with what he said but the way people are misinterpretating is absolutely insane. Indian companies are already dancing around buy from us #VocalForLocal thing on social media. If this catches on and turns into hatred for any company that isn't Indian then foreign investors would be majorly pissed off I guess. Don't think it will last long though since dontbuyChina sh*t has been going on since years and has never had any impact whatsoever. I really want India to become the manufacturing hub tbh. At least the poor man would earn something, they should do everything possible to make investment in India as seamless for foreign companies as possible. These next few years would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to cash in on the anti china trend.
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    1.8+k recovered. Highest day to day increment so far.
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    Thanks, I'll add burpees when I want to throw up last night's dinner
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    Couldn't find the Ascension thread. If anyone thought Ascension did not work
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    Heavy items like TV and every other kind of white goods appliance are made in India because of high volumes sold, importing such heavy items fully assembled and packaged costs big buccs in terms of customs, duties and tax. Only fancy high end variants(65 inch 8k QLED TV for example ) among these items are imported, because of low volumes sold and price not being a barrier to prospective customers. Mobile phones ship high volumes here, especially the 10-15k cheeni phones from Xiaomi and that OppoVivoOnePlus company, so again with such high volumes, they make good savings of duty, taxes etc by making the phones at some foxconn/wistron factory here than by importing them in retail boxes. Made in China currently is only for those cheap plastic items, cheapo furniture made of "wood" that is sawdust and glue, Gaming PC Components, gaming consoles, Laptops, AIO PC's etc. All of these are either very cheap to import or don't ship in high enough volumes to necessitate domestic manufacture. The problem with the boycott china meme is there isn't much of a choice in certain product categories, your xbones and ps4s are all made by Foxconn in some Chinese city's outskirts.
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    they might release cyberpunk 2078 by that time
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    Chick-pea Salad (wife) Mushroom Momos (Moi)
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    Hahah, I’m not even mad dude. How you yourself decided that you triggered me? Does Xbots players have assumption power too? Can they read other’s mind if they are triggered or not. And no you didn’t trigger me at all. Infact you got triggered I guess when I said Gears 5 is trash. And pretty sure you haven’t played a single ranked matches since Gears 2 (this is the time when they changed matchmaking mechanics and deployed servers). So basically i won’t find ranked match in Gears 2/3/4/5 by myself. But I know a way how to play a ranked match. I have friends from US and Europe. So basically if they invite you to play you are on their servers. But ofcourse your ping will be super high. On US servers I get 180-220ping. On EU servers I get 120-160ping. So yeah I have been playing on this much ping since Gears 2. Since those guys don’t care for people other than NA and EU. So will continue to trash this game unless they fix this thing because single player of this game is Boring as sh*t after Gears 2. Even PUBG Mobile which I have never bothered playing but I see my friends play. That game has better matchmaking option than Gears. And did you even saw the screenshot properly where I showed my game time? Why are you always in so hurry and then you come up with dumb questions or assume things by yourself without having a proper knowledge of it. Half knowledge is more dangerous than anything. If you would read anything properly half of the stupid things you say; you can ignore that easily. Anyway go back and look at the screenshot again. I have 2308 ranked matches win and i have 161 Social versus win (this is the playlist where; if somebody leaves in the middle of the match then players get replaced by Bots. And social STATS doesn’t count. And nah, none of your point which you made is valid. Try again. I am a true pony? Well if it makes you feel any better then yes.
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    Completed the main game, chose good ending. Only final boss of dlc remains (Yes I bought season pass because game deserves money) Probably the best souls like game ever. Loved the combat, level design, weapons, sidequests, everything. I don't have a single complaint. Must play for XGP owners. I played with Spear as main weapon, and MG Cerebrus as my main Armor once it started getting available. Also the dlc has an arena mode which is fantastic for farming. In the end I was so powerful that I killed all final bosses in one try. Little Johnny and Major Ezra Shields were the only toughest bosses for me. Others were good, but these 2 took me over 15 tries each.
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    Just did. Holy sh*t. Guess everyone must have missed it initially Perfect build up for the sequel. Haha can't wait. Also just couldn't resist. Played for 8 to 10hrs today. My longest gaming session in like 4yrs, after story did all Valkyries and Challenges. Now have all the trophies except the collectibles ones. Those I would do 2 to 3yrs later just how I did them for uc4.
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    Jerry Stiller passed away. Man was an absolute riot in King of Queens. RIP. 🥺
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